Saturday, 17 November 2012

Halo Hair Extensions | 20" Deluxe Clip-Ins vs The Halo

Hi ladies, hope your all having a fantastic weekend. This post is a little overdue, but one that I have been meaning to get up for you all, for the longest of time. As a lot of you will all know by now, I am well and truly hair obsessed, I'm pretty sure most girls are! But for me, the longer the hair, the better. Unfortunately growing it to a desired length can be a right pain in the bum! For those of you who see my regular pictures on Instagram (sunshinesprkle) will know that my hair is fairly long anyway, but my desired dream hair length, would have to be for my locks to go all the way down my back and past 'boob' length. My hair seams to always grow just above my boobs and forever seams to stay there, the only way I can achieve lovely mermaid long hair, is with the use of hair extensions!

A little while ago I was lucky enough to become apart of Halo Hair Extensions, Project Halo...WOW! They have been super kind enough to set up a little scheme with some lovely beauty bloggers, send them out some hair extensions, in return for a few posts. Those who follow my blog will know that I've already had a set of hair extensions sent out to me from Halo via a Twitter Competition (you can see the post here) and I opted to try The Halo, which is hair extensions without the faff and by far the most easiest type of hair extensions to apply...Ever! 

So this time round, I decided to try Halo's 20" Deluxe Clip-In set, which is in the shade 'Darkest Brown'. As with The Halo, the clip-in set from Halo is made from 100% human remy hair, which means the actual hair has all the cuticles running in the same direction, which will prevent tangles and matting - it also means that the hair looks very natural and will blend perfectly into your own hair, giving you the illusion of thick, gorgeous, natural long hair. 

The deluxe clip-in set contains a total of 12 different sets of clip-ins (wefts) - you a set of
  • 3 three clip-in wefts 
  • 3 two clip-in wefts 
  • and 6 one clip-in wefts

The clips are the same colour as the hair, going un-noticed when clipped into your hair. I'm sure a lot of you have all had a go with clip-in hair extensions at some point - But Halo's clip-in set are easy to pop in your hair, with minimum fuss. The clips are sturdy and stay well put once in your hair and they don't weigh your own natural hair down in anyway. There is nothing worse than having hair extensions which can cause headaches and tug on your locks - I've worn the Halo clip-ins for hours on end, gone though a whole day of work, without the extensions budging or causing any discomfort. I opted for the 20 inch length as my hair is fairly long, but they also come in 16" and 24", so there is something to choose for every hair length. 

Halo sent me the deluxe set of clip-ins, and as my hair is slightly on the thinner side, I can't get all 12 sets of wefts to fit in my hair, every time I pop the deluxe set in my hair I am always left with one 3 clip-in weft and one 2 clip-in weft left over. I don't mind this as I feel that I now have some spares, but for those of you who are thinking about ordering your own set of Halo Hair, I would suggest if you do have hair on the thinner side, then opt for Halo's 'Full Head Clip-Ins' as they contain less wefts, but still enough to cover the whole of your head. 

So which is best, The Halo or Halo's Clip-Ins

After trying and testing, both kinds of hair extensions that Halo have to offer, I can honestly say I can't pick a favourite, they both have different methods of applying, but the end result is always beautiful long hair. If you are struggling to decide between the two, I can list a few points that may help you with deciding.

The Halo

  • The easiest type of hair extension to apply, can be fitted into your hair in less than 5 minutes and the wire is completely invisible.

  • Would be perfect for those who have never tried hair extensions before

  • Great if your wanting to make your hair feel thicker and look longer.

  • You are limited to certain hair styles with the Halo, as the wire band can make it a little diffiuclt if your wanting to achieve an 'updo', but is perfect for those of you wanting to style your hair down with the extensions.

Halo Hair Deluxe Clip-Ins

  • The clip-ins are easy to apply, but will take longer to pop in than the Halo - Sectioning off each section of your hair can be a little time consuming, but the end results look amazing.

  • The individual wefts of hair let you choose where you want the extensions to be placed and you can choose where you want to add volume and thickness.

  • The clip-ins stay put and wont budge

  • Perfect for all hair styles, up-do's, braids and wearing your hair down. For those of you who like to experiment with your hair, the clip-ins will be perfect for you.

Like always the service that Halo offer is next to none, all of their emails are responded to very quickly and the team are most helpful, especially when it comes to helping you pick the right shade for your hair. The delivery is fast, so if you do order, expect to have your extensions with you in no time at all.

If you are considering choosing Halo for your next set of hair extensions then you can head over to their website. The Halo retails for £89.99 for the 16" and £99.99 for the 20", whilst the Deluxe Clip-In set can be bought for £74.99 for the 16" and £84.99 for the 20"

For my next post I am thinking about doing a tutorial on how I apply the clip-in set, so if there are any questions that you would like me to answer, or anything you would like to see, then let me know in the comments below. 

Lot's of Love



  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! I really need to try me some of these !
    Http:/ xxxx

  2. They look amazing, really want to try them! xx

    OCBeauty Blog x

  3. These look really impressive, and you look amazing with them in! And with them out, of course :)
    I have finally managed to get my hair to below-the-boob length, but I'm going to have to give it the chop now because the only way I was able to achieve this was by not cutting it for AGES. So now I'm left with loads of split ends! I knew it would be the case, but I left it to grow as more of an experiment than anything else. People always say that having it cut every 6-8 weeks is the key, but this was never the case for me, and I don't see how it can be for anyone cutting their hair that often. So it seems we have a choice of either long but damaged hair, or shorter hair that's in good condition. OR....these hair extensions! :)
    Mel xx

  4. these looks very natural - great look! and I love your make up too. x

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  6. My wife has bough similar extensions a few weeks ago but she has wastes money because their quality is not good. Please tell me about quality and price of these extensions.

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    1. The quality of halo hair extensions are really good, they are 100% human remy hair so they are as easy to look after as your own hair, they also look very natural. Prices vary on which length you choose the ones able cost around 99 pounds. If you go on the halo website your wife can send a picture of her hair and the halo team will colour match her up too :)

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  10. You look lovely on your hair extension Nix. I am also planning on getting my hair extended this coming 3rd week. Keep on posting, love following your post!

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