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Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream In Shabby Chic | My New Favourite Lipstick

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream In Shabby Chic

When it comes to lipstick choices, you guys know that matte liquid lipsticks get my heart fluttering every single time, I love them! I just love how easy they are to wear and that one application will last for hours and hours. I'm the kind of girl who doesn't like to reapply her lipstick more than twice a day, which is why this kind of formula works best for me. Not to mention the fact that I love the way a matte lip looks on, I much prefer it to gloss. For the longest of time, it felt that all I ever did way buy lipstick and as I have a pretty large selection of liquid matte lipsticks to choose from I decided that I needed a break from buying anymore, that is until recently. I was in Boots the other week and they had 3 for 2 across all their high street makeup brands (my favourite kind of deal). For my free item I decided to pick up a new liquid matte lipstick and treated myself to one of the new(ish) Matte Me Lip Creams from Sleek. I've seen a lot of bloggers rave about these lipsticks on Instagram, so after doing the usual selection of swatches up my arm, I took the shade 'Shabby Chic' home with me and I am obsessed. I think I have found my new favourite liquid lipstick formula and feel that I have a duty to tell you all about it.

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream In Shabby Chic

Let's dive right in here and talk about how good the formula is for the Matte Me Lip Cream. I've tired a lot of liquid matte lipsticks and this one is up there with some of the best. I love how easily the Matte Me Lip glides on, it feels smooth and creamy and I love how quickly it dries. I'm one of these people who puts on lipstick then immediately wants to drink something right after, so with these being quick drying I don't have to worry about going thirsty and smearing my lipstick everywhere. I also love that this is a flake free lipstick, some matte lipsticks are so drying that they can flake away during the day but I don't get that with this lipstick; I think that's because the formula isn't too drying. Actually once I've applied this lipstick I don't even notice or feel it on my lips, which just shows how good it is. This lipstick is also pretty long lasting and I can usually go up till lunch time before I have to reapply. It passes all the drinks tests, but after a meal I find that it has worn off around the centre of my lips, so it just needs a little touch up which is not an issue and what you would expect with any lipstick; Seeing as this lipstick is so cheap, I think it only cost me £4.99 the formula is pretty faultless and I love it.

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream In Shabby Chic

I'm normally a nude lipstick kind of girl and for the past couple of years thats all I've really worn. With things starting to feel a little more like spring I felt like it was time to switch things up a little so I went for the shade 'Shabby Chic' which is the most beautiful muted mauve pink shade, it really is stunning and so wearable, I'm obsessed with it. I feel like this soft nude toned pink is not really seen enough and as soon as I saw it I knew it was going to look perfect for spring. I find this shade works with pretty much every makeup look and its still bright enough to make lips pop a little, I love it.

I'm definitely going to be picking some more shades up from the Sleek Matte Me Lip range, they've gotten the formula spot on and I hope the rest are just as good as this one; I'm thinking 'Birthday Suit' which is a true nude pink shade and 'Petal' a soft baby pink colour  and one thats completely out of my comfort zone, what do you think?

What are you're thoughts on the Matte Me Lip Creams, like them or love them? 

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  1. I'm just as obsessed with this lipstick shade. I've been using it non-stop and with all my makeup looks. It's such a pretty pink and it looks so good on. By the way I love your pictures of it!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |


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