Saturday, 11 May 2013

April Favourites

Hello lovely ladies, this post is a little overdue, but I've had such a busy week, that it's just been a nightmare getting around to taking pictures for this post. But better late than never right? I've had quite a few products that I have been loving this month, so without rambling on too much I'll jump right into the post.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter
The other week I picked up a bottle of one of my most loved and favourite everyday moisturisers. I absolutely love the Cocoa Butter formula from Palmer's, not only does it smell amazing, but it works wonders on your skin. I love the way that this hydrates my skin, leaving it feeling ever so soft and silky smooth. If your ever suffering from dry skin, and don't have time to apply a body butter first thing in the morning, then the Palmer's Cocoa Butter is great for giving your skin that quick fix of hydration. It works wonders and maintaining your tan too, which is a must for this time of year. If you would like to read my full review of this moisturiser, you can read my full review here.

L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution
I picked this up around three weeks ago because for the longest of time I've been wanting to try a water based cleanser to free my face from all makeup. I've never tried the famous Bioderma before, but I was told that this was a fantastic dupe by the lovely lady at the L'Oreal counter in Boots and I was sold immediately. I have to say I am most impressed with this Mincellar Solution from L'Oreal as it really does make taking off makeup a dream. I use this as well as using my normal cleanser and I've found that my skin feels so much cleaner and I've noticed less breakouts which is a huge plus. What I really love about the L'Oreal 3 in 1 Mincellar Solution is that it's really affordable and is so easy to get hold off. I picked mine up for £4.99 from Boots, but I know that loads of supermakets such as Asda and Tesco have this on offer right now - The perfect excuse to top up I think as I know I will definitely be repurchasing this. I will be sure to get a full review of this up soon beauties, so keep updated if your wanting to find out more about this water based cleanser.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Lychee
Normally when it comes to painting my nails I'm immediately am drawn to pretty pinks and bright neon's  Although I have quite a few nudes in my collection, I never gravitate towards them and they often get neglected. However I recently picked up the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in the shade Lychee and I've not worn anything else on my nails for weeks now. This has to be the prettiest nude that I have ever worn on my nails and I love how the Hi-Shine formula gives this nude the perfect glossy finish. I also love how amazing this colour looks on your nails when you have a tan, it makes the nude colour pop out even more, and gives your nails that perfect manicure look.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
A few months back I finally picked up some of the much hyped about Stay Matte Powder from Rimmel. So many beauty bloggers rave about how amazing this powder is, so I finally decided to pick on up and I have to say I'm so impressed. The Stay Matte Powder works amazingly at keeping your skin on top of shine control and gives you that nice even skin tone finish to your overall makeup look. I've used it so much since I've bought it that I've already hit pan on it. This has definitely become a makeup bag essential.

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick in Aphrodite Scarlet
I have been loving this lipstick from L'Oreal Rouge Caresse, this one in is in the shade Aphrodite Scarlet and is such a pretty shade for Spring. Aphrodite Scarlet is a pretty pink toned red, but it applies very sheer and gives your lips a lovely subtle pop of colour, it can easily be built up for a more vibrant look if needed which I love. I'm in love with this shade and I wear it on those days where I'm not wanting a dramatic look, but still want to wear a pretty bright colour on my lips. I love how hydrating these are too.

Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon
It goes without saying that the Revlon Lip Butters are amazing lip products and I wont go into too much as too why I love them. But recently I picked up one of the new limited edition shades in Wild Watermelon and I absolutely adore it. It's a beautiful bright pink toned red and which is very similar to the shade of a watermelon. I love the colour as its very bright and really stands out on your lips and like with all the Revlon Lip Butters, it's very moisturising and hydrating. This is the perfect shade for this time of year.

Mac Eye Kohl in Smolder
I have been loving this eyeliner from Mac ever since I splurged out and treated myself to it. It is a little on the pricey side for an eyeliner retailing at £14.00 but in my opinion is worth every penny. I love how creamy the formula of this eyeliner is and I find that it glides across my lids like a dream. It also is the perfect eyeliner to use on your waterline as its staying power is amazing. A little of this really does go along way, not to mention the the length of the pencil is so long, so I'm pleased I splashed out as this little beauty gem will last me ages.

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder
When it comes to bronzer, the chocolate Bronzing Powder from Bourjois has always been a firm favourite of mine, I love everything about it. For me it's the perfect shade of bronzer that works amazingly at giving you that beautiful sun kissed look. I also find it works fabulously for contouring too. If you would like to read my full review on this bronzer you can find it here.

So that's it for my favourites, I would love to know what you have been loving recently and if any of your faves match mine.

Lot's of Love



  1. Great favourites. I really want to try the L'Oreal Micellar water!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. After reading your raves, I'm going to pick up the Revlon lip butter and Rimmel powder!

  3. Great favourites! I keep forgetting to pick up a lip butter when I'm out! Reeaaaallly want one haha

  4. The bronzer is also one of my favourites! :) xxx

  5. These all sound brilliant! I'm a big fan of Revlon Lip Butter too and i'm itching to try the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder! :)

  6. I keep seeing the L'Oreal skin perfection in tesco and wanting to pick it up but haven't and now i think im going to as it sounds great x

  7. Wow Great Post!
    I will be picking up the Bourjouis Bronzing powder and Revlon lip butter - that colour is so pretty. I have wanted to try that bronzer for a long time it looks fab x

  8. I do love that Bourjouis Bronzer :) It's a classic!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  9. I have looked at the Barry M Lychee polish the last few times I have been in Boots but like you I am always drawn to the pink shades. I think I am finally sold though after reading this post and I'll pick it up next time I'm in town :) x

  10. Some great products here! I've heard lots of good things about the palmers cocoa butter next time I’m town I might pick it up :) xx

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  12. I'm curious to try all your favourites - what a great selection! I hope to finally get my hands on some Revlon Lip Butters.
    The Loreal Cleanser sounds so promising as I've heard several people calling it a dupe for the super hyped Bioderma one. :)

    Lovely post! xx

  13. I love the Revlon Wild Watermelon lip butter, I did not realise it was a limited edition, I'm rather glad I picked it up :)
    I adore Palmer's products, the scent is just utterly divine!
    Amy x

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  15. The Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder is so adorable. I so want it! :D x

    Shang J.| The Feminine Crusade

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  18. L'Oreal Micellar would be my fave here!

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  20. That Wild Watermelon color has been on my wish list forever! Maybe now I will finally get it. :)


  21. I love Palmer's Cocoa Butter - I have been using it for quite a while now :)
    I still have to get my hands on the Bourjois bronzer!

    Natasha Carly x
    Pretty Little Lives

  22. I'm in love with Rimmel's stay matte as well especially when its so hot here in India and my skin tends to get pretty oily this has come to be my hg powder! Great picks
    TiTi's Corner!

  23. i've heard so many recommendations about the Rimmel powder, I really need to try it out! Also the Gelly polish - I have the pale bluey-lilac colour and it it amazing; it doesn't seem to chip too quickly and is just really lovely - I completely agree with you about the polish!

    Carrie :-) x

  24. I think the Revlon Lip Butters are amazing. I actually own Peach Parfait, a nice warm peach that borders on nude on my pigmented lips. However it has small gold flecks in it which may not be to your liking. I think it's good to brighten up an otherwise plain and simple face though and for attending classes.

    But the shimmer, to me, is a tad too much when it wears off and I have these little shimmery things clinging to the dead skin on my lips. Ehhhh!


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