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Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream & 123 CC Perfect Eye Cream

When it comes to BB and CC creams I've always been one of these girls that have never understood the hype or buzz surrounding them. I thought I would jump on the BB cream bandwagon at the time everyone was going crazy for them and I just found that for me they were a complete waste of my money - I never noticed or saw any benefits of using them and I was left out of pocket and disappointed. So when the CC cream came on the scene I decided to avoid it at all costs. However time and time again I kept seeing some amazing reviews of the Bourjous 123 Perfect CC Cream and Eye Cream and my curiosity definitely got the better of me, because a few swatches later at Boots I had popped one of each in my basket and brought them home with me. Before I start this review, I would just like to say Bourjous have converted me to the CC cream way of life, I just love these two products! So if you would like to see why these two products changed my mind, be sure to keep reading.

The 123 Perfect CC Cream (CC meaning colour correcting) contains three different pigments which are there to help cancel out any pigments in your skin. There is Apricot, which helps with anti-fatigue; Green which will help cancel out any redness in your skin and White, which helps with any darker pigmentation. Not only does this cream help you on hiding any imperfections in your skin, it also claims to add a 'luminous completion and smooth skin' which all in all sounds like a pretty incredible product. And I can promise you it is....

Like I mentioned I really wasn't expecting this cream to do much, when it comes to foundation I'm a full coverage heavy duty kind of girl. I love the idea of using light dewy foundations, but having oily/combination skin means I have to be careful because these kind of products cause my makeup to slip and slide. However as this CC cream is oil free I found it worked with my skin rather than against it, I was so impressed that it lasted so well on my skin with only a few touch ups needed during the day.

As for the way it made my skin looked, again I was so impressed. This CC cream is by no means full coverage, but because of all the colour correcting pigments I find that my skin looks so even, smooth and natural when I use this and dare I say pretty perfect. The 123 Perfect CC Cream gives you that your skin but better look. The actual cream has a lovely satin feel to it, and it feels more like a foundation than using a tinted moisturiser which I prefer. Whilst I love that fresh faced dewy look, I find that using a little bit of powder to set it, just creates a lovely natural looking finish.

Left - CC Cream 33 Rose Beige || Right - CC Eye Cream 22 Light Beige 

Whilst I think the CC Cream is amazing, it's the 123 Perfect Eye Cream that is the winner for me. When it comes to concealer for under the eye area, I don't like anything too heavy duty and much prefer to use something illuminating than full coverage. I absolutely love the way that this eye cream instantly brightens up my eye area. The cream is so light and blends beautifully which is something you need for such a delicate area. Not only does this eye cream brighten up those nasty dark circles but the silicone nib used for application is perfect for your eye area. It's so easy to pump out the concealer with the twist tube which makes its application clean and fuss free.

I just love these two products and I've been reaching for them every day since I purchased them, they have definitely become staples in my makeup bag. I'm so pleased that I took a bit of a gamble and picked these two products up. I would love to know what your thoughts are on CC creams are and if you've tried any that are just as good as these ones from Bourjous, let me know in the comments below.

Lots of Love


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  1. Ah, I'm more than obsessed with the CC cream and I also quite like the CC eye cream although it hasn't good enough coverage for me, but it's nice for those no-makeup makeup days :)


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