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Scramble Those Easter Egg Calories

Let me start by introducing myself …... I'm Chris Wright an aspiring fitness model and have spent the last few years dedicating myself to getting in the best shape possible. In order to do this I've spent long hours studying both diet and training techniques in order to achieve my best; This has allowed me to use various techniques I have learned, tried and tested with great results across the board not just on my self but other as well.

Enough about me lets cut to the chase and focus on a few easy, yet effective techniques that will assist you in shaking off those calories that we maybe shouldn't have eaten over the epic Easter bank holiday. In this post I will provide you with 3 diet tips and 3 exercise tips that even with a busy and hectic lifestyle you should be able to in-cooperate some of them. 

Remember something is better than nothing so even if you can only do one of them its a start and it WILL help I promise. The first tip I am going to give you before we even start is go to you cupboard or sideboard now and throw away that egg or chocolate bar you have been saving, it will just make things difficult! You must draw a line under the weekend and start fresh ... unless of course you are very disciplined and know you would touch it... Lets be honest you don't really want to waste it...

Diet tips
Hydration ...

In the few weeks following the Easter break try and increase you water intake, I would aim for 4L on top of your normal intake.Have a glass of water first thing in the morning; The reason for this is going to sound mad, but after a period of overeating or eating the wrong foods the body will retain excess water which makes you feel bloated and appear bigger than your are. Believe it or not the way to shift this is to drink more water as this causes the body to begin a flushing cycle, washing out retained water and the toxins that are attached to it ... Just make sure a loo is in running distance.

Breakfast is a must ...

Start the day with a hearty breakfast, not only does this kicks start the metabolism, but causes the body to start burning calories - it is also great for alertness and productivity. You will find you will get more done in a short space of time and therefore less stress which all aids to weight loss. Breakfast also ensures that hunger is satisfied until lunch and stops that temptation to snack on that last bit of egg you have. My personal favourite is oats and almond milk and a tea spoon of almond butter (stevia sweetener to taste) in the morning but omelettes are great too!

Little and often ...
Eat small portions of protein, carbohydrate and healthy fats every 3-4 hours. Try and work on the basis that a portion is about your 2 hands full of food but no more. Eat until you are satisfied not full! The reason for these small and regular meals is to keep the metabolism high and your hormones balanced. Keep the carbs low GI e.g. sweet potato, oats, multi grain bread or green vegetables. Fats can be from Oily fish, nuts or whole eggs and try and stick to lean meats chicken, turkey and fish with protein.

Exercise TipsFasted cardio ...
When you wake up in the morning after a long sleep or period of not eating the body has low blood sugar levels. This means if we do exercise now we will burn our fat stores rather than the sugars floating around our body. Try to do much as much as possible, like 45 mins running. Like I said earlier something is better than nothing so have a coffee, stick on your trainers and headphones and walk, jog or dance those calories off. The coffee before is very important helps break down the fat tissue and also makes you much more focused! You will also feel great for the day.

Leave the car at home ...
If you have to be somewhere, plan to walk or jog make sure you have plenty of time so your not stressing. This is a great way of burning calories and also achieving something at the same time. Just raising the heart rate slightly increase calorie burning and has positive results on fat loss, which means burning off those chocolate eggs!

Activities days ...
If the thought of going to the gym or running makes you shudder. Try organising days out that involve activities. Meeting a friend to catch up for a walk along the river or park, take the dogs for a walk. Go for a bike ride with a picnic (make sure food is healthy) or go to a class together. There are classes for everyone nowadays, take a look at your local leisure centre or gym, I bet you will have a blast! I know you ladies love to shop so even plan a shopping trip, just being on your feet all day will again burn calories.

try and take at least one of these simple tips into you lifestyle, I promise they will all make a difference and before you know it you will be on the road to a better body and feeling on top of the world.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, you are more than welcome to message me on my fitness page on Facebook – If you could also like the page and share among your friends, I am always putting tips and hints on there too. 

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  1. These are really good ideas :) I'm trying to tone up now after pigging out over Easter ready for my summer holiday, so will definitely use these diet tips :) xx



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