Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lush Massage Bar 'Tender Is The Night' || Review

Lush Massage Bar 'Tender Is The Night' £6.50

When it comes to beauty products nothing screams out pamper me more than a massage bar. This beautifully scented massage bars from Lush have been out for some time, but I after feeling a bit achy after a busy and exciting day at the Northampton Blogger Meet the other weekend, I decided that I really needed to treat myself to one of these bars and deserved a cheeky little massage from my fella.
The massage bar that I picked up has been appropriately named 'Tender Is The Night' as Lush claim to be this their most romantic product ever invented. The lovely lady at Lush named Maddie was telling me how much she loved this product and how that it was originally brought out for Valentines but brought back into Lush's permanent line due to popular demand I love how Lush listens to us Lush lovers.
This massage bar has a gorgeous blend of jasmine, ylang ylang oils and vanilla which makes this product smell ever so dreamy and sensual. I love the smell of jasmine, so I knew that this bar would be perfect for me. Putting the gorgeous smell aside, this bar feels  as heavenly on your skin as it smells. This massage bar has been made from shea and murumuru butters which not only lock the moisture into your skin when using this bar, but it also makes the bar melt at the touch of your finger tips, so working it into your skin is ever so easy.
I absolutely love using this, although it's not something your going to want to use first thing in the morning to moisturise as it can be a little messy. The oils and butters from the massage bar can take a little while to sink into your skin, however the mess is all worth it as your skin feels so soft and silky after you've used it and feels differently to any moisturiser that I've used.
'Tender Is The Night' is a great massage bar, and if your looking for a different type of moisturiser, one that's a little bit luxurious then I recommend that you pick up and try one of Lush's massage bars, they have quite the selection. Buying one is a great way to hint to your other half that your in need of a massage too!
I would love to know if what your thoughts are on Lush's massage bars are and if you've tried any? I've heard that these work really great in the shower too, using as an alternative for soap to shaving your legs, let me know if you've tried and tested this?
Lots of Love


  1. Wow, how cute is that little bar? It sounds really nice too!

  2. Ah this sounds SO lovely! i've never tried one of these bars before, but now I need to xxx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. I love Lush massage bars, this is one my favourites!

    Rebecca Coco

  4. I need to buy a few of these and keep them at Paul's house so he always gives me a massage muahaha! It sounds like it smells lovely xx


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