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The Beauty Blogger Tag

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Happy weekend all you beauty bloggers and to anyone else who has popped over for a read. Yesterday the lovely Luchessa over at Beauty Expression tagged me in the 'Beauty Blogger Tag' and oh my gosh you guys, you know I love nothing more than doing a tag. This one is all nearly all beauty related, so hopefully it will make a good read for you all and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Luchessa's answers. So without further ado, let's get on with it :) ...

Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
My hair has a natural wave to it, but it's not what I'd call a pretty wave, it's one that always looks like a bit of a frizzy mess that needs taming! When I leave my hair to dry naturally, it really can go a bit wild, especially if I scrunch the ends with my finger tips when it's almost dried. However if I use the hairdryer my hair will dry pretty much straight.

Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?
 pretty much always dye my hair myself, unless I'm wanting to change the colour drastically, then I'll leave it to the professionals.

Do you wear the same style everyday, or do you change it?
I love experimenting with new hairstyles when I have the time, but day to day, I'll usually wear it down straight, or have it tied up in a high messy pony tail.

Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to a salon?
I always do my own as I'm pretty obsessed with nail polish and actually really enjoy taking the time out to do my nails - I find it relaxes me. Plus I tried wearing acrylics once and I'm allergic to whatever they use as they made my fingers swell up like little fat sausages. 

How often do you change your nail polish?
Normally I'll do my nails around 3 times a week, I can get bored pretty quickly with having the same colour on my nails for too long, so I like to change it up a bit.

Do you polish your toes in the winter or just in the summer?
You will always find my little toes with a coat of polish on them. I'm really lazy with painting my toe nails though, anytime of year. I find that polish on my toenails lasts for absolutely ages and chip free, so I just leave it on there till it looks a state and redo it. I also hate taking the polish of my toes! Does anyone else find that the polish is much more of a nightmare to get off?

How long does it take for you to put on your makeup?
Day to day my makeup takes me around half an hour to do. If its a special occasion or I'm off out for the evening it will usually take around 45 minutes. For me doing my makeup is my favourite thing in the morning, I find it so relaxing and therapeutic and sets me up well for the day ahead.

What do you do first, face or eyes?
I always start off with my face, starting off with foundation, concealer and powder, then I will move onto my eyes. Once my eyes are done, I'll finish off with my face adding bronzer, blush and a highlighter. And no makeup look is complete without adding your favourite lippie or gloss at the end to complete your look - I usually do this just before I walk out the door!

Do you 'collect' makeup or just buy what you need when you need it?
I do a bit of both, I'll only really buy foundation, concealer, powder and mascara when I need it, but with everything else the 'beauty blogger' comes out in me and I get easily tempted by new products on the shelf. There is nothing more satisfying than buying a new lipstick, just because it looks pretty, even though you may have several shades similar. I would never go out my way to buy makeup that's not me, or something I wouldn't use though, just for the sake of having a makeup collection.

How often do you wear false eyelashes?
When I'm off out in the evening, false eyelashes is a MUST! My lashes would feel naked without them. But everyday a couple of coats of mascara is usually fine for me. Having said that, I started a thing at work called False Lash Friday as it's always nice to glam yourself up a bit now and again... Any excuse!

Do you do a full face of makeup everyday?
The majority of the time I will wear a full face of makeup, even if I'm having a chill day at home. Anyone who knows me well, will know that I will never ever leave the house without makeup on. If I'm having a lazy day at home then I like to keep my makeup to a minimum, mascara is always a must though as I find its the perfect thing to brighten up my eyes.

Do you wear makeup when your home alone, or with family?
Yes all the time, even if its just a little bit, I feel much more awake and prepared for anything when I have my makeup on. However I know its good to give your skin a break now and again and lately I've gotten into the habit of taking my makeup off as soon as I get home from work, when I know I'm in for the night.

Will you leave the house without makeup?
Nope, never ever! For me wearing makeup gives me confidence and I feel ready to face the world and any situation when I'm all done up.

How many high-end products do you have? 
I have a fair few in my collection and often get my high-end products as a special treat to myself or ask for it for Birthday/Christmas. But the majority of my makeup is drugstore, I think there are so many fantastic drugstore brands out there with loads of beauty gems to be found.

Do you plan your OOTD every night or decided when you are getting dressed?
For everyday outfits I just decide on the day, the lovely British weather is way too unpredictable and I usually find if I go though all the trouble of planning an outfit the night before, then you can bet the weather will find a way to ruin things. For nights out though and important events, I'll always plan my outfits in advance and will poke my tongue out to whatever the weather brings.

How often do you change your handbag?
Not very often! When it comes down to an everyday handbag, I usually buy one that is versatile and that will pretty much go with every outfit. I'll use it to death or until I get bored of it then move onto a new handbag.

What time do you wake up and go to sleep?
On the weekday I usually wake up around 8 and will aim to be in bed for half 11 or midnight. I am a terrible sleeper though and it can take me hours to fall asleep, even when I'm exhausted. At the weekend I rarely set an alarm and when it comes to a time for getting up and sleeping, anything goes.

How often or when do you workout?
I definitely don't work out as much as I should, that's for sure! I'll go to cheerleading once a week, which is one of those BIG workouts that doesn't even feel like a workout because it's just so fun! I also try to stretch everyday to work on my flexibility ... I call it flexacising ha :) I was thinking of getting a post up all about how anyone can become more flexible if they wanted... Let me know if this is something you beauties will be interested in seeing?

Left handed or right handed?
I'm right handed!

How tall are you?
I honestly don't know to the exact measurement, but I'm pretty sure its around 5'3.

Do you speak any foreign language?
No, but I really wish that I could. I would love to speak fluent French or Spanish but I was never that good at it at school.

How many pets do you have?
I have a little Chocolate Labrador called Hugo and hes only 5 months old. Even though he lives at my mums, he is still my little baby... Love him.

How often are you on blogger?
I love blogging and if I could have three extra hours a day, just dedicated to my blog then I'd be in little bloggy heaven. Unfortunately, I feel like a right busy bee and only manage to get around three posts up a week, I wish I could post more though!

Do you read comments posted on blogs?
I always read comments on posts, and love to comment on other bloggers post. One of the best and most satisfying things about being a blogger has to be the interaction with everyone and reading a lovely comment first thing in the morning is by far the best thing to pop a spring into your step.

Do you keep a list of products to try as you see other posts?
I think every beauty blogger out there will have a long LONG list of all the beauty items that they want to get their little beauty mitts on and I am no different. I find that as soon as I've checked one thing off my tall list another two have been added. What can I say? I have beauty blogger problems!

How did you come up with your Blog name?
I really wanted to pick a name that reflected me and my personality and one which sounded inviting. During my college years (Gwad that was so long ago now) I was forever being called 'Miss Sunshine' as I love the summer and my friends said that having me around was like carrying around a little ray of sunshine (aww bless them). I also love anything that sparkles and I'm pretty sure that most people will have a smile on their faces when the sunshines or they see something that sparkles, so I put the two together and that's how my blog name came about. 

What kind of camera do you use for your photographs? 
I use a Nikon Coolpix P6000, it's my dads old camera and so far its worked fantastically for all my blogging needs, but I am saving up for something much more fancier but have no idea where to start looking! I would love your camera recommendations beauty bloggers! 

How often do you clean your house?
What has this got to do with beauty blogging? I'm guessing this question has been thrown in here to 'spice' things up a little. But for those of you wanting to know, I clean my house or room everyday. I can't stand living in a mess, an untidy room always makes me feel like I have a clouded mind!

What's your favourite colour?
My favourite colour has to be coral as it's just so pretty and is the ultimate summer colour... my favourite time of year!

Do you swear?
Very rarely do I swear, I try to act like a classy gal most of the time, but sometimes the odd word or two will slip out. If I do swear I find that I often do in a joking kind of way, when your having a laugh or giggle with someone.

What are you doing with the rest of your day?
Well its nearly 8 and I'm waiting for the Domino's man to arrive with my Hawaiian pizza with stuffed crust cheese. Yum Yum!  And then I'll probably see what rubbish is on TV or watch a film.

I hope you all had a jolly good read and I tag everyone to do this tag too. Let me know if you relate to any of my answers and if you have ago yourself, as I would love to have a read.

Lot's of Love



  1. Yeay girl, you did it. Awesome. And omg yes, taking polish of my toes...don't like that at all :P And doing my makeup feels exactly like you said: relaxing and therapeutic ;)
    xoxo, Luchessa.

  2. I'm looking forward to doing this tag! All of your answers match me! It's like were twinsies!

    xo Jessika

  3. I hope you enjoyed your pizza ;) xxx

  4. LOVED this we are SO similar haha :) totally agree with makeup being relaxing and falsies are a must for a night out :D

    India xox The Jewel Beauty Blog |Beauty,Lifestyle & Fashion!

  5. Aw its so lovely that your friends used to call you Miss Sunshine, I thought that bit was so sweet! x

  6. Totaly agree with you on the bit about taking nail polish of your toes. I hate it and also do the same lol thought I was the only one who left the polish on till it looks REALLY BAD haha xx

  7. Excellent post and I just did the tag myself. Have a visit won't you :D

  8. For me also wearing make up means more confidently walk .


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