Monday, 13 February 2017

Perfect Valentines Day Nails from Girls With Attitude

Perfect Valentines Day Nails from Girls With Attitude

Perfect Valentines Day Nails from Girls With Attitude

I can't believe its Valentine's Day tomorrow! I know its a bit hit and miss with a lot of people, but personally its a time of year that I love. I know you don't need a special day in the year to declare your undying love for someone, but for those of you who are like me and have been in a long term relationship, its nice to have a day where we can go all out. Generally, our everyday lives are super busy and we don't get as much time now to spend good quality time with one another. Since having Archie, James and I rarely have many date nights (actually we've not had one!). But we are the kind of couple who loves staying in, cooking a really lovely meal together and opening a bottle of Prosecco and this is what we pretty much have planned for tomorrow evening. Oh and don't forget the box of chocolates, thats standard. 

Just because we're staying in, it doesnt mean that I don't like to feel and look great. This morning I did my fake tan, because lets face it a tan instantly makes anyone look a hundred times hotter. Now Archies having his afternoon nap and I've decided to sort my nails out which are just a mess. Doing little things like this makes me feel so much better and makes me even more excited about my date night tomorrow. 

I love going to get my nails done, but I don't have the spare cash every month to go and do this. Anyone else who is or has been on maternity pay will know that the struggle is real and getting my nails done really isn't an essential. I have so many nail polishes, but I'm always so busy and no matter what polish I use, my nails are usually chipped in a matter of hours of applying my polish; and I have no time for that. The only other alternative and its the best option is to apply my own false nails. I love the look of them and although they might not feel as sturdy or last as long as gels or acrylics, they give the exact same effect and that makes me one happy muma.

Perfect Valentines Day Nails from Girls With Attitude

When it comes to falsies I'm not too fussy, Primark actually have an amazing selection and are so affordable, only costing £1.00 for each set, but my favourite false nails have to be from Girls With Attitude. It's their Fantasy nails which are my fave and I'm just obsessed with the coffin shaped style of these nails; they're also such a comfortable fit. Girls With Attitude have two colours in the range to choose from. Theres 'Wonderland' which is a beautiful baby pink shade and my personal faves and you have 'Wicked' which are a deep berry red, these are perfect if you love going for more of a vampy look. This valentines I'm wearing my baby pink ones as I think they just scream Valentines and make me feel very girly. 

Perfect Valentines Day Nails from Girls With Attitude

The one thing that makes these false nails stand above the rest is the fact that they are really long lasting. Like I mentioned, I'm a very hands on person and nail polish doesn't last long on my nails and it can be the same with falsies, they can be pinging off within days of application. However with these nails, they last me a good week plus. After the first week I only had 2 pop off which was just amazing. You get 24 different sized nails, so I had no problem finding the right size for my tiny nails.
Overall I love this look and think these are perfect for my special day tomorrow, which I'm so excited about.

Are you a false nail fan, or prefer nail polish? 


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