I'm pleased to announce that as of the 1st August 2013, I shall be offering my readers advertising space on Miss Sunshine & Sparkle. If you have your own blog or shop and are interested in purchasing an advertising space then please feel free to email me on

I'm currently only running one type of advertising space each month due to popular demand. All adverts will run from the first to the last day of each calendar month and all payments are to be made though PayPal, my PayPal details will be given once the advertising space has been agreed. All advertising spaces will be on a first come first served basis and I reserve the right to decline an advert if I feel that it is inappropriate for my blog. 

Stats - As of 01.08.13

GFC Followers: 1,058
Bloglovin Followers: 767
Twitter Followers: 1,376
Instagram Followers: 823

= A total of 4,024

Page Views July: 33,635
Page Views June:31,639

More stats are available upon request. 

The Sunshine Sparkle Package 

10 slots available every month

You will receive -
- A 200 x 200 px linked blog button in the sidebar for one month.
- An Individual #FF on Twitter every Friday that falls during your month of advertising.
- A paragraph written by you to introduce yourself, your blog and any social media links you wish to include alongside your blogs header, to be featured in my 'advertisers' post every month. 



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  1. i might be interested in this! i'll email you soon!
    -elle x


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