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I&K Dip Dye Hair Extensions From Hairtrade || Review

I&K Dip Dye Hair Extensions From Hairtrade* £69.99

I often get asked a lot why I always turn to hair extensions and why I bother to pop them in every now again when I already have long hair. Well the answer is obvious... I love having lushious long locks AND although pictures may fool you all, I actually have pretty thin hair and I love the way that hair extensions do a fab job at making my locks look thick, full of volume, movement and body. So already being a fan of hair extensions you can just imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity to try these gorgeous dip dyed pieces by I&K from Hairtrade.

I've had dark hair for a good few years now and I think every girl gets to that point where they get a little fed up of their hair colour... well I've reached that point a few times but always feared change and never wanted to fully commit to working a hair different hair colour. I've always liked the idea of Ombre hair, whenever I see it on other girls I always I always get major hair envy, but I've always been a little afraid to do this on my own hair. I think it's this reason alone that made me so excited to try these golden blonde tipped extensions as I was able to try out ombre hair without having the commitment, fuss or worry that something might go terribly wrong.

First of all the actual hair extensions are lovely and are ever so soft; the hair is really thick, even towards the ends of the extensions which is perfect as this is where your own hair will naturally thin - It just means you have extra long gorgeous thick hair when you wear the extensions. These ones from I&K have been made from 100% human hair which means that you can treat them pretty much just like your own hair - Styling, washing, cutting, dying, with these you can do it all. 

The Dip Dye set that I'm wearing is 18 inches long, which is just perfect for my hair length. With the set you get two large clip in pieces, two medium clip in pieces and six small clip in pieces which is plenty of hair to enhance your own hair and make it look gorgeous. One thing that really impressed me about the I&K extensions is that the actual clips feel so sturdy and comfortable once placed in my hair. Sometimes I've found on other hair extensions that the clips can dig into my scalp a little bit making the extensions a uncomfortable to wear, but I've had no bother with these ones from I&K and I'm even more impressed that they stay put once clipped in too, even on thin hair.

I absolutely love the look and the effect that these dip dye hair extensions give and I can't wait to curl these as I think they will look amazing. It's great being able to change my hair style completely without having to go to the hair dressers or picking up a box of hair dye and hoping for the best (we've all been there I'm sure). If you would like to get dip dyed hair without the fuss then be sure to head over to the Hairtrade website here, where they have all kinds of dip dye hair extensions. Even if your not looking for ombre hair, I&K offer regular extensions with shades to suit everyone and the quality of these extensions are lovely, I would recommend them.

I would love to know what your thoughts are on my dip dyed hair and if ombre hair extensions are something you would try, let me know in the comments below.

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