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Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Lip Lava || Review & Swatches

Last week you may have seen a post dedicated to some of my favourite released Makeup Revolution Lipsticks to date -  The Ultra Velour Lip Creams. Well today I'm back with another new release from the brand and one word comes to mind WOW! Makeup Revolution have done it again and have released some of most gorgeous lipsticks I've ever tried - Say hello to the Lip Lava's!

There are five shades in the Lip Lava collection, each one comes in a plastic squeezey tube and has an angled sponge applicator that releases the product once you've squeezed the tube. The first thing that really blew me away with these lipsticks has to be the pigmentation, I've honestly not seen anything like it in a lipstick for a long time; The Lip Lava is ultra glossy and leaves the most gorgeous high shine on your lips - If these wren't so pigmented you'd think they were a lipgloss, but with just one application your left with pretty much the exact colour that you see on the packaging. What I really love about these unique lipsticks is although they are mega glossy, they are not overly sticky and feel more like a lipstick on your lips rather than a gloss. 

I would say they're somewhat in-between a gloss and a lipstick - You really are getting the best of both here. When it comes to lipstick I must admit I usually opt for a matte finish just because staying power is always that extra bit longer and I always find gloss disappears too quickly. However I've found when wearing the Lip Lava's your lips stay glossy for a good few hours and even when the gloss has faded your lips are heavily stained and still look gorgeous - Which is perfect, especially if you don't have time for top ups.

Firestorm is one of the most gorgeous blue toned reds that I've set my eyes on, this shade is seriously gorgeous and I would describe as a 'vampire' red. It's such a beautiful colour and would look great for evenings, going out and parties. 

Forgiven is the nude in the Lip Lava collection - This shade is really light and is what I would call a brown nude, it's easy to wear and is perfect for everyday. Whilst I love this shade it is a little too light for me, but paired with a slightly blush nude lip liner, I find that this shade works a treat. 

Shockwave is such a bold, bright and daring purple and really does look amazing on but is not for the faint hearted. If you love making a statement with your lipstick and are looking to brighten up your look this spring, this is the perfect lipstick for you.

Tremor is probably my favourite shade in the collection, it's such a pretty girly pink thats just perfect - It's not too bright and not too pale, if you love your girly girl pinks this is the shade for you. I love how wearable this shade is for everyday wear, I think even paired with a dramatic smokey eye, this shade will look stunning.

Unleash is a bright neon coral shade that has lovely orange/red tones to it - It's the kind of shade that makes me wish it was summer already. This shade paired with a lovely golden tan is going to look gorgeous and I know I'm going to be reaching for this loads when the weather gets a little brighter.

So there we have it, five gorgeous shades from the Lip Lava collection, like I said I am so impressed with these melted lipsticks, not only are they gorgeous on, but they have incredible staying power and are a great addition to any lipstick collection. I would love to know your thoughts on the Lip Lava's and what shades your planning on picking up.

Lots of Love



  1. wow, these are really pigmented and I am suprised too by the price of these.
    They seem to be amazing and worth the money although a couple of the colours I would not personally wear. However, unleash is my favourite colour here and I'm sure it will look very pretty during the upcoming spring time~

    Thank you for reviewing, I hope you have a lovely day ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

  2. Oh wow these look gorgeous! I'm so impressed with how vibrant they are. Will defos have to get my hands on these. Your photography is gorg too! Hope you're well hun xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. These look absolutely stunning! The pigmentation looks incredible and the texture sounds lovely xx

  4. They're definitely Makeup Revolution's best lip product yet aren't they?! They are amazing! xxx

  5. These are such pretty colours! they look amazing xx

  6. These look amazing and really pigmented! xo

    Jenny | That Northern Gal


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