Saturday, 7 September 2013

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When it comes to outfit building, picking the perfect accessories are so important - They can really make or break an outfit sometimes, don't you agree? Latley I've been a bit of a magpie when it comes to jewelry as my stash seams to be forever growing. To help my collection bloom, Nia a fellow beauty blogger over at Style Of Colours kindly sent me over some of her gorgeous handmade jewelry pieces to review on my blog. 

Before receiving these items, I had no midi rings in my jewelry collection whatsoever, although I've had my eye on them for quite some time! I've never bought any as of yet as I've always struggled to find ones that fit my diddy fingers. These midi rings handmade by Nia are perfect as they are fully adjustable and will fit perfectly onto any finger that you choose. I think the design of each ring is so pretty and they look ever so delicate placed on your fingers. I've been wearing these stacked up on one finger to make a statement or just one piece on its own to sit there and look pretty. Whenever I've worn them I've had so many compliments and people asking me where I've gotten them from.

I was also very lucky as I had a little surprise that had been thrown in for me - Nia ever so kindly added one of her handmade turquoise stone chain bracelets which I was not expecting at all - How sweet of her. I absolutely love any jewelry that has turquoise in as I just think it looks so pretty on. This bracelet is lovely and adds a little pop of colour when I wear it stacked up with my other silver jewelry  Not only is the bracelet really pretty but how cute is the heart fastening - such a lovely and unique touch.

Not only has each jewelry item shown in this post been made with love and care, it was also packaged perfectly - I love it when so much thought and effort has gone into packagining as it really makes such a difference. I received my midi rings and bracelet in this lovely little heart box, with the jewelry wrapped up in baby blue tissue paper. 

Nia has quite a few jewelry items on her website, Shop Cherry Fashion including a selection of midi rings, bracelets and hair pieces all handmade and al really affordable. I would love you ladies to check out the site and let me know which items you love and if your thinking of treating yourself to any.



  1. Those bracelets are gorgeous! Definitely having a look at this for Christmas presents :) xx

    thriftyskies | beauty and trends ♡

  2. Ahhh those rings are to die for - they're sooooooo cute, and unique. I love them :))) xxxxx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. Don't we just love Nia's creativity?!
    AND you can try to win one of Nia's gorgeous bracelets in my current giveaway :D
    good luck everyone & fingers crossed.

  4. these are lovely! x

  5. Hii ! Everything is wonderful !! (:
    Can you check my blog, and if you like it follow me? I'm already following you !! Thanks (:


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