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Trying Out Makeup & Skincare From Proto-Col | First Impressions

Proto-Col is a brand that I wasn't too familiar with until recently. I had seen a few of their products floating around Instagram from fellow bloggers and from what I had seen thought that the packaging was lovely and the products sounded great. So when the PR team at Proto-Col team got in touch with me asking if I wanted to try out some products I happily agreed. I've been putting a few of their best sellers to the test and I thought I would report back to you all and let you know how I've gotten on. I've posted a few photos on Instagram of some of these items and you guys have all told me that you want to know more about this brand, so here we go.

Proto-Col Baked Mineral Colour Correct;

Visually this little compact from Proto-Col is stunning! I love the silver casing and inside the Colour Correct is just too pretty to use. The actual powder has a beautiful marble effect running though it with shades of purple, green, yellow and white. The lavender shade works amazingly at reducing any redness and calms my skin down, making it look a lot less blotchy. There is also a green shade which has been made from rosemary, thyme and green tea and this provides a natural antioxidant to this skin and helps product the skin from the elements and pollution outside (all things that can make our skin look dry and dull). The yellow running through the powder is jojoba and sunflower, which I think is the magic ingredient as it keeps oily skin well at bay and helps to unblock pores.

As someone who has incredibly oily skin  it can be really hard to find that perfect powder and I'm always swapping and changing them around depending what time of year it is. This warm weather makes my makeup melt, so I need something that is pretty heavy duty and keeps those oils well at bay. This Colour Correct one from Proto-Col is actually amazing, not only does it keep my skin oil free, but it also makes my complexion radiant, which is just as good as it sounds. I can often find that some powders make my skin look a little dull, especially when I'm constantly using them throughout the day for any fix ups. I've been using this powder everyday for around two weeks now and I was surprised at how well my makeup would last. I also love the idea of colour correcting, but as a busy mum I barley have enough time to apply mascara, not get out all my colour correctors. I love that this powder does all that hard work for me and it's great for anyone who is always on the go, especially first thing in the morning.

Proto-Col Baked Mineral Foundation;

I've never tried a baked foundation before, I think the reason for this is that I never thought they would be able to provide the amount of coverage that I usually like. I had no idea what to expect when using the Proto-Col Baked Mineral Foundation, but I was pleasantly surprised and love how this makes my skin look. The foundation is packed just like the colour correcting powder and its stunning, I love the simplicity of the silver casing and it looks really elegant sat amongst my other favourite makeup items. As for the actual foundation, it's lovely to use; I'd say it provides a light to medium coverage but can easily be built up if you're like me and prefer the full coverage look. What I love most about this foundation is how smooth it feels and it makes applying it so easy. With some foundations it feels like I'm blending them out for so long, but this hardly takes any work to buff and blend into my skin. I also noticed that my pores appeared a lot smaller and it actually made my skin look really radiant. This combined with the Colour Correct gives me such a gorgeous glowing complexion and I'd really recommend trying both hand in hand. The only downside to this foundation for me is the range of shades, I've been using the shade 'Dover' and whilst this would be the perfect colour for me during the winter months, its far too light for this time of year.

Proto-Col Collagen Technology Triple Pack;

One thing thats really important to me, especially this time of year is finding good skincare products that really help my skin glow. In the summer I like to have minimal or no makeup days so it's really important that I'm happy with and love my natural skin. I think the Proto-Col Collagen Technology Triple Pack is perfect for anyone wanting to try something new and who wants to feel really good going bare. The kit comes with three sample sized facial products that all compliment one another perfectly and have worked their magic at calming my skin down and making it look really youthful.

The first product in the pack is the gentle cleansing gel which can be used daily and I love using this both in the morning and at night. I have quite sensitive skin and this feels so gentle and really refreshens up my skin in the morning, it also provides a great base for my makeup and on the mornings I've used this my makeup seems to go on a lot more smoother. At night time this cleanser removes the majority of my makeup, it is best to remove stubborn eye makeup first as this is not the cleanser to do that. However it does make my skin feel really nourished and it definitely gives it that hydration boost that it always needs.

The second facial product in the pack is my favourite and thats the Microdermabrasion, honestly the first time I used this I couldn't believe just how soft and smooth my skin felt afterwards. This cleanser has been made from crushed diamonds and pearls and all I have to do is apply it do dry skin, work it in and then risnse it off. As I was rinsing this cleanser off my skin, I could feel the difference right away, it was that good - Imagine having a new layer of skin there. You can see the results of this cleanser immediately and my skin has never looked more radiant. I even got my mum to try this and I think she loved it more than me, so much so that she placed an order for a full sized one the very next day.

The last product is also one that I've loved using, its the Collagen Facemask. Now we all know collagen is proven to help with antiaging (I need all the collagen I can get lol), whilst I don't really know or understand the science behind collagen, I do know that this face mask is amazing. I've used it a few times over the last couple of weeks and I love how this instantly refreshes and hydrates my skin. Even though I have oily skin, my skin still gets thirsty and this is mask is so perfect for me. I also think my makeup applies beautifully the day after I've used this.

These few products have definitely got me wanting to try more from Proto-Col and I will 100% be buying full sized versions of the Microdermabrasion and Facemask when mine have run out. You can find all the products directly from the Proto-Col website here.

Have you tried anything from Proto-Col?


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  1. I have not heard of this brand, but loving the look of these goodies! The CC powder looks so good, as does this face mask!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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