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Love Me Beauty Box || September

Love Me Beauty Box* £10.00 (Plus P&P)

I've been the biggest fan of the Love Me Beauty Box for some time now and in my opinion it's been one of the best beauty boxes that you could get your little beauty mitts on - So you can only imagine my excitement when I found out that Love Me Beauty where having a complete makeover and changing the entire way we now order our beauty box. You may remember Love Me Beauty used to have a unique boutique that gave us three different menus to choose from each month; These have been scrapped and you can now choose exactly what products you want to receive each month... How amazing is that?

Now when logging onto the Love Me Beauty site, members are now asked to complete a quick beauty quiz so that Love Me Beauty can try and tailor the right beauty products for you, but you are able to browse the extensive beauty list that contain all the products on offer. What's so fantastic is that the box is the same price costing £10.00 plus p&p. Once your subscription has been activated you are given six credits from Love Me Beauty and these credits are then exchanged for beauty products - Products cost two or one credit depending on what they are. The great thing is that you can always purchase extra credits which means you can add more products to your box.

Along side the new Love Me Beauty concept comes a brand new box with sleek and gorgeous packaging. I was so excited when my personalised beauty box arrived though the door last week and being the sucker for packaging that I am, I was pretty blown away with the new design. The recyclable box that contained coloured shredded paper has now gone and has been replaced with a metallic silver box that can be reused as storage (I'm thinking makeup). All your beauty products have been placed in a draw string bag which is also a really nice added touch.

I had so much fun picking each item for my box, and even though I knew what I was getting it was exciting to take each item out of the bag and of course trying some products that I would have never heard of or tried if it hadn't been for Love Me Beauty.

The first item that I picked for my box was this Percy & Reed Dry Conditioner (150 ml). I've had the pleasure of trying a few Percy & Reed products in the past and have loved them so I was excited to try out this conditioner. This conditioner is said to reduce the damage done to your hair caused by brushing and will make your locks feel super soft on those non washing hair days which is perfect for my long hair.  I am so impressed that this is a full sized product and its a great item to have in the box.

Sticking with hair products, next up I chose this travel sized peppermint shampoo from Malin + Gotez. This is a brand that I had never heard of before, but being a lover of hair products I love trying out new things for my locks. I have never tried a peppermint shampoo before, so I can't wait to give this one ago and see what it does to my hair. This shampoo is said really hydrate your hair and make it feel ever so soft, so it sounds as though my hair is in for a treat.

The next item that caught my eye was this 5 in 1 wonder lash mascara from Oriflame. I have never heard of this brand, but seeing as I'm still on that mission to find the perfect mascara, I thought that this one sounded pretty good so added it to my box. I love the purple and gold packaging of this mascara, the only thing that disappointed me was the thin plastic brush as I usually like quite a bristly brush with my mascaras. However I have used it a few times and after a few clumsy attempts with the brush I have to say that this did a great job at lengthening my lashes and giving them a little lift, so I know I'll get my use out of this product.

Last in my box was a sample size of the Murad Absolute Bronzing Boost, this is a product that have been wanting to try for quite a while, so it's great being able to try out this little sample bottle. I love adding a bit of a golden glow wherever I can especially when it's colder as it can leave my skin looking a little dull. I've only swatched this on the back of my hand so far, but it looks gorgeous and really left my skin glowing so I can't wait to try this out.

So that's everything in my personalised Love Me Beauty Box, I love everything inside and picking all of my products had to be the best thing overall this month, it really does make Love Me Beauty all that more special and I think this new type of box is going to be a huge hit among us beauty lovers. If you would like to pick and choose your own Love Me Beauty box then be sure to take a look at their website here.

I would love to know what products you picked, let me know in the comments below what worked it's way into your box. 

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  1. I'm afraid to say I wasn't in love with Love Me Beauty's relaunch - an inaccessible website, missing packaging, and items being reduced after people have picked their box doesn't fill me with confidence. I've cancelled my subscription for now and just hope they can win me over next month with their products.


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