Tuesday, 14 October 2014

You Are My Sunshine

Nothing beats a good bit of arm candy and the two little bracelets that you see in todays post are just too lovely not to share with you all. Whilst I was working the other week, my gorgeous best friend Meg popped out to the shops and came back with these pretty little bracelets as a gift for me. Meg is probably one of my blogs biggest fans and she thought that these two bracelets from River Island suited me and my blog down to a T. 

If Miss Sunshine & Sparkle were to ever have its own jewellery line (I'm thinking out of the box here) then I'm pretty sure that it would look a little bit like these two bracelets - Seriously how amazing is it that there is a sun, star and sparkle placed next to each other, it's so me. And the fact that the other one reads 'you are my sunshine' is just the sweetest thing ever. I am loving wearing these two little bracelets, especially with celebrating my blogs three year birthday recently, they are perfect.

Thank you so much Meg for getting me these you really are an amazing BFF!

Lots of Love



  1. Beautiful pieces of jewellery! I love both of them!


  2. I'm not a bracelet user, but these look so pretty *_*

  3. Perfect! Delicate and so chic, and amazing job with the photography too, by the way ;)

    Emily | Lynde Avenue

  4. These are so adorable, especially love the 'you are my sunshine' one!


    B xx

  5. Such gorgeous bracelets!

    Hannah x

  6. This is so cute!


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