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So if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram and of course my blog, you may be aware by now that I have been taking part in all sorts of fitness challenges and have become much more aware of what it takes to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Recently I've taken pat in Money Supermarkets 'GYM FOR THE WIN' campaign which you can read all about here. Today I thought I would  get an update post up for you all to let you know just how I'm getting on. For those of you who want a quick update on what I'm doing, the 'GYM FOR THE WIN' campaign is a months free trial in a local gym in your area courtesy of Money Supermarket - It's a campaign to see if us Bloggers really think gym membership fee is worth spending on every month!

So by the time this week is over I have been a member of a gym close to my home 'FITNESS4LESS' for three weeks, with only a week left of free membership to take advantage of. I have to say, initially in the beginning  getting up in the mornings to go to the gym was a right pain in the bum and it took a little while to get into some sort of routine and to get into the swing of things. For those of you who have already been following my fitness journey, will know that I prefer doing my workouts first thing in the morning as I think its the best way to start the day and plus I always feel so unmotivated by the time I've finished work. 

On week one, I shockingly only used my gym membership once - In my defense I had an exhausting week at work with little ole me working over 50 hours in just five days. However week two was a totally different story and I managed to get my butt down to the gym 5 times in the week, all of my visits being in the morning. As tired as I was each morning, I somehow managed to motivate myself and left for the gym at half 7  every time I left - which was the perfect amount of time for me to do my workout, get ready and head straight to work. I thought getting ready for work at the gym would also be a right pain in the bum too, and I was amazed to find at how much quicker I can get ready in the mornings. I realise how much I dither and potter around in the mornings in the comfort of my own home, but at the gym there was nothing to distract me. 

One thing that always put me off going to the gym and joining a gym in the first place was the thought of exercising with a load of guys (you know exactly what type of ones I mean when I say they all hang around by the weights, showing off their muscles etc etc..) and the thought of these guys having a good stare whilst your trying to keep your boobs stay put on the treadmill (a difficult task, even with the best of sports bras). Now I'm not saying all guys who go to the gym are like this, but the thought of it has always been a little off putting to say the least. Well lucky for me I found the ladies only section of my gym which leads straight from the changing room, so there really is no guys to be seen in sight whatsoever. This little bonus has really made working out and going to the gym a little dream. Not only does the ladies section of my gym have everything you need to workout, with having a set of two of everything, the times that I go in the morning the gym is EMPTY - So it's like having my own personal gym and usually I'm the only one in the ladies section.

As for week three, I'm pleased to report that I've been to the gym three times this week, with a planned trip for tomorrow making it a fourth. If these two weeks are anything to go by, I really feel that I am making the most use of my membership, enjoying going and for these reasons totally think gym membership would be worth paying out for every month. 

Now in my last post, I told you all how I was really excited to take part in some of the free classes that I get to use as part of my membership. However I've gotten so into working out, getting to grips with all the gym equipment and trying out different exercise routines for certain days that I've not been to one class yet. I'm also a massive fan of swimming and used to be called a water baby when I was little, but nope I've not even seen the swimming pool since I've been a member.  However with one week left to go for this campaign I really feel like I need to try out all the facilities my gym have to offer so I can make a honest judgement on whether I think paying out for gym membership is worth it every month - but so far I think that it is, and I can totally see myself joining up for good once this month is over. Below I've ticked the boxes to show which classes I am ready to put my name down too whilst I'm there tomorrow. The only issue that I have with the classes are that they are all after work, which is a little bit of a pain as you all know I am a morning workout kinda girl. However, I've always wanted to try Zumba and everyone has told me that I need to try at least one Spin class (although I've heard that they very painful). 

For those of you who are still wondering (as I know I've mentioned it a few times) I've decided to take up the 30 day squat and abs challenge again (read all about it here). After my holiday, I noticed a lot of my hard work had gone to waste and I really want my 'bikini body' back again. I can't recommend these challenges enough and if your wanting to see results, I urge you to give them ago. The pictures below are of my recent progress.

Overall I feel so happy with myself for going to the gym and sticking to working out - I have already noticed huge benefits of going to the gym. Before going to the gym, I was a big fan of just working out at home, which for convenience and money is a huge plus - But going to the gym makes me feel so much more motivated, especially whilst I'm there. Since going I have doubled the amount of exercise that I used to do at home and being able to use proper gym equipment is a huge plus. Yes its a little bit of extra effort to get yourself there, but once your there it feels great to workout and see great changes in your body. 

I'm planning on getting another post up once I've finished my fourth and final week at the gym, so I can let you all know if I really think signing up and paying for gym membership each month its worth it. Also, if you are wanting to know what sort of exercises I'm doing at the gym let me know as I will be more than happy to share with you all just what I'm putting my body though and what goals I've set out for myself. One of my friends from work is also a personal trainer and she has put me on a fabulous exercise routine and has been there to help me along the way - So I'll be happy to share her advice with you all.

Are you a fan of the gym? Do you think gym membership is worth it?

Lots of Love



  1. i go to the gym as i want to lose a bit of weight and I dread walking in there and seeing all the guys lifting weights and just staring at women. However, i love being at the gym and seeing the number of calories burnt go up.

    PS- you are very toned!

  2. You look AMAZING!!!!!!!! You have done so well, look at your abs! You should be soooo proud of yourself babe, seriously WOW! xxx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

  3. Yay! I just started doing the ab challenge and wow! I think it is intense and I'm only three days in! I just want a little toning and I have a feeling the challenge will do a lot if I stick with it!

  4. i'm doing the squat challenge at the moment!

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