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GHD Style Heat Protect Spray | Review

When it comes to styling your hair with heat, then a heat protect spray is always a must! However you maybe a bit like me and lacking a lot little when it comes to spraying your hair with some kind of heat defence, so your forever ending up scorching your locks. My lack of using a heat protect spray is honestly not down to lazyness but just because I've never found one that I actually like using... Up and till now that is. Recently I was kindly asked if I wanted to try out the GHD Style Heat Protect Spray and after using it religiously for the last two weeks, I'm pleased to say its made its way into my everyday hair care routine.

First of all I love the sleek, sophisticated packaging of this GHD Protect Spray and think it represents the brand and the product well. The bottle feels quite weighted which gives it an 'expensive' feel to it, while the black design with its shiny gold metallic writing and prints make this really stand out against my other beauty items. It definitely has that salon feel to it, which always makes me excited about using it in my hair. The bottle itself fits nicely into your hand and the pump where the spray dispenses is also pretty sturdy, which makes it much easier to direct the spray to each section of your hair. I have been so impressed with the design of the pump on the GHD Style Heat Protect Spray, as so often I find that you get a spray that dispenses the product in every single direction, which ends up you wasting a lot of product. But I've found that this one from GHD dispenses just the right amount of product, exactly where you have sprayed it and evenly.

As for a heat protective spray, this one from GHD works fantastically! And the smell alone is enough for me to fall in love with this product - The scent is very 'fresh' and has that salon smell to it. GHD which stands for 'Good Hair Day' have really come out with a brilliant product that works hand in hand with their famous hair straighteners and other heated appliances, so you really can have an exceptionally good hair day. In general I've never been a fan of heat protect sprays just because I find them to add too much build up in my hair, which only makes my hair feel more greasy. So I end up washing my hair even more, which only results in using more heat on my hair... So I think it defeats the object of using a heat protect spray in the first place. However, I love how the GHD Style Protect Heat Spray only leaves my hair feeling luxuriously soft, while giving my hair that 'product free' feel. The actual spray itself is very lightweight which makes it suitable for all hair types. If you have thin hair like me which is prone to getting greasy quickly, then you'll be pleased to hear that your second day hair after washing feels just as good with using this spray- And because the spray is so lightweight it makes it easy to layer with other products to achieve any desired hairstyle. I don't know about anyone else but I always get a little worried when introducing a new product to my hair care routine, just in case it effects the way I plan to style my hair (does anyone have this problem?). But I've not had any trouble with creating my chosen hairstyles with this spray - If anything it only enhances the way my hair looks and gives it that 'just out of the salon' feel. In my opinion what makes this spray extra special, is that it works just as good on dry hair as it does on damp or towel dried hair - When you spray it on to dry hair before styling you get none of that awful krispyness on your hair (I'm sure you ladies will all know what I'm talking about).

To give you an idea of how well this spray works, I've added some pictures below to show you how the spray has made a difference when styling my hair. The top pictures show my hair with the spay in before I've zapped it with the dryer. While the bottom pictures show what my hairs like after styling using my GHD's. I've used the spray twice in one styling session, once on damp hair and the second on dry hair. Hopefully you can see from the pictures that my hair is straight and smooth and you'll have to take my word for it that my locks felt ever so soft. I've also found that when you straighten your hair using the heat protect spray, your hair will stay straight for much longer. As my hair is naturally wavy, I usually find that when I straighten my hair, the next morning after a fidgety nights sleep, my hair is back to a fizzy wavy mess - But when I've used the GHD Heat Protect Spray, my hair is pretty much straight the next morning, which means I can style my hair much quicker and more importantly use less heat... So even more goodness and love for your hair. 

Overall I love this product and if your a girl who can't live without a bit of heat on your hair, then this product is a must. You can buy the GHD Style Protect Spray or any other GHD styling products directly from the GHD website linked below.

Have you tried the GHD Protect Spray yet or any other GHD hair styling products? I would love to know.

Lot's of Love

Note: The GHD Style Protect Spray does not come with the box featured in the pictures, this is my GHD straighteners box and thought it would make an appropriate background for this product. 


  1. I have this and I love it!
    The smell is just gorgeous too :)


  2. This sounds fabulous! I love your hair, looks so lush and undamaged, me and mine are in a bad way at the moment. Fab blog hun,

    jamie-lee x

  3. Wow it looks like it really does the job. x

  4. Your hair is super pretty! I love your blog! New follower here, you can check out my blog and follow back if you wish(:


  5. This sounds like an amazing product! Definitely will give it a try now that my CHI one is almost gone! Great post and I love your hair! :))



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