Tuesday, 11 October 2011

First post on my little space

Hiya fellow bloggers/viewers welcome to my blog sunshine and sparkle. Wow finally got i here and am doing my first post, as a few of you may have noticed that i have been playing around with the settings over the last few days and not actually posting but now i feel that i am ready to enter the world of blogging :)

Well as this is an introduction the best thing would be to tell you all a little bit about myself and what kind of posts you can expect on here. My name is Danielle and this little space that has been created for me on the Internet will have posts mainly about beauty and fashion related things, however i shall also be including things about my life and other things that make me happy or things which inspire me.

Over the last six months i have been having a good old goosey gander over many blogs (which many are incredible by the way) and i have thought to myself that this is something i can do and it looks like a lot of fun. Just a heads up to you all though, i am not the most technical person when it comes to using computers etc so please bear with me, but i thought that it would be a bit of a learning experience as i go along. Any comments from you which can help me improve my blog will greatly be appreciated.

Anyway i think that this is a long enough of an introduction but here is to the adventure of blogging and i am very excited to maybe get to know some of you and to be a member of this happy blogging community

Happy blogging my lovelies

Danielle xoxo



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