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New Year, New Makeup Brushes | Girls With Attitude Luxe Metallics Makeup Brush Set

Girls With Attitude Luxe Metallics Makeup Brush Set

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you're new year is going well so far and you're smashing any new years resolutions that you have. I feel pretty pleased with how mine are going so far. I love hearing about what goals everyone has set for themselves, so be sure to head over to my 2018 goals post here and share your plans with me. I've been reading a lot of goals posts on blogs recently and I've seen quite a few people mention that they want to improve on their makeup skills and try new products out this year. I like to think I'm pretty good with my makeup (I hope so as I've been wearing it for over half my life). If theres one thing I've learnt is that makeup brushes are the key to success! Not only does a good set of makeup brushes make applying products so much easier, but I've found the right brushes help you get the best out of your makeup. You guys know how much I love my Girls With Attitude makeup brushes, they are by far my favourite and to kick start the new year off, GWA have released their new Luxe Metallics* five piece makeup brush collection, which is perfect to get your makeup game off to a good start this year. So if you want to take a closer look at the brushes in this collection keep on reading.

Girls With Attitude Luxe Metallics Makeup Brush Set

Appearances are everything and this new brush collection from Girls With Attitude is just stunning. Usually I prefer rose gold to gold, but these brushes look just as luxurious as they feel. The gold handles of each brush have a foiled effect running through them and I adore the rose gold detailing (GWA never let me down with the rose gold - lol). The brush hairs are soft to the touch and I love the gold to white ombre effect that they have. There are five brushes in the collection that come boxed in a leopard printed box, so they would make a cute present for any of your girlfriends... or yourself. I've not actually tried any of these brushes yet as they only arrived on Thursday morning, but I've pretty much tried every single makeup brush Girls With Attitude have released and I LOVE them all and have never been disappointed. So I thought I'd give you a little insight to each brush that comes in the collection with a first impression.

Round Powder Brush;
This is the perfect product for any loose or pressed powder, its soft, round and fluffy which will make dusting any product over the face easy and effortless. These brushes are also great for blending out any makeup, especially if you're a fan of contouring.

Tapered Blush Brush;
I love these tapered brushes for applying my blushers; The tapered end makes application really precise. Even though the end of this brush is tapered, it's still really fluffy which means it still be really easy to blend out any powdered product.

Curved Contour Brush;
This is the brush in the collection that I am the most excited about as I don't actually own one of these. I'm hoping this brush will give me a contour to rival Kim K's (I can dream). I can't wait to try this brush out with some of my cream products as I think the curve will really allow me to work the product into the hollows of my cheeks and give me that super defined cheekbone.

Eye Shader Brush;
This brush will be perfect for applying shadow all over the lid, it's the perfect shape and size that will allow me to pop on shadow like a dream.

Fluffy Tapered Blending Eye Brush;
Girls With Attitude do the best blending eyeshadow brushes, I've been obsessed with mine and use them all. If you want to have the best smokey eye, then a fluffy tapered blending brush is your secret weapon and I just know this is going to be amazing.

Girls With Attitude Luxe Metallics Makeup Brush Set

I think this brush collection is perfect for those of you who want to start building upon your makeup brush collection as there is everything you need to do a full face of makeup here. This would also make the perfect weekend away makeup brush kit or if your like me and just makeup brush mad, then you need this. The Luxe Metallics set can be found on the Girls With Attitude website (here) and retails for £24.99.

Are you loving these glam gold brushes are much as me? Let me know you're thoughts in the comments.


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  1. I want Kim K's contour as well haha that brush looks amazing as does the entire set!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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