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MeMeMe Makeup Haul

First of all let me appologise for this picture heavy post, but when life presents you with gorgeous makeup, taking many snaps of it is a must. Trust me when I tell you I hard a hard time narrowing it down to just this few. Now before I go of tangent even before beginning this post, let me get to the point. Recently I was contacted my cosmetics brand MeMeMe asking if I would like to sample some of the popular choices in their line and having tried and loving MeMeMe cosmetics in the past it was an opportunity that I couldn't say no too. I received three gorgeous makeup products in the post and after trying and testing them all out, I can't wait to give you all the finer details of just how amazing these products are. 

Dark and Divine Mascara*

Recently I've been seeing this Dark and Divine mascara popping up in all the magazines that I read and for good reason too. This mascara from MeMeMe does an incredible job at lengthening your lashes whilst adding much needed volume too. I think its rare to find a high street mascara that can do both, but Dark and Divine definitely creates bold beautiful lashes. What I really love about this mascara is how black it is, and I know you fellow beauty lovers will know exactly what I mean when I say there is black and there is really black. Dark and Divine gives your lashes a really dark look to them which only extenuates how long and defined this mascara really makes them. As you can see from the pictures the wand for this mascara is faff free and is really quite simple. However sometimes simple works the best and this wand does a great job at brushing though each lash, separating them and coating them in mascara. The thin brush also makes applying this mascara full proof and there is no extra mess because the wand is too clumsy. I love this mascara and can't recommend it enough.

Aglaea Long Wear Satin Lip Cream - Persian Pink*

First of all let me say how beautifully packaged is this lipstick from MeMeMe? From the detailed box with an image of the Greek goddess of beauty, Aglaea printed on the front, to the Grecian prints on the sleek black casing of the lipstick; MeMeMe have really raised the bar in terms of a high street lipstick. I know packaging is not everything, but when the actual lip product is as good as its first impressions then it really does make for a fabulous lipstick. The satin cream forula of this lipstick glides onto your lips beautifully, feeling more like a luxurious lip balm than lipstick; Although this is no surprise as the lipstick has been enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E. The satin finish gives your lips a bit of added shine making them look perfect. This lipstick is a pleasure to use and for a satin finish its really durable - It also has a delicious vanilla scent to it which is another lovely touch. 

Beat The Blues Highlighter - Oyster Gold*

The Beat the Blues highlighters have to be some of MeMeMe better known products, and the shade Oyster Gold is such a pretty and gorgeous highlighter. Beat the Blues comes in a glass bottle which could easily be mistaken for a nail polish, especially as it has a brush just like one too. The brush style of application makes this liquid highlighter really easy to apply and just a few simple dots on your cheekbones is enough to give you a radiant glow. Oyster Gold is a beautiful shade that leaves a golden pearesque finish to your skin; This colour really adds light to your face and creates a lovely dewy finish to your overall makeup look. I love the way that this looks on and I've been using it non stop since receiving it; It takes seconds to apply and blend in evenly into your skin making it the perfect liquid highlighter - I love it.

I've loved trying and testing out these cosmetics from MeMeMe and I can't wait to try out some other products in their range. In the past I owned one of their box blushers and loved it! I would love to know if you've tried anything from MeMeMe and what your thoughts are on these products? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Love the mascara! Looks fab :)

  2. The mascara looks gorgeous!
    Looks like a dupe for Benefit's SunBeam

    nailsandteapots xx

  3. The Mascara looks great! Haven't heard anything about this label before! xx


  4. I love MeMeMe makeup, their products are all so lovely. You must try their Dew Pots next, they're gorgeous xxx

    Gemma //


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