Thursday, 13 November 2014

Angel Addiction With Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler are celebrating their Angel perfume, a gorgeous perfume that takes me back to my teen years and is still a firm favourite in my perfume collection. To celebrate the Thierry Mugler team have invited me to join in on their campaign 'Angel Addiction' and have asked me to share my addictions with you - Past, present and future.

The first addiction, which I think is a pretty obvious one for me given my Blog name, is of course my obsession with anything that sparkles or glitters. From a young age and throughout my life I seem to be like a little magpie and am drawn to anything that glistens or shimmers in the light. Who can blame a girl for not loving a bit of sparkle.

Which brings me onto another addiction - I love the summer and the sunshine. Summer has to be my favourite time of year and for some reason I always find that the best memories that have been made are during these sunnier months. I think I will be addicted to summer and its glorious sun now and forever to come.

Being a beauty girl at heart, my next addiction has to be makeup, pink lipstick in particular is a huge weakness of mine. I own far too many lipsticks and every time I pop into Boots I cannot resist picking up one or two and taking it home. My addiction for lipstick is on another level, seriously sometimes when I'm bored, I'll go to my lipstick collection, pop the lid of each one and look at the pretty shades and colours - This maybe a sad thing to admit, but what can I say, I'm addicted.

Another current addiction, is my love for cheerleading, my cheer family (cheerios) and all the fun, glitz and exciting opportunities that come my way though cheer. Every cheer practice and training session brings me so much happiness and when I'm with my cheer girls I probably spend as much time laughing as I do stunting.

An addiction that comes along with cheerleading has to be the cheer uniform, and I'm not talking about short skirts and crop tops - I'm talking big beautiful cheer bows. Being a cheerleader for sometime now means I've got quite the collection of bows and as every cheerleader will tell you, the bigger the bow the better. Who doesn't love a big bow in their hair!

As for future addictions, I'm really not sure what it will be in life that has me hooked on something in five or ten years time. But right now, my biggest addiction is loving life itself, having good times, smiling, laughing, making memories and making each day count - I have a feeling that whatever I'm addicted too will bring me as much sparkle as my past and present addictions.

I would love to know what your addictions are and if any of yours match mine? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to get involved in the Thierry Mugler campaign by following Thierry Mugler on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and share your addictions using #angeladdiction. 

Lots of Love



  1. Great post! I love this. Cheerleading sounds so fun! I'd love to try it some day. I suppose my own addictions are art and guitar, I always want to get better :) x x

  2. Really great post, I'd love to try cheerleading some day, maybe I'll join a team when I start Uni next year! Btw I am a lipstick addict too haha they're so great!

    Jade x ♡


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