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July Degusta Box || Review

In May you may have seen a post where I reviewed a different kind of monthly subscription box, and that was of course the Degusta Box, which is the perfect monthly treat for any of you foodies out there. In case you missed that post, the Degusta Box is a monthly subscription service where you pay £12.99 (including P&P) and receive a box filled to the top with delicious treats and a few drinks. The contents are double the value for what you pay for the box and its such a great way to try out new foods, especially as most of the items in the box will all be new to the market. This is the second Degusta Box that I've received and I have to say its so exciting opening a massive box of food and not knowing whats going to be inside. I was so impressed with the contents of the July box and if you fancy having a nosey to see what I got then make sure to get yourselves comfy and keep on reading.

Portlebay Popcorn - Chilli & Lime, Kracklecorn and Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup (RRP £0.79 Per Pack)

I was so excited when I saw three decently sized popcorn packets as I am such a popcorn fan, its one of my favourite snacks. Not only is popcorn a great healthy alternative snack to junk food but it tastes so good. I have to say I thought this popcorn looked pretty fancy and I love the stripy vibrant packaging, but the test was really in the tasting and oh my gosh guys this popcorn is amazing! I never thought I could be so excited about popcorn, but each one of these flavours was great, especially the 'crispy bacon & maple syrup' flavour, it was so scrumptious. If I ever see these 'Portlebay' popcorn packets in the shops, I will be stocking up and taking them home with me, they are that good.

Green & Blacks Lemon Bar (RRP £2.29) Frank Blueberry Protein Bar (RRP £0.85)

Following on with delicious treats, I was again pretty excited when I saw a bar of Green & Blacks chocolate in the Degusta Box. I have such a sweet tooth and chocolate has to be my go to guilty treat. I know dark chocolate is not to everyone's taste buds, but I love it. I did wonder at first if dark chocolate and lemon would make a good combination, but after eating the entire bar I can report back that it really does. This chocolate bar tasted so good and the lemon really added a bit of sweetness to the bitter dark chocolate.

Also thrown into the box was this blueberry and chocolate protein bar from Frank, which I am yet to try as I'm saving it for one of those days where I'm planning on having an intense session at the gym. I love blueberry flavoured things and again its got a little bit of chocolate in, so I'm pretty excited to try and taste this especially as its not something I would usually buy.

Dr. Oetker Eton Mess (RRP £1.99) Violet Crystals (RRP £1.29)

First of all how pretty do these jars of cake decorations look, especially the violet ones. I think I've mentioned this on my blog before, but I am not the best baker and it's not something that I do very often. But even as a non baker these decorations do excite me a little and do give me the urge to bake just so I can try and make something look pretty with these decorations (maybe I could sprinkle them over any cupcakes to help disguise my bad baking?). If you love baking then your going to love seeing these in your box.

Maggi Sachets (RRP £5.44 for 5)

I thought that these Maggi flavouring for food and quick and easy meal sachets were a nice thing to find in the Degusta Box just because they are so handy to have in your cupboards, especially on those days where your not feeling very inspired on what to cook. I've always seen these advertised on the TV but never actually tried any, so I'm looking forward to trying them out, especially the cook in the bag ones as it looks as though this is cooking made easy, which is perfect for me.

Zero Drinks (RRP £4.29 for a 4 pack)

As soon as I saw these three zero bottles I thought that they looked fancy and quite grown up, especially for a soft drink. I found that these carbonated soft drinks were really tasty and refreshing at the same time, a good all round summer drink. These would be perfect on sat out on the table at a summer BBQ especially in the summer. The peach and grapefruit flavour was a a favourite of mine. 

Hornsby's Blueberry Cider (RRP £1.25 each)

Out of all the products in the Degusta Box, I have to say that these two bottles of cider are the only things that didn't really take my fancy, even if they are blueberry flavoured. I'm such a fussy drinker and I really don't like cider, unfortunately no one in my household is so these have been gifted to a friend, but from what I've heard they tasted really good and went down a treat.

The Berry Company Black Tea (RRP £1.49) 

Again being a fussy drinker and having a strong dislike for tea this was another item that I did turn my nose up at a little. But as it's a special tea and is supposed to be really good for you I am going to find the courage to actually give this ago, especially as it's made with fruits. I do quite like the taste of elderflower so hopefully this wont be too bad. Although I've not actually gotten around to trying this drink, I can imagine that this will be a huge hit with anyone who does like tea so it's a good thing to have in the box.

So that's everything in the July Degustabox as you can see the box so many different products in there that will cater to everyone's taste buds and I think its such a fun way of trying and testing out different foods. This months box really impressed me and I can't wait to find out what the other boxes in future months will be like. If your thinking about subscribing to Degusta Box then be sure to have a look at their website here where you can find out more details. 

I would love to know what your thoughts are on this food box and if its something you would love to receive every month. Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love



  1. What a strange and fascinating box idea. I think all the items are unique but I hope they don't run out of ideas.

    Beauty By Tellie

  2. I really love the idea of this box, nice change from beauty boxes! That tea looks yummy x

  3. I'm totally behind foodie sub boxes, and this one just looks delicious! What a great idea : )

    Latasha xx |

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