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My Baby Is Now A Toddler! | Archie's 19 Month Update

As soon as I typed the title of this post, a little wave of sadness washed over me because I can't believe how quickly Archie is growing up. It only feels like yesterday that he was a little tiny baby and I can't believe where the time has gone. I know Archie has been a little teeny tot since he turned one, but in my mind he was still a little baby - But now he's reached 19 months I don't really feel like I can get away with calling him my baby anymore, although in my mind he will always be. It's been a good few months since I last done an Archie update post, the last one was when he reached 15 months, which you can find here. So much has changed in four months and I've seen been so much  progression in his development, I thought it was about time I share with you all how he's getting on.

All the Cuteness! 

One of the biggest changes that I've seen in Archie is his personality shining though, he's really coming into his own right now and it's so lovely to see. I love how cheeky he is at such an early age and he's perfected a cute little grin when he knows he's doing something he shouldn't. Since he started walking five months ago, he's non stop and I spend most of my days chasing him around the house, which he finds hilarious; Our favourite game to play is chase and it never fails to make us both laugh. Whenever we play games like this, I love seeing his little toddler run, it's the cutest because his head, arms and legs are bobbing around everywhere - He's also so heavy footed, we must drive our neighbours mad with all the noise, but we've never had any complaints lol. 

A few months ago, I'd say it was a case of me giving all my love and attention to Archie, I still do! But the difference now is that he gives me so much more back and it makes the days easier and a lot more enjoyable. He loves climbing up on the sofa or anywhere that I'm sitting and just climbing on me, playing pulling my hair, giving me cuddles whilst making 'awww' sounds and he loves babbling away to me and I love it. Archie really loves a good cuddle and most of the time he's quite affectionate, he's started giving us kisses and making 'mwah' sounds as he does it which just makes my heart melt. He also loves waving and blowing kisses to anyone and everyone. 

Temper Tantrums 

One of Archie's  favourite things to do right now is put his wellies on first thing in the morning, he's obsessed with them. He will have his morning milk and nappy change then run straight to the door, grab his wellies, prop himself on the sofa so I can put them on. He also loves going outside, at such a young age, I can already tell that he has a love for the outdoors. I try and take him down to the park a couple of times a week and it's all fun and games until we have to leave. Archie is so strong minded and when he doesn't get his own way, I have a major temper tantrum on my hands. Not knowing much about babies and toddlers before I had Archie, I was always under the impression that the temper tantrums started at two years, but Archie has started early which can make my life a little difficult. Whenever we are out and he doesn't want to leave, or wants to walk or run off in the right direction, we have a full on public display of tears and screaming. To be honest, I'm not really fussed about what people are thinking of me or if the judge me on how I handle my tempered tot, but it can be so frustrating trying to get him to do what I want. Sometimes I have to stop myself from laughing and keep my best 'I'm being serious' face on, because the way he sometimes acts up is so funny to watch. A little while ago I took Archie to Toys 'Rus and he found himself in the section where all the outdoor garden houses are - He was having so much fun, until I tried to pull him away and we had the biggest melt down ever; Archie decided to lay down right in the middle on of shop floor, whilst the store was super busy and screamed and cried, I couldn't help but laugh.

Copy Cat 

Over the last couple of months Archie has found new interests, my makeup being the main one. Every morning when I get my makeup out, he stops whatever he is doing and will happily play with all my brushes, whist I put on my face. He desperately wants to play with the makeup, I accidentally let him get hold of one of my highlighting palettes once and I have white bed sheets - Need I say anymore! He can be really cute with it though, whenever I'm applying my powdered products, he gets whatever brush he's playing with, try to dab it in my makeup and either use it on his face or plonk it right on mine.

Speaking of copying, Archie is noticing everything we are doing now and I see him trying to copy us all the time. The other day, we had a picnic on the rug, I cleaned everything up with baby wipes and turned my back to start the washing up. I looked around to see what he was doing and he had taken a few baby wipes out and was cleaning the floor with them, so cute.

First Words 

It was so lovely to hear Archie talking and although he's far to young to string a sentence together, I going over all the words he knows and teaching him new ones. His first word was 'up' and he would pull his hands above his head and say it whenever he wanted picking up. Soon afterwards he started saying daddy and then mummy (my personal favourite). Archie can say quite a few words now, I hope you don't mind me listing them, but I love looking back on these posts.

- Bubble 
- Nana 
- Key
- Car
- Duck
- Book
- Shoe
- Sock
- Silk

Archie is so close to saying doggie, but most of the time when I ask him to say it he pops out his tongue and pants like a dog. Although theres only a few words he can say, he certainly knows what quite a few words mean. I can ask him to get certain toys and he will know which one I taking about and bring me the right thing. It just goes to show that they are always listening.

A Good Routine

As far as routine goes, I like to think we have a pretty good one. Archie naps just after lunch everyday for a good hour or so and then goes down to bed between 7-8. Most of the time he's a pretty good sleeper, but at least one night in the week he will wake up. He tends to have a mad hour before bed, which I've heard is common for toddlers and young children. As soon as he gets out the bath, I spend a good hour chasing him around. Teeth brushing time is still a nightmare, he hates it, won't try to do it himself and anyone would think I'm torturing whenever I pop the toothbrush in his mouth. Talking of teeth, Archie still only has 7 and although he's showing all the signs of teething, nothing is popping up and his gums don't even feel swollen. I don't like comparing him to other children, but I feel he's pretty late to the teething party, his last tooth came up at Christmas!

Although teething hasn't been an issue for us, the last three weeks have been our toughest yet. Archie has been really poorly since we came back from Center Parcs a few weeks ago. I've taken him to the doctors three times and what started as a cold and running nose, turned into tonsillitis. It's been really difficult for him and he's barley eaten and only drinking his milk. He's slowly on the mend and only today has he started taking solids again. My biggest worry is that this will be a reoccurring thing as I suffered terribly with tonsillitis when I was younger, so much so that I had to have them removed. I also had constant ear infections and a constant blocked nose, so I'm hoping and praying that I haven't passed this down to him. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because theres nothing worse than seeing your baby unwell and not being able to do anything.

I can't believe how quickly Archie is growing up, but I'm loving and enjoying every minute of it. I'm not sure when the next update post will be, but I was thinking of doing more parenting/lifestyle posts, so let me know if theres anything you want to see in particular?


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