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2014 Favourites || Makeup

January maybe the month of the blues, but one thing that I always look forward too is rounding up all the makeup and beauty bits that I've been loving over the last twelve months and putting it all together for a yearly favourites post. I think over the last twelve months my makeup collection has probably doubled in size and upon reflecting I think it 2014 was definitely a year where I branched out and decided to try and test out more brands and try different types of makeup. I have to say I found it extremely difficult to narrow my yearly favourites down because I as I was looking though my collection there were so many beauty bits that I love; So the ones that have made it on to this post are the true treasures in my collection and the makeup items that I don't think I could have lived without last year. 

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer 

Out of all the products that made it's way into my everyday makeup routine pretty much for the entire year has to be the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I am so WOWed by this product and it for me it definitely reaches that holy gail status. The first time I applied this primer I noticed how much easier applying my foundation was and this primer continued to amaze me day after day - Whenever I use this my makeup stays put and last for hours - No touch ups needed. If there was one makeup product that would be at the top of my list to try this year, the Smashbox primer would be at the very it.

Benefit Brow Zings 

Not a day passed in 2014 where I didn't reach for my Benefit Brow Zings, this dream eyeshadow kit made its way into my last yearly favourites and you know its real love when you've been loving it even more for a second year running. As you can see from the pictures my kit is more than well loved and its about time I bought myself a new one. I find that the gel works perfectly at shaping and defining my brows, whilst the powder is the perfect shade for me and makes filling in my eyebrows so easy and fuss free. It's so beautifully compact that its perfect for popping in your makeup bag and for any touch ups on the go. I've tried and tested the HD palette but prefer the results of this one by miles. 

Revlon Colorstay Foundation & Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream 

For the best part of the year I would say I prefer a foundation thats a little more heavy duty, one that provides full coverage and works perfectly with my skin type. Not only that I want one to make my skin look pretty flawless too. I tried quite a few foundations during the last twelve months and the one that really stood out to me and got me making a few repurchaches is the Revlon Colour Stay Foundation for oily skin. I love that this is a high street foundation, so its super affordable and does the job brilliantly, I cannot fault it. My skin always looks even and pretty perfect whenever I use this and rarely do I need to touch it up though out the day, even on those hot sticky days during the height of summer.

One foundation that really took me by surprise this year and one that I bought based on recommendations and was some what a bit of a whim purchase for me is the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream. Even though this is labelled a CC cream, its medium like coverage for me makes it more of a foundation and I'm quite happy just to wear this on my skin on its own. I love how radiant this makes my skin look and it always gives it a lovely dewy glow. I also love how the colour correcting side of this foundation cancels out any redness on my skin which makes it look perfect.

Bourjois Poudre Bronze Bronzing Powder 

Another beauty favourite of mine, which has been an all time staple in my makeup bag is the Bourjois chocolate bronzer. I've been using this for years and I've found no other bronzer compares to it. If you've been reading my blog for sometime you will know that I always rave about this product and I just cannot fault it. It works perfectly for contouring or for an all over sun kissed bronzed look. It's not too shimmery and for me is the perfect bronzer, I love it.

Bourjois One Seconde Ultra Black Mascara* 

I would have to say that mascara is the one beauty product that I'm never really loyal too and I think that is the same for the majority of us. There are just far too many out there and its the one beauty product that you can't really swatch or get a feel for whilst your out shopping. Whilst I'm always picking up new mascaras to try, there has been one in particular that has really stood out to me this year, which is the Bourjois One Seconde Ultra Black Mascara. I love it when a mascara gives my lashes plenty of volume, and this one does it beautifully. There are no need for falsies when you use this, and the ultra black formula really makes your lashes super black, which I find creates that illusion that they are longer.

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner 

In 2013 I was more of a gel liner kinda girls, but in 2014 I don't think I picked up my gel liner at all - It was liquid liner all the way. I don't know what brought on this change, but I just find that liquid liners last a lot longer and they look more 'black' when applying and don't seam to fade as much. One liquid liner that really stood out to me is the Revlon Colour Stay liner. This is the liner that just keeps on giving - I've been using it pretty much everyday since August and it doesn't seem any closer to running out. Once this liner is on it does't budge and throughout the day it still continues to look jet black - Theres nothing worse than liner fading as the day goes on. The fine nib of this liner also makes it really precise when doing your liner which is just what you need for those tricky cat flicks. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette 

I've had the original Urban Decay Naked Palette for around two years now and I don't think I'll ever get bored of it. As you can see form the picture my palette is looking a little worse for wear but I would prefer to call it well loved. I just adore so many of the warm toned shades in this palette, they work so well for everyday use,  are highly pigmented and long lasting. It's more of the lighter shades that I reach for, for an everyday makeup look - Sin, Sidecar, Buck and Half Baked are my most reached for shades. I think every beauty lover needs this palette in their collection, I can't recommend it enough, its perfect. 

Mac Chatterbox || Makeup Revolution Lip Geek* 'Ken Will Want Me'

If you know me well, you know I love lipstick, especially pink lipsticks they are my weakness. I'm always drawn to these barbie pink shades in particular, I find them really wearable and they seam to suit my skin tone well and most makeup looks. Mac Chatterbox is another one of those all-time favourites of mine, the one in the pictures looks pretty new, but its about my third one. Its one of Mac's amplified formulas so its really long lasting and super pigmented, I pretty much wear this everyday in summer. A new favourite that I found last year is such a beauty of a lipstick, and I equally love it as much as 'Chatterbox'. The beautiful lipstick that comes in this bright metallic pink and purple casing is the Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Lipgeek Lipstick in the shade 'Ken Will Want Me'. I was won over with the name of this lipstick before even trying it, and once on it looks stunning. Its this beautiful barbie pink toned lipstick that has a subtle blue undertone to it, its seriously gorgeous, I just can't fault it.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick* - Happy Nude Year

When Bourjois released the Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks last year I was one of those bloggers who instantly fell in love with its unique formula. I have seriously been obsessed with these lipsticks from the word go and have built up quite the collection since they're release date. I just love its velvet cream like formula that is in no way drying; Combined with the longevity of these lipsticks just makes them incredible. My favourite shade has to be one of Bourjois most recent releases which is 'Happy Nude Year' - This pink toned nude is the perfect everyday lipstick colour and matches every makeup look and every outfit, I love it.

So there we have it, my yearly round up of all the makeup bits I've been loving over the last twelve months. I love reading these posts, I don't know about anyone else but its a good excuse to start topping up my wish list again and I just love to know what everyone has been loving. If you've done a yearly favourites post please leave your link in the comments below - And of course let me know what you've been loving.

Lots of Love 



  1. Such lovely products! I really want to get the first Naked palette :)

    Beauty Inside Art

    1. It's one of my must have beauty items, couldn't like without it x

  2. Wow your naked palette looks very well loved haha! I love the colour buck! I've always wanted to try the chocolate bronzer too but i'm scared it would make me look orange! great post & lovely pictures :)

    upsdownsandsparkles.blogspot.com xx

    1. haha I know, I use it all the time I love it. Thank you xx

  3. I loved so many products over 2014, probably too many to count!! I have finished Brow Zings which I loved, and I also adore the velvet lips which are amazing.
    x x | daisydaisyxxo

    1. I love brow zings, I really need to get a new one as its the gel bit that really makes shaping my brows so easy. xx

  4. The Naked Palette was a discovery for me this year and I absolutely loved it! I can see what it is such a favourite amongst so many people.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    1. I think its just so easy for everyday use and more, and you just can't go wrong with those warm toned neutral shades xx

  5. Ahh I love my Naked palette too! It's definitely one of the most versatile palettes out there and it's quality can't be beaten! I've been wanting to try Happy Nude Year for ages but it's always sold out at my local Superdrug and Boots! Great post!


    1. aww no that's rubbish, I had no idea it was that popular, its such a pretty pink toned nude. I hope they restock it soon for you x

  6. Love your faves and I want to try so many of what you mentioned especially all the lip products.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  7. Lovely favourites :) Your Naked 1 palette looks as loved as mine, I could never be without it now!


  8. Beautiful
    i'm following you,kindly follow back

  9. Fun! This was the year I finally realized how amazing that Revlon foundation is. It's crazy how long it lasts and how flawless it can look for so much cheaper than high end foundations. Perfect!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail


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