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Guest Post || Summer Essential Makeup by Rachael - A is for Ayla

Hi ladies - Today I have a guest post for you all from the lovely Rachael over at A is for Ayla Blog. As summer seams to be in full swing, Rachel is going to talk to you all about her favourite summer makeup essentials. There are some great beauty finds in this post that will keep you looking flawless throughout the summer :)

Hi there lovely fans of Miss Sunshine Sparkle! I'm Rachael from the blog A Is For Ayla. I've decided that because of all the amazing weather we are having at the moment, it made sense to write a guest post on my Summer makeup essentials. Below are a few tips and my favourite beauty products for long-lasting, durable, Summer makeup!
For me, my most important piece of makeup for the Summer is a cheek or lip stain. Some days I will easily go without foundation, concealer or any other makeup purely because it's too much to handle during hot weather. I love to apply a bright stain product to add some colour to my face. For cheeks I go straight to Benefit's Posie Tint. Benefit have a variety of cheek stains which are very well recommended by the blogger community. My favourite stains for lips are of course the famous Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains (pictured: Darling) which apply just like a balm, are easily built upon and come in a shades covering the entire lip-colour spectrum. For lips I'm also a fan of the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Gloss in 'Stellar Berry'. I know a lot of people are anti-lipgloss in the summer, and for the most part I'd agree. However, 'Stellar Berry' after an initial hour or so of wear, turns in to a bright, berry pigmented stain that doesn't lose impact at all. I love wearing the particular gloss when I go out and I guess in many ways the credentials needed for going-out makeup match those required for a Summer-proof makeup look!


Regardless of what face makeup you choose to wear during the Summer, a good primer can dramatically alter the texture and longevity of the product on your face. I know many people during Winter months skip a primer as they find it "unnecessary" however I'd say in Summer its essential! My favourites for face, and those pictured are Bare Minerals Original Foundation Primer and Smashbox Photo Flawless Light Primer. Bare Minerals is a tinted face primer, that blends is seamlessly to the skin and adds colour without going patchy (think a better version of tinted moisturiser) whereas Smashbox is a translucent primer that provides an incredibly smooth surface for makeup to be applied upon. My favourite for eyes and a recent purchase for me are the MAC Paint Pots - a cream base with less pigmentation than a traditional cream eyeshadow. Both types of primers provide a barrier between powder makeup (eyeshadow, blush ect.) and oily skin which can cause makeup to slide off the face or diminish throughout the day.

Keeping it light

I'm sure many people will agree that in Summer it's much wiser to wear light makeup. Often heavy, thick, liquid foundation can sit like a mask on your skin which will eventually slide off your face if you're active or the weather is too hot. Personally, I love mineral makeup for the Summer. My all-time best recommendation for you all is Bare Minerals. You can get mineral concealer, foundation and various 'veils' (finishing powders for hydration, tinting, illuminating and mattifying) which are all so light you can barely feel them on your skin. Bare Minerals even claim their makeup is so pure and clean you can sleep in it (wouldn't advise it though). I've heard worries that mineral makeup isn't high coverage enough for some people, however, if you can get a mineral concealer, chances are the coverage is high enough for all over the face. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I'd love to know what your top Summer makeup products are! And if you liked this put even more so, you can find lots of similar posts on my blog A is for Ayla.
Lot's of Love
Rachael xo


  1. I'm so dying to try that Revlon JBK!!!

  2. I am in love with your blog & your newest follower!!

    Check out my blog?

    XOXO ♥ Kia

  3. I've recently fallen in love with the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable products so amazing!I love yourblog!

  4. Need to get my act together & try the smash box primers! x

  5. wow!i absolutely LOVE your blog design and posts! Keep up the GREAT work!!<3 xx peach

  6. lovely post

  7. I purchased bare minerals last year it is so good for your skin in summer it makes your skin feel so light.


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