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Faith In Nature Grapefruit & Orange Shampoo and Conditioner || Review

Faith In Nature Grapefruit & Orange Shampoo and Conditioner* £5.50 (each

One of the exciting things about being a blogger is getting the chance to try and test out new and different products. One of my favourite beauty items to try out has to be shampoos and conditioners; I don’t know why but I just like seeing the results of what using a different shampoo and conditioner can make. I think you can tell instantly if you’re going to like a new duo for your locks instantly and then seeing if it has works wonders on your hair is always satisfying (that’s if all’s gone well at the washing stage).

Recently I've gotten my beauty mitts on a shampoo and conditioner from Faith In Nature, a brand that has created its products with natural ingredients which helps care for your hair and of course the environment. I have to say I was pretty excited to try out this duo just because I've never used any natural products to wash my hair with before and I was pretty interested to see if it had made any difference. I've been washing my locks with the Faith In Nature Shampoo and Conditioner in the Grapefruit and Orange scent for the past two weeks and I’m pleased to report back that my hair and I have fallen a little bit in love with these products.

Firstly the scent is absolutely amazing and I've never smelt a shampoo or conditioner that has smelled to zesty. This duo has the most gorgeous and uplifting citrus scent, and both grapefruit and orange smells really come though. What I love most about the scent is that it’s not too overpowering, yet it really does transfer onto your hair and every time your hair has a big swish throughout the day you get a whiff of grapefruit and orange, it’s so lovely.

I've noticed that my hair seams a loft smoother and softer after washing it too. I have thin hair which means I get those awful frizzy flyaways, but these products really seem to keep most of those loose stands under some control which is fantastic. My hair also feels really clean once I've used these products and although it’s not a clarifying product, I do feel as though it washes out some product build up in my hair just because my hair is so soft once I've finished using it.

For me the only downside to this shampoo and conditioner has to be its lack of frothy soapy suds when I’m actually washing my hair and I can only put this down to it being made from natural ingredients. Because I have long hair, I like there to be a lot of lather up when I wash my hair and I feel as though I have to use quite a bit of product to make it feel as though I've got enough product in my hair in order for it to be clean. However my hair always looks clean and smells fantastic once I’m out the shower and I can only put this down to me not being used to this kind of shampoo and conditioner. Other than that I can’t fault it.

Faith In Nature have so many different shampoos and conditioners with different scents and for different hair types, if they all smell and work as good as the ‘grapefruit and orange’ range then I can definitely see myself trying out some more once I've used these two up, they even have a chocolate scented range – How amazing does that sound? If you would like to take a look at the range you can take a look at their website using the link here.

I would love to know if you've tried any products from Faith In Nature or if you've tried any hair products which are more on the natural side, have you noticed any difference? Let me know in the comments below

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  1. Ooooh I bet these smell really lovely! xx

    Gemma | missmakeupmagpie.com

  2. Nice to see you using some natural products! Natural shampoos naturally don't foam up as much as mainstream ones because they don't use SLS (a foaming agent which is also in floor cleaner, hand washes...and is an irritant) however foam doesn't mean clean...so your hair will still be clean even though there aren't as many bubbles :) I bet it is difficult for you with such long hair though to get the product through haha! Great review :) xx

  3. Ooh these look great! and just what I'm looking for, good review :-)
    Life inside the Locket

  4. Recently I had the chance to try these out too and picked the same ones as you. They're so nice! :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  5. The chocolate ones have been amazing on my brunette hair & really give me clean, defined non-frizzy curls without having to do anything execpt let it air dry & scrunch it a bit. I did find I was getting a little scalp build up though, but once I used the rosemary shampoo with the chocolate conditioner I've not had that problem. The rosemary one smells very strongly of rosemary. The chocolate ones smell like the hot chocolate you get from a vending machine. I tried the cranberry & raspberry once and it smelt like sick, so I never used it again. The trick with natural shampoos is to put a tiny bit on your scalp first, then get a larger dollop & rub that in after, you'll find it foams alot better. I brush my waist length hair into a parting before I get in the shower and try to leave it in place as I wash it, then just loop the part that hangs down, up onto my head when Im ready for the towel instead of flipping it upside down. Then whilst it is damp I let it air dry & it impossible to brush or even rearrange at that point, but once it's dry, it's so soft and managable. For reference I use a box of Naturtint 4N to dye my hair once a month, and use the faith in nature hemp & green tea soap to wash (smells like twinings lemon green tea) & Riddles Creek chemical free toothpaste, & Cottons ladies monthly products. In case anyone is on a chemical free hunt. Im looking forward to trying these grapefruit & orange ones next 😄


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