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Secrets To Creating Big Bouncy Curls With Matrix Hair

As a girl who has long hair, I can tell you that good hair days can be one of those things that are few and far between. As a beauty blogger who loves experimenting with new hair products, I'm always on the look out for new holy grail hair products and style secrets that can give me more of those good hair days. If your like me and always make it your mission to have amazing hair than keep reading as a few weeks ago I had the chance to discover the best hair secrets thanks to Matrix Hair.

My hair mission started when I was invited to head down to a local hair salon in my town. The owner Christian was not only amazing but also happened to be one of Matrix Hair's Artistic Directors, so he so many hair secrets to share with me! 

I headed down to the Christian Wiles salon straight afterwork, as it's in town I had seen it in passing, heard great things about the salon and staff but had never actually booked a hair appointment there. I have to say I was so impressed with the place. It was so much more than your average hairdressers. Christian had a lot of style and was clearly on every bloggers wavelength as there was so much white which means everything there was so 'Instagramable' my fave!

I was treated to a consultation where I was given an overview of the new Total Results Matrix Hair products and was told what would be best suited for my hair. As my hair is long and dry, Christian thought it would be great to add some much needed hydration to my hair. We used the Moisture Me Rich Shampoo to wash my hair and followed with the Moisture Me Rich Conditioner for a deep conditioning treatment. Honestly if you've not smelt these products yet I urge you to as they literally smell so yummy and my hair felt so soft afterwards; It was just what my dry locks needed.


Ladies for those of you who have thin hair like me, it's really important to not condition your hair near the roots as it will only weigh your hair down. For lots of body, but super soft hair just massage the condition a few inches down from where your roots start. For an extra moisture boost, wrap your conditioned hair in a hot towel and leave for five minutes before rinsing. 

Once my hair had been treated to a pamper, it was time for the styling. When it comes to hairstyles having big bouncy curls is my favourite. It's a style that always makes me feel more glamorous and confident. However sometimes I find this hairstyle really hard to create due to a number of reasons

1. My hair is so long, so I find that curls drop really quickly and are weighed down.
2. I never know what the best products are to use to keep my curls looking big and bouncy.
3. My hair is thin, so I never have that much volume on top which is where I want my hair to look the fullest. 

It was great being able to talk to Christian about all my hair troubles and to pick his brain on how I can recreate my favourite hairstyle easily at home.


To create volume to your hair it's really important to use a layering technique. By this I mean layering your hair prodcuts. The first thing Christian told me was that it was important to add plenty of volume to my hair before I started curling it; He used the Matrix High Amplify Foam Volumizer on my damp hair before drying it.

Once my hair was dry, Christian then used the Matrix High Amplify Wonder Boost on the root area  and repeated the process until my  hair felt dry again. This was the miracle product I swear as my hair never felt so thick! 

Once my hair had plenty of volume and bounce, he started styling it with a large barrel curling wand to create those super bouncy curls. 


I told Christian that I really struggled to keep my curls in place and he told me it was really important not to add loads of hairspray directly onto my hair, which I had always done in the past. Instead of doing that I should try spraying the Matrix High Amplify Hairspray onto the tips of my fingers and work this through my hair from roots to end. 

Not only does this give your hair plenty of hold, but also adds definition and stability to your hair and most importantly movement. So yes girls, you can actually do that sexy hair flick if you wish!


Once you've practiced your best hair flick a few times and are pleased to see your hairs still curly and bouncy (I did this too), Christian told me that to make my hair style look even more glam and polished I could easily clean up any fizzy fly always or loose ends by spaying some of the Matrix High Amplify Hairpray onto a clean makeup brush and gently pat them down. 

This is such a genius idea as this could be done with any hairstyle where you have flyaway hair and it sorts out the problem in an instant. Perfect!

I was so happy with the way that my hair looked afterwards. I felt so glam that I had to persuade my man to take me out to dinner after my appointment as my hair looked so good and needed showing off.

Its been a few weeks now since Christian shared his best style secrets with me and I've been putting them to good use as they really make such a massive difference when doing my hair. It's great to have more good hair days now than bad. I can't thank Christian enough.

If you happen to be in the Northampton area I definitely recommend checking out the Christian Wiles Salon (website here). I've already asked Christian to be my new hairdresser, especially as I'm going to be making some big hair changes next year (more on that another time). 

I would also recommend getting your hands on the new Matrix Total Result products as they are amazing. Not only does my hair look good, but I get so many compliments on the way my hair smells.

If you have any hair style secrets, then please share them in the comments below.

Lots of Love



  1. you looked great! I bet the bf loved it ;)

    I will try layering products, sounds genius!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. You look amazing! ive never really thought of trying Matrix before to be honest it never occurred to me


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