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L'Oreal Paris Preference - 3 Brasilia Dark Brown || Review and Results

I've been running my blog for just over two years now and when I look back at statistics and page views, the posts where I talk about what colour I dye my hair remain the most popular. It's been ages since I've done one of these posts as for the last year or so I've found a home hair dye that I like and the colour is one that I've stuck with (I used to be a right nightmare for changing my hair colour all the time). As it was time for a much needed touch up of my roots, I thought I would share with you all what I use to dye my hair and the shade that I pick. I think these posts are pretty insightful as it can be really difficult to choose a shade when your in the shops as when does the colour match chart ever match the actual outcome of your hair colour... Never! 

The hair dye that I use is the L'Oreal Paris Preference kit - When it comes to dying your hair I've found that L'Oreal is a pretty good brand and the majority of their kits (I've not tried all of them) are really easy to use and the results always give you salon worthy hair. I really like using the Preference kit as its a permanent hair dye and I find that the colour is really long lasting and my hair always looks in really good condition afterwards. Written on the packaging L'Oreal claim that this hair dye will give you up to eight weeks of lustrous hair colour, however I do slightly disagree with this statement. I always find that around five to six weeks in the colour does start fading, however this doesn't bother me as I kind of prefer the faded colour as it looks a lot more natural. Despite the little bit of fading I find that even eight weeks in my hair still looks glossy and healthy, but this could be down to hair treatments and the use of my beloved Moroccan Oil which I use religiously!

The shade of dye that I use is 3 Brasilia Dark Brown - It's a really rich bitter chocolate brown shade that is borderline black. This would be the perfect hair colour if your wanting really dark hair but don't want to dye it black. As I mentioned the hair colour does fade a little and when it does it becomes this lovely rich dark brown shade which is a little less black looking, you can notice this especially when the sun shines on your hair. As you will be able to tell from the pictures below my hair has gone a few shades darker than whats shown on the packet. 

As far as a home hair dye goes I really love this one from L'Oreal Preference as it's so easy to use and it doesn't have that overpowering smell of hair dye either which makes things a little more bearable when dying your hair. What's really great is that L'Oreal have so many different shades of dye to choose from in the L'Oreal Preference range so there is something to suit everyone and I can imagine the end results are as good as what I've found with the Brasilia Dark Brown shade. L'Oreal even offer a Preference Coloured Ombres Kit, which makes ombering your hair really easy - I've always been tempted to ombre my hair, so who knows you may see me giving one of these kits ago in the future.

Another plus with the L'Oreal Preference kit is that the conditioner you get with the hair dye is so amazing and no other conditioner leaves my hair so silky soft, as soon as it's in my hair my locks feel totally transformed  I really think L'Oreal should sell this as a stand alone conditioner it's that good. 

One other thing that I would like to mention, especially to help out all you long hair girls like myself - I find that I only need to use one pack to coat and cover the whole of my hair. However having said this my hair is pretty thin, so if your hair is really long and thick I would suggest picking up two packs of hair dye just so you have enough product to dye your hair.

As I tend to stick to L'Oreal when it comes to dying my hair, I would love to know what home hair dye kits you love to use and what you recommend? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love



  1. Does one box cover all of your hair? Mines a little shorter than yours but one box never covers it all. May just be due to the thickness though, lovely post sweet! x


  2. Looks gorgeous! Your hair's amazing

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  3. Hey, what was your hair colour before you dyed it? Mines a very dark brown but i want it to be a more neutral colour due to it having red in it but I'm worried it'll go black black, where I'd like it to be just almost black but not exactly black. aha

    1. if you could get back to me on this asap, as I am about to dye it
      thankyou x

  4. Hi! does this fade to a cool or red brown? :) Cheers

  5. Hi, I can't find anyway and anywhere this product here in Italy, what's happening? Do you know if it is out of production?

  6. Hi I'm about to colour my hair in this colour but have grey growth. Will this turn my grey growth orange?
    Thanks 😊


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