Thursday, 9 February 2017

Mini Try On Primark Haul | Sweaters and Other Comfy Essentials

Primark Haul

The other week I popped down to my local Primark as you do, it wasn't an intentional spend, I was merely passing and thought it would be rude of me not to pop in and see what was the latest on offer. I was pleasantly surprised as Primark have so many gorgeous and affordable bits in right now and some bits I just couldnt resit and had to take home with me. I mean who ever goes into Primark and comes out without a shopping bag, I think thats an impossible task! I didn't go too crazy as I had Archie with me and he hates shopping, but I thought I would showcase off a few of the bits that I did pick up. I've been positing on Instagram a lot of my Primark purchases, so make sure you're following me over there as I always updating things on there first. You can find my account here (yes seamless plug right here lol). 

I hold my hands up, I'm guilty; I went a bit sweater crazy on this trip and picked up three really cosy and super cute sweaters that were only five pounds each, which is just stupidly cheap. I wouldn't really describe myself as a fashionable person, I normally opt for anything comfortable and if it happenes to look good on then thats a bonus too. As a stay at home mum, I'm not going to lie I live in pyjamas a lot, especially if I have no where to be. I figure if I'm at home then I might as well be comfortable, right? I know they're not, but I kind of feel that sweaters are a bit like pj's as they're just as comfy but unlike pjs are totally acceptable to wear out and about. I think these look great styled with my favourite Nike Free Runs and a good pair of jeans and the whole sports lux theme is really on trend right now, so I actually feel half decent when I throw one of these on. Like I said I picked up three, in three different shades each on with a different slogan. My favourite one has to be the dusty pink one, purely because it reads '2458 likes' with the Instagram heart next to it; very appropriate for any of us bloggers. Now if only I could get that many likes on my actual Instagram that would be amazing lol.

Primark Haul

I also picked up a light grey sweater and a khaki green one, these colours work really well for me and they all go with black jeans, which is another thing that I tend to live in. Along with my sweaters, I picked up a snap back or baseball cap, whichever one you want to call it. This was a bit of a whim purchase, because I realise that I probably look a bit ridiculous in it. But I bought this for those bad hair days! We all get them and with running around looking after Archie, I don't get the time that I used too, to spend on my hair. Some days I just have to pop to the shops and most of the time when I pop my hair up into a pony tail I look a bit like a potato, so this is a good cover up and only cost me three pounds. I actually don't think it looks too bad on and I've found it a useful thing to have in my wardrobe.

Primark Haul Primark Haul
Primark Haul
Primark Haul

Last but not least clothing wise, I picked up this grey and blue check shirt. I remember when check shirts where in a few years ago, I practically lived in them and it looks like this year they're making a bit of a comeback. I love throwing these on for really dressed down days and just popping a basic cami top underneath them. I love the colours on this one and think it looks really cute on. The actually shirt is so soft and is made from that towelling material. This again was really cheap and only cost me six pounds, such a bargain!

Primark Haul

Whilst in Primark, I stopped by the homeware section. This has to be my favourite section in Primark, although my local one is tiny and doesnt offer a lot homeware wise. However I saw this copper candle holder floating around on Instagram and when I saw it in the shops I had to pop one in my basket. I love copper accessories and whilst the decor of my home right now doesnt really suit copper detailing (I'm waiting to move before redesigning my living room) copper accessories make perfect props for my blogging pictures, so this was a must. I actually forgot to take a picture of this, but you can see it in the background on some of the pictures in this post.

Like I said Primark have so many amazing things in right now and I'm already itching to go back and pick up some more bits.

What have you picked up from Primark recently?



  1. I got the sunday sweater from primark and the los angeles one :) they have such a good range at the moment, so dont feel quilty of picking up too many :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. This is a really cool way to do a haul. I really like that pink sweater


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