Friday, 9 December 2011

Aussie Haul

There's more to life than hair but it's a good place to start- The Aussie Philopsophy 

Hello beauty babes. Today I have a post for you all on some amazing Aussie hair products. I love love love this brand and for a high street buy these products really do work wonders on your hair and do exactly what is says on the bottle. I am sure many of you have read lots of posts and reviews on this brand so I'll try keep this post short and sweet! 

First of all there is a great offer on at Boots right now where you can buy most of the Aussie hair care range. 3 products for £10.00 

I've tried and tested most of the shampoos and conditioners that Aussie have to offer, except the ones from the Luscious Long Collection; Seeing as my hair has grown quite a considerable amount I opted for this range.

I went for the Luscious Long Shampoo, Luscious Long Conditioner and the Luscious Long Leave-In Conditioner. These products all have the same smell to them which is a lovely mix of Australian Blue Mountain Blend containing two different types of Eucalyptus extract.  Eucalyptus has so many amazing qualities for your hair including  encouragement of hair re-growth and increasing the hairs natural elasticity. Perfect for those maintaining long hair and those who are trying grow your hair. 

As I said the smell is amazing (if I were any good at describing smells I would give a detailed description but the best thing to do is have a good smell when you see them on the shop shelves). If you like strong smelling hair products then you will love anything from Aussie. I've been using these products for a few days now and the smell really does transfer onto the hair and you get constant whiffs of it throughout the day. Not only that it will leave your bathroom smelling lush for hours after you showered. 

On the bottle it claims to ' turn your long hair into a soft, luscious, swingy curtain of gorgeousness. Oh, and its nearly curtains for flyaways, too' . I'm not too sure what it means about the curtains but this shampoo and conditioner defiantly does make my hair feel gorgeous, smooth and silky.  

 The leave in conditioner is something that was new for me to try and its to be used on towel dry hair. It has the same great smell as the shampoo and conditioner which is fab! This product states to protect the hair from heat, so far I think it works but I haven't used it long enough to state how good it works on my hair. However I find that it works wonders on de-tangling and getting rid of those knots which are just a pain. No matter how much I brush my hair before its washed, the knots will always be there. But this makes brushing so much easier. Defiantly worth every penny if you have this problem. 

Two of the products also came in a super cute limited edition bottle with fireworks scattered everywhere. I am not 100% sure what anniversary they are celebrating as a brand. But the little touches on the products look so appeasing to the eye (I am a huge one for packaging and how it looks)

 For those of you who are interested here are what the products look like out the bottle (I only wish I could share the smell with you though the screen!) 

Right Luscious Long Shampoo 
left Luscious Long Conditioner

Luscious Long leave-In Conditioner 

Do you love Aussie as much as I do, If so I would love to know what your favorite collections are and if you agree with the brands philosophy.



  1. I love Aussie products! I currently use their Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner... I love the bubblegum smell :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. mmmm i love that smell, the miracle one is the last one i used and the one you leave in for 3 mins. i love it xx


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