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Three Products You Need To Try From Wonderland Makeup

Wonderland Makeup

I love going through my makeup bag around this time of year because it gives me great joy opening it and seeing lots of shimmery products, festive red lipsticks and all those other bits that are essential for the party season - Whilst I may not be attending as many parties as I used to, I'm still all about the glitz and glam. Recently three new products from Wonderland Makeup have made their way into my makeup bag, two of them I've been reaching for daily and the other one I'm waiting to use for my works Christmas party coming up this weekend - And of course I have to share this with all of you! To be honest Wonderland Makeup is not a brand that I've ever heard of before, but after I was contacted by email to try and test out some products, I headed over to their website and was really impressed. Wonderland Makeup is a cruelty free makeup brand that aim to produce high end makeup at an affordable price, which sounds great. As soon as I saw the Wonderland Makeup packaging on their website, I was practically sold. All of their makeup comes in white packaging, which is not only gorgeous, it also so pretty to photograph - Which is perfect for those flatlays on Instagram!

Wonderland Makeup

The product that has easily impressed me the most is the Studio Finish Primer, it's amazing! I'm someone who has always used a primer and I've loved trying different ones over the years. My most loved and all time favourite primer has to be the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, and this one from Wonderland Makeup is a pretty much like for like dupe, but for a fraction of the price. I use a pea sized amount and massage the product into my skin with my finger tips. I can see instantly where I've applied the product as my skin looks a lot smoother and is ready for my foundation. What I love most about this primer is that it keeps my makeup looking fabulous all day and the areas where I tend to get oily skin are reduced massively. This would be the perfect primer for you to try if you have oily skin too and tend to use water based foundations - As this primer is oil free, the two will work perfectly together to give you amazing looking skin.

Wonderland Makeup

I love trying new mascaras, I currently have about 5 in my makeup stash that I'm waiting to try and test. Over the last few weeks my go to has been the Wonderland Makeup Lash Lengthening Fibre Mascara. Usually with mascara I go for ones that add thickness and volume over length just because my lashes are naturally quite long. But because this mascara has fibres in, you get a good mix of the two of these things. After two coats of mascara, my lashes look really fluttery and quite full. What I really love about this mascara is that it's so comfortable to wear and doesn't feel at all clumpy on my lashes, which is a real pet hate of mine.

Wonderland Makeup
Wonderland Makeup

This is by far the prettiest product in this blog post and I'm going to let the photos do the talking for this one. Wonderland Makeup have loads of pigments to choose from and the one that I have is called 'Halo' which is the most gorgeous sparkling silver mixed with holographic glitter. How perfect is this going to look for the party season? I swatched this on my hands and the sparkle was unreal, I was so impressed and just know this is going to look beautiful on the eyes. As it's a loose pigment you will need some sort of cream eyeshadow or glitter glue underneath to keep the pigment in place. If any of you would like to see a Christmas makeup look using this pigment, then please let me know in the comments and I'll get this posted for you.

Overall I'm really impressed with everything that I've tried from Wonderland Makeup and it's made me want to try a lot more from this brand. Some of the lipsticks look beautiful and again come in the white packaging. If you would like to have a look at some of the products, I've left the link to the Wonderland Makeup website for you here.

Have you tried anything from Wonderland Makeup yet? Let me know.


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