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My Current Obsession - Primark Nudes Matte Eye Cream's | Review

Primark Nudes Matte Cream Eyeshadows | Review

It had been quite some time since I popped into my local Primark, but last week I decided to quickly dash in on the last ten minutes of my lunch break and as usual didn't come away empty handed. Does anyone actually ever set foot into Primark and walk away with nothing? I'd love to know because its something that never happens to me. My main reason for popping in on a whim was to pick up some more of their false nails because I'm obsessed and when it comes to falsies Primark do the best ones. Right by the nails section I saw a little stand dedicated to their new Nudes makeup range. I saw quite a few people on Instagram positing on their stories about this collection a few weeks ago, but had completely forgotten about it, so I was quite excited when I saw the collection and just knew that I had to pick something up. As I was in a rush, I didn't have the time I would have liked to have a proper browse and do some much needed swatches, but I did decide that I needed to try the Nude Matte Eye Creams and as they only cost £2.00 each, it would have been rude not too. I have to say I was really impressed, so much so that I thought I would share my first impressions of them with you all.

Primark Nudes Matte Cream Eyeshadows | Review

First of all, lets talk about the packaging. Some might say packaging is not important, its about the actual product itself, but I disagree, packaging is everything. I think Primark have been very inspired by Kim Kardashian beauty with their Nudes makeup range as the packaging is very similar and we all know Kim K is the queen of nudes. I wouldn't say I saw anything in the time I was there that was a dupe, but its great having similar products for such a fraction of the price. I was instantly drawn to the little section filled to the brim with the cream shadows. I'm loving cream based shadows right now as they're really quick and easy to apply and regular readers will know that I don't have much time to do my makeup in the morning whilst trying to run around after a two year old. They only had 2 shades of the cream shadows in my store, but I'm pretty sure that Primark may have some other shades in their Nudes range. I think I was so drawn to these shadows, not just because I love a cream eyeshadow, but because the packaging of these are so beautiful. I love that the shadows come in this frosted glass pot and I like how the nude lids are different to each other, making it easier to grab the right one on those early mornings. What impressed me the most is how they look a lot more expensive than their £2.00 price tag and just on packaging alone I was sold.

Primark Nudes Matte Cream Eyeshadows | Review

I know a lot of people rave about Primark makeup, but I've always found it a bit hit or miss just because I tend to wear a lot more high end makeup and I think I'm used to the best in terms of quality, so I had no high exceptions for these shadows. The very next morning, I tried both of them out and I was blown away with just how amazing they both are. Firstly they are both really creamy and soft, which is what I want with a cream eyeshadow. They could be applied with either your fingertips or a brush, but I found a brush was a lot more precise and a lot less messy. I only needed the smallest amount on my brush and I was amazed with the colour pay off. These two shadows are super pigmented and very true to the colours that you see inside the pot. The two shades that I picked up are 'Whipped' which is a light mushroom grey tone nude; It's so beautiful and looks lovely all over the lid. The second is a slightly darker nude in the shade 'Viva Las Vegas' which is a cool brown toned nude, with purple undertones to it. The first time I used this shade, I tried wearing it as a crease colour, but found it was a little to light for me just to wear in the crease alone. However the second time I used it, I just placed it all over the lid and blended it out for a really simple eye makeup look and it looked lovely.

Primark Nudes Matte Cream Eyeshadows | Review

I was really impressed with how well these two cream shadows blended out, they almost have a cream to powder finish which make them really easy to work with. I also found that they dried really quickly and I could place a powder eyeshadow on top without my makeup looking too heavy. Another bonus was that they didn't crease at all, which is something that I was expecting for such an affordable eyeshadow. I've spent a lot more than £2.00 on cream eyeshadows in the past that have just been a nightmare to work with, so these ones really are worth picking up.

Right now these are my two current go to eyeshadows and I'm really hoping that Primark have some other shades in their nudes range that I can pick up as I love the formula. I found these two are very cool toned nudes and I would love to see some warmer tones as thats my preference when it comes to eye makeup. Please let me know if Primark have more than just the two shades as I may have to venture out of Northampton and go on a hunt for them. I'm thinking of heading back into Primark this week when I have a little bit more time and pick some other items in their Nudes range, especially if these two products are anything to go by. If you've tried any Primark makeup lately please send over your recommendations.

What do you think of Primark makeup? A hit or miss?

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Primark Nudes Matte Cream Eyeshadows | Review


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  1. These sound so nice and they look so pigmented. I'm going to Primark next week so I'll have to try and pick some of these up xx

    Gemma Louise


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