Friday, 19 December 2014

Birthday Haul

Hi guys, I hope your all well and excited now that the countdown to Christmas is well underway. I can't believe there is less than a week to go, that's just crazy. Firstly I just want to apologise for what seams like a disappearing act, as some of you may have noticed I've not blogged in well over two weeks, which is very unlike me - Life has just been so busy, and anyone who else works in retail knows how busy this time of year is, the shops literally go crazy. Not only has work been busy, but I've been working six days a week which has left no time to take blog pictures.Also life been a little hectic to say the least, I celebrated my birthday last week and I'd just like to point out that it takes more than one day now to fully recover from a hangover, oh the joys of getting older.

With that all being said, I'm back and finally have a bit of time to sit down at my Mac and type up a few posts, so I'm officially back. I thought it would be great to post a little Birthday haul. It was honestly one of the best birthdays I've had and I feel like I got totally utterly spoilt, so to say a little thank you to all those who made my birthday special, I thought I'd collect everything in one post for you all. Also if your like me, I'm sure you'll love having a little nosey too.

Tom Ford Black Orchid 

For the longest time this Tom Ford perfume in Black Orchid has been on my wish list. A few months back I smelt it whilst on a shopping trip with James and he must have liked it too and took note as he bought me it as a special birthday treat. I'm pretty rubbish at describing scents and Black Orchid is pretty complex, but it's definitely one of those perfumes that I'll reach for special occasions - It's what I would call a bit of a luxury perfume. I plan on dedicating a blog post to this latest edition to my perfume collection, so if your wanting to know more about it's scent then be sure to keep checking back for that.


Pandora Charms

My Birthday is the one time of year where the charms on my Pandora bracelet increase, and this year I had four new charms to pop onto my bracelet. My favourite has to be the sparkly butterfly, it's just so cute and pretty. I don't know why but there is something so satisfying about adding a new charm to your bracelet! 

Olivia & Joy Purse 

Right now I am loving the shade green, so I was delighted to receive this lovely green Olivia & Joy purse/clutch from my mum. This is honestly one of the nicest purses that I have owned, silly me didn't think to photograph inside, but it has so many sections which are perfect for everyday - My favourite has to be the slot in which my iPhone fits into perfectly. I also love the chain on the side of this purse because it means I could use it as a little clutch in the evening if I wanted too. It's all about the details with this purse, and it has loads.

Black & Gold Clutch

One good thing about having a birthday in December is that it's officially party season, so usually my birthday gifts tie in with that theme. My sister treated me to this gorgeous black and gold clutch bag which is sure to go with every outfit over the festive season. I absolutely adore it.

Penguin Bits and Bobs

If you've followed my blog for some time you will know that one of my favourite animals are  penguins. It's fair to say I'm a little obsessed and have been for some time (way before Monty came on the scene). Last year one of my best friends adopted me a pet penguin called Ricky and this year one of my other best friends has showered me a box filled with penguin bits. Above are just a few of the penguin madness that was in my little chick box, including a sparkly penguin keyring, penguin socks, and some penguin hand warmers - She definitely knows that penguins are the way to my heart.

Penguin Christmas Jumper 

Sticking with the penguin theme, I also received the cutest penguin Christmas jumper - How adorable is this? I have been wearing this to death since my birthday, its just so cosy and cute and I love the little pom poms which make this jumper all that more Christmasy.

Motel Rocks - Gabby Dress

And lastly was a little Birthday treat to me from me! Being a December baby means I definitely have best pick of of dresses to choose from because everything is just so sparkly and over the top for Christmas. I'm sure most of you will have seen the Gabby Dress posted around the bloggosphere as its quite a hit amongst us bloggers, I for one had been eyeing it up for some time. I decided to treat myself and I have been obsessed with this gorgeous sequined dress ever since it arrived in the post. I wore this at the weekend for my Birthday and I felt like the queen of sparkle, its such  beaut! I plan on featuring this in an OOTD post soon, but if your wanting to see what it looks like on head over to my Instagram @sunshinesprkle for a closer look.

So like I said I feel that I have been totally spoilt this birthday and I can't thank everyone enough for making it so special. I'm also so pleased and happy to be blogging again, again I really am sorry for being a bit missing in action, but expect to see a lot more posts from me over the next few weeks.

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday.

Lots of Love



  1. Sounds like you had an amazing birthday! I love the sparkly green dress and omg those Pandora charms are just the cutest! X x

  2. Oh wow you got some amazing presents babe! I'm so jealous of the Tom Ford perfume - wow James did good xxxx

  3. Oh Tom Ford is such a gorgeous, gorgeous scent! I hope you had a wonderful birthday :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  4. I am seriously in love with that perfume but I can unfortunatelly find it anywhere to buy :((( It smells like magic! I would like your review, is it long lasting?


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