Saturday, 10 December 2011

Mac: Glitter and Ice

Hello my fellow sparkles. As some of you may have noticed I've been a bit quiet on my blog over the last week. Its just such a busy time of year for me (I know this is the same for most with x-mas and all) But it was my Birthday!! So I was off gallivanting around seeing lots of different people. I was super lucky this year with what I was given ( I have some exciting news for you all too) and my lovely Muma got me some things from my wish list including the item which is on show in today's post, which is a Mac Mineralize Eye Shadow from the new Glitter and Ice Holiday Colour Collection.

Super excited I was when my mum gave me this all wrapped up in a glitzy silver gift Mac bag. I had no idea what was inside but was over the moon when I found that she had gotten me something from the new collection.

First of all I love the packaging of the Winter and Ice Collection. I know that there have been a lot of reviews and videos posted about the silver foil boxes and white outer casing and how much everyone is raving about it. And rightly so, I love it. Its so eye catching and I think everything looks better in white. I certainly wouldn't complain if Mac released every product in this super sleek white case look. The colour of the Mineralize Eye Shadow I have is called Winterized and its the most gorgeous blend of purple, silver, indigo and a dusty pink.  Its so pretty I could stare at it for hours and not get board.  


 I've always sort of sat on the fence when it comes to the Mineralize Eye Shadows by Mac. Some are great others not so much, normally I find that the colours take a lot of build up or not as pigmented as I would have liked. But this shadow has not disappointed me. I think that the colour is super for this time of year and I've had a lot of compliments when wearing it. Normally I stay very safe with my choice of eye shadows (neutrals and warm golds/bronzes). But I like stepping out of my comfort box with this shade. My only issue now is that I have a strong desire to have more from the Winter and Ice Collection.

On another note, for those of you who are wondering at the beginning of this post I said I had some exciting news and I am so excited I want to write it now. But there will be a post coming up next week for you all which will explain everything. All I can say is that I've never been so happy ever!!

If you have tried anything at all from Mac's Winter and Ice collection I would love to know what you would recommend as I am thinking of adding a few more products on my Christmas wish list.

Lots of Love


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