Friday, 21 October 2011

Gossip Girl Inspired

Righteo bloggers as you can see from the title of this post i am a fan of the hit show Gossip Girl, and I love this show, it has to be one of my favourite all time things to watch. I remember when the O.C had finished and thought that nothing would be able to compare to it, but how wrong i was. Gossip Girl definitely wins hands down and i think the story lines are just great. If you haven’t yet watched i i would highly recommend that you give it ago.
One of the things that i love about the show other than the scandals story lines and keeping up with who is with who has got to be the fashion and beauty element to the show. The female characters on the show have amazing and i mean amazing wardrobes and i feel that each character can relate to someone’s personal style. You can easily see that the all the clothes they wear are designer which a girl like me can only dream to wear. Although bloggers i think there is solution for us not been able to have a taste of designer heaven and that is a lot of these outfits can be recreated for a lot less and they can even inspire a whole new outfit. When watching the show on Wednesday i was really inspired some of the outfits Serena van der Woodson (the stunning Blake Lively) wore, especially the one in the picture below.

I adore the chunky turquoise necklace and the simplicity of the yellow outfit, together it looks flawless and fabulous. I only wish that I had seen this picture at the start of summer as its far too cold now to go dressed around like that. But this outfit could be created for a lot less without the designer price tag.
You might say its a bit early to start planning next years summer outfits but this is defiantly something i want to recreate when the sun gets his hat out next year. i am on the hunt for a necklace just like this, i haven’t found any as of yet but if any of you know where I can get one from please let me know. it would be a great staple piece for a great summer outfit.

Another bit of inspiration that i got from the show was the hair styles and Serna has amazing hair, which i do envy a bit. In the show she was sporting the classic ponytail, all hair sweeping back from her face and in the messy get out of bed look hair and the result. Well i thought she looked effortlessly beautiful.
i am forever wearing my hair down, getting the straightners on it and feel that it always has to be so perfect. On the rare occasion i do have it pinned up I always have bits dangling down, having them perfectly where I want them to be placed. Well as it’s a new season I have decided I am going to embrace the unknown and let my hair take a walk on the wild side. i haven’t decided how I am going to recreate this look, as simple as it looks i know the perfectionist in me will want it looking right. But you have my word that as soon as I have had a good play around with my hair and got it looking right I will share the love on here with you all. I think that this style will look great for Autumn with wearing lots of layers and minimal make-up.

I would love to know what new things that you are daring to try for the new season or any tips you have on creating the just got out of bed messy up-do

Hope you are all having a great day

Love Danielle x0x0



  1. Thanks for your lovely comment! I'm so happy Gossip Girl is back! I have to say I prefer Blair to Serena but she does get some cracking outfits and her hair is always perfect!

  2. Me to i look forward to Wednesdays episode, Blair or Serena i would quite happily borrow there wardrobes, thanks for the comment hun xx


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