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Bad Beauty Habits

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Hi girls, the most random thing happened to me this morning. I woke up way before my alarm and beauty blogger inspiration struck. At 5.30 this morning I woke up thinking it would be great do to a post on my bad beauty habits... Lord knows I have quite a few of them and I thought it would be great to share, see if anyone else can relate and most importantly, see if I can train myself to break some of these bad habits. 

  • I always brush my hair when its wet - Nope I don't use a wide tooth comb to do so, it's a normal standard hair brush and every time my hair is wet, without fail I will try and brush all the knots out. I know that this is not good for your hair at all and I hate seeing the little bits of hair snap off. In my defence, always apply a leave in conditioner to help the knots come out with ease, but ultimately this is my number one bad beauty habit that I need to break. Any advice ladies?

  • Whilst on the subject of hair, bad beauty habit number two has to be slacking big time when it comes to using a heat defencive spray. If I've got one to hand I'll always spray it in - but when I run out it takes me forever to repurchase one. I'm currently not protecting my hair from the heat in anyway (hello Boots) what do you beauties recommend? 

  • Bad beauty habit number three - as soon as I start to see my nails chip, which is regularly with my work, I can't help but pick...yes pick the nail polish off. Does anyone else do this? I find it so satisfying peeling away the polish, especially when I've done a few coats, it comes off with ease. However my nails are not a fan of this so much. Sometimes my nails will really hurt the next day and it can leave really nasty ridges on your nails, which is not a good look! Seriously though, does anyone else find this satisfying? The only way I can break this bad habit, is not to give into temptation - we shall see how that goes.

  • Hardly ever cleaning your makeup brushes - guilty!! I know that I'm not alone here on this one ladies, I'm forever seeing tweets, talking about the cleanliness (lack off) of our makeup brushes. I'm just plain lazy when it comes to doing this mundane task. When I do wash them, I'm always surprised at how much crap comes out of them! But it's just a task I keep putting off again and again. I think someone needs to come up with a national 'clean your makeup brush day', maybe this is something we can do together?

  • And my final bad beauty habit, is a little bit of a weird one. When the night is coming to an end, I'll be sat watching t.v or doing something similar, I know that I need to wash my makeup off, but before I do... sometimes I like to sit there and pick off my mascara. Yes I get the messiest finger nails in the world and I only do this when I have a thick layers of mascara on - Yet it's another one of these things that I find strangely satisfying! I know that this really needs to stop as I can't be doing my lashes any favours what so ever, especially when the odd eyelash comes off with the clumped mascara.. eww! I'm not entirely sure how to combat this bad habit, but maybe you beauties can offer some tips.

So there you have it, my five bad beauty habits! This is by no means a tag, but a kind of post that I love reading on other blogs, so feel free to do a post yourself and share your bad beauty habits and maybe we can all help one another to become the perfect beauties.

Love you all 



  1. Get a Tangle Teezer! It's just like using a brush but with minimal breakage and once you section your hair it just glides through.

    I pick my polish off too as soon as a chip appears! haha

    1. Yes!! Tangle teezers are amazing, I love my pink one!! :) xo

    2. I bought one for my daughters as they hate having their hair brushed but I've ended up pinching it for myself :-) Seems to be a lot less breakage x

  2. I do the same with my nail varnish! I find that glitter nail varnish is so easy to pick off! WHOOPS!

    I think I may do this little post :)


  3. I am glad I am not the only one guilty of doing that with nail varnish, my boyfriend tells me off for it! x


  4. I pick my nail varnish off too! Only when ive put thick coats on though - i cant pick tiny bits off at a time it always has to be big bits! haha i know what you mean its so satisfying! :P xx

  5. I am 100% with you on 1, 2 and 4! I hate letting my hair dry with knots in, and it actually seems harder to get them out when you just leave them. Plus, my hair dries all frizzy! I'm not sure I'll be able to retrain myself on this one :(
    I did a post similar to this when I first started out and I really enjoy reading this sort of thing - it's nice to know that everyone else has their flaws too, and it's refreshing to see people owning up to that!
    Mel xx


  6. This is such an awesome post babe! You should turn it into a TAG and get others to do it and we can all read each others bad habits and help each other break them!

    I pretty much do exactly the same as you apart from the nail varnish thing, but thats only because I have acrylics and its hard to do so! Otherwise I'd probably be picking at it too!

    I really need to grab myself a heat defensive spray because I use so many heated appliances on my hair, in fact I've put it on my shopping list.

    Again, great post babe :D So glad I've finally found your blog xx


  7. The only one of these bad beauty habits I don't do is the brushing my hair, I use my tangle teezers and I luuuuuuuurrve them. But other then that, I am a true beauty sinner. xxx

  8. I'm the same with brushing my hair wet but it's so curly that it's impossible when it's dry! X

  9. I think I do every single one of these bad habits haha!! Especially the picking mascara - by the end of the day my mascara is completely gone without fail haha!! Awesome post!!! Xx.

  10. oh I do the same with my mascara! It's so bad though, we must stop! xxx

  11. This is brilliant - I too brush my wet hair (viciously!) and constantly pick at my nail varnish!

  12. Your exactly the same as me, I think I do all of these habits! I only ever brush my hair when its wet and whenever I'm watching telly in the evening I find myself picking away my mascara :)

  13. I do every single one of these, except with the mascara, I don't pick at with the intention of getting it off, I have super long eyelashes that stab me in the eye ball so in attempt to pull out the bent ones, I end up pulling off chunks of mascara...then somehow smearing the black on my fingertips on my jeans or something. ha. (:


  14. I pick at my nail polish too ;-( the most satisfying part is when you pull one off all in one go and it almost looks like a falsie haha!!

    Buy a tangle teaser. Much easier than a comb I find. I love mine.

    Also I used to be very bad at using heat protectant but I recently bought the tresseme keratin smooth one which I saw a few bloggers recommend. It's pretty good. No complaints so far

    Love this post :-) xxxx

  15. Haha I do nearly all of these! Picking mascara off is just too tempting, I can't help it! I agree with Katie, get a tangle teaser - I HAVE to brush my hair when wet otherwise it just dries horribly so these are the best to go for.

    And I'd love to hear recommendations of heat defense spray or cream - I have used Aussie and Bumble and Bumble and I find that both left my hair feeling really heavy and flat and shortly greasy too. Not what I'm looking for.


  16. Omg I am totally guilty of always picking off my mascara! It is the worst feeling when a lash comes off along with a clump of mascara!! Lol, sooooo annoying!



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