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Loving Bourjois Back

When it comes to treating ourselves to makeup on the high street there are some brands that really stand out to me and have some wonderful ranges of products to offer us beauty obsessed girls. Bourjois hardly need any explanation as to why they're so great, so I'm just going to say outright that I really adore the brand and probably at least half of the contents of my makeup bag are Bourjois products. Not only are Bourjois products great in terms of value and quality, but I adore their branding and I love how each product has a girly chic look to it. The first product I ever tried from Bourjois was their famous chocolate bronzer, and to this day is still a holy grail item for me; I wouldn't be without it. I thought it was about time I gave some love back to my favourite makeup brand and showcase some of my favourite Bourjois makeup bits and bobs.

Poudre Bronzante Delice de Poudre (AKA Chocolate Bronzer)
As I mentioned previously the chocolate bronzer is the one product from Bourjois that has been a staple in my makeup bag for years and I would definitely class it as one of my holy grail products. Words cannot express just how much I love this product and there is rarely a day that passes where I don't use it. To me the Poudre Bronzante Delice de Poudre makes the perfect bronzer because it gives your skin that beautiful sun-kissed look without the need to overdo it on the bronzer. The bronzer has a soft silky texture to it which is very buildable and its matte finish makes it perfect for an all over bronzed look or for those of you who love to contour. The fact that this bronzer smells like chocolate is just one huge added bonus and makes it like no other bronzer I've ever tried. Its quite simply amazing and I love it.

Bronzing Primer
As you can see from the picture, there is not a huge amount of this product left (we really are scrapping the sides here), the reason being is that I love it so much - In fact this is my second pot! Primers are such an essential in our makeup routine, but this bronzing one is just that extra bit special and perfect for the summer months. Not only does this primer reduce the appearance of lines and smooths out the skin, but you get a gorgeous sun kissed glow at the same time which really does give you that extra boost of radiance (think gorgeous holiday skin). I love wearing this either on its own on those minimal makeup days, or underneath my foundation to give my skin that extra summer glow.

Healthy Mix Serum
Last summer the healthy mix serum was my go too foundation and now that we've finally stepped into summer again, its making a speedy comeback into my every day makeup routine. For me summer makeup is going for that fresh faced, natural dewy skin look and the healthy mix serum is the perfect foundation to achieve this it. I love the way that this looks on my skin, its not too heavy and I love how it makes my skin look super healthy at the same time. This foundation paired with the Bronzing Primer is one of my favourite combinations for summer and they work perfectly together.

If I'm honest I never really got behind the BB Cream hype and I'm still yet to find one that I absolutely love and swear by. However if I had to choose one BB cream to recommend anyone it would have to be this 8 in 1 Bronzing one. Why? Not only does it do a fantastic job at hydrating my skin, but the bronzy shade gives my skin such a gorgeous natural looking flush of colour. I love using this first thing in the morning when I'm heading off to the gym to make me look a little more human; It really is the perfect cream to apply when you want to go for a look that's very minimal, but to still have a little bit of colour at the same time. The bronze is not too dark and blends out really evenly into your skin making it more of a subtle glow; Think your own skin but with a sheer tint of bronze added to it. This BB cream also does a great job at evening out your skin tone too, so its a great all rounder.

Khol & Contour Eyeliner

If you've read my most recent monthly favourites post you will know the story of this eyeliner and how it came to be such a staple in my every day makeup routine. This khol liner is by far one of the better pencil eyeliners that I've tried. To me the perfect eyeliner should not drag across your eye lids, but not be too soft at the same time, is long lasting in your waterline and should be really bendable to create a gorgeous smokey eye. This khol liner really does tick all of those boxes and I especially love wearing this in my waterline as it creates a lot of drama.

Cream Blush '03 Rose Tender'

As soon as these pretty little pots of cream blush where realised from Bourjous they became quite the hit amongst us beauty bloggers, and I can see why. If your wanting to add a subtle, but gorgeous pop of colour onto your cheeks that's really natural looking then one of these cream blushes is the way forward. My favourite one in the collection has to be the shade 03 in Rose Tender; It's this beautiful dusty pink colour that looks stunning once applied to the apples of your cheeks. Rose Tender makes it look as though your cheeks are naturally flushed pink, and is a very wearable shade that will suit most skin tones, especially those of you with paler skin. I love how these apply like a cream, but dry to this lovely satin finish on your cheeks. Not only are they really wearable, but they blend like a dream which makes them the perfect cream blush.

Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 'Red Pepper'

I think these Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks have to be one of Bourjois most exciting new releases; I am in love with these velvety liquid lipsticks and don't have bad word to say about them. I think this is a really fun lipstick to apply and wear, and it's doe foot applicator makes it really clean to apply. The velvet lipstick has this stunning matte finish, which almost feels quite mousse like on your lips. It goes on quite shiny, then instantly dries like a stain. What makes these velvet lipsticks so special is that they are in no way drying at all, which is often a flaw with lipsticks that have a matte finish. The Shade 'Red pepper' wins hands down for being my favourite, it's the perfect orange red shade and works beautifully with a tan for this time of year.

Shine Edition Lipstick '23 Grenade-In'

Out of all the lipsticks that Bourjois have to offer us, the Shine Edition ones have to be my favourite, not only do they look spectacular and shiny in their casing, but they look just as beautiful once on. The Shine Edition lipsticks feel and look like a gloss on, but they have the colour intensity of a lipstick and look so bright and beautiful. This is a look that I love and I reach for these so often. The formula is very comparable to the Revlon Lip Butters, but in my opinion these are way better as they are that little bit more hydrating and have a lot more staying power. Right now I am loving the shade 'Grenade-In' which is this bright fuchsia colour; Not only does it make your lips pop, it extremely girly and feminine at the same time.
So that's all of my favourite Bourjois must haves - I would love to know if any of your favourites match mine and what is your favourite item from Bourjois? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of Love



  1. I really love the blushes from Bourjois - both cream and powder! They're so lovely.

    I've been trying them lots more recently and love it!


  2. I'm loving Bourjois at the minute too :( the chocolate bronzer and bronzing powder are my all time faves! x

  3. I truly love bourjois products although I don't own such a wide range of them. I love their baked blushes, healthy mix foundation and omg those velvet lipsticks are amazing even on my dry lips!

  4. I really need to dig out that primer I keep forgetting to put it on but it remember how lovely it was x
    Liza | Glambeautys Beauty & Fashion Blog | YouTube | Glambambini Family & Lifestyle Blog

  5. Oh wow you really have been loving the bronzing primer :D I love Bourjois.. their products are always so good for the price! xxx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. The new Velvet Lipsticks are incredible and I agree with Gemma, I have never see the bronzing primer used up like that before! :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing


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