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My Favourite Summer Essentials From Yves Rocher

When it comes to skincare a lot of you will know by now that Yves Rocher are one of my favourite brands. I’ve always been so impressed with their products and I know whenever I use them my body is in for a right treat. With summer just lurking around the corner I’ve been looking for those perfect summer products that will get me in the mood. Yves Rocher has such an amazing range of beauty and skincare bits, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite summer products in their range to help get you in the sunshine mood.
I don’t know about you, but just the name of this hair and body wash screams summer. I’m not too sure what Monoi de Tahiti means, I think it’s the name of the scent, but it sounds very tropical and Hawaiian to me and it’s exactly what it smells like! If I was to imagine what Hawaii would smell like I’m pretty sure it would smell like this wash, it's so beautiful. Think tropical beaches mixed in with exotic flowers and a little bit of coconut thrown in too. If I close my eyes long enough smelling this I’m whisked away, I promise you.

As for an actual body wash, the blue gel lathers up really nicely and your whole body smells like a tropical paradise. It does say that wash can be used as a shampoo as well as body wash. If I’m honest I’ve always been a little put off by products that claim to do both, but I thought I'd try this wash as a shampoo too to see how well it worked. I have to say I was really impressed; It lathered nicely in my hair and my hair smelt incredible even after washing. So if you're looking for a luscious smelling treat for your hair and body I'd recommend giving this ago.

Another product that I've been trying out in the Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti range is a bit of a luxury one and I love it. This is a dry oil and as you can see from the picture has been filled with shimmer and sparkle (my kind of product). This dry oil is in no way greasy, smells gorgeous and is the perfect item to enhance your tan. The oil does a great job at adding a bit of moisture into your skin (I love using it on my legs) and once its absorbed your left with a subtle bronze shimmer which looks so beautiful especially when the sun catches it. If you're planning on getting your pins out this summer, this is such a must have beauty beauty product. The oil will give your skin that warm sun kissed healthy glow and the subtle shimmer of this oil combined with the exotic smell of Monoi de Tahiti will make you feel as though you've been on your holidays. 

Another Yves Rocher product I've been using on my hair is the Low ShamPoo, which is like no other shampoo I've ever tried before. The Low ShamPoo takes the idea of the 'no poo' concept where you don't use any shampoo on your hair whatsoever. However I don't think I could ever not wash my hair with shampoo, even though most shampoos do contain sulphate and silicone which they say is not always great for your hair. Yves Rocher have brought us the Low ShamPoo which is more like a cleanser for your hair rather than a shampoo. To be honest, before using this I didn't know what to expect. I'm one of these girls who likes all the bubbles when I wash my hair. When I used this there were no bubbles at all and you really have to work and massage the product into your hair. However the results are amazing. Every time I use this my hair feels so soft and looks incredibly healthy and if you're suffering from dry or damaged hair I'd recommend giving this new type of shampoo ago. I still love my regular bubbly shampoos that lather up, but this is great to give my hair a weekly no shampoo treat.

The last hair product that's made its ways into my regular haircare routine is the Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar. This again is another one of those luxury but not essential products. After I've shampoo (or no poo-ed) and conditioned my hair, I'll coat my hair in the magical rinsing vinegar. This stuff honestly smells so amazing and reminds me of a drink, if it wasn't a hair product I may be fooled to thinking it was drinkable. The raspberry scented vinegar not only smells amazing but leaves my hair looking so shiny after I've used it. I think as the weather warms up it's really lovely to have shiny healthy looking hair and adding this extra step in the shower is so worth it. It only takes seconds to apply and it really makes such a noticeable difference to my hair, I love it!

So there we have it so summer beauty essentials from Yves Rocher. I would love to know what products are getting you in the mood for summer? Are you a fan of Yves Rocher? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love



  1. I have never really used an oil/dry oil before, but after reading this I might just give it ago.

    Beth x

  2. These products not only sounds amazing but their packaging is gorgeous!! I would love to try the hair oil :) xx


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