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Girls With Attitude Flamingal Makeup Brush Collection | Full Review

Girls With Attitude Flamingal Makeup Brush Collection

You guys know how much I love Girls With Attitude, not only are they one of my favourite brands, but GWA do the best makeup brushes. Honestly if you've not seen their makeup brush collections you have been missing out! Gone are the days where makeup brushes where simple and boring and when it comes to design Girls With Attitude really set the bar high and bring out brushes that are just too pretty to use. As a proud owner of all their makeup brushes, I can say that they are not just pretty to look at, but are the best for applying makeup. The latest collection Girls With Attitude brought out are probably the most beautiful and if your like me and pink is your favourite colour, then you need these brushes in your life. Yes, today I'm talking about the Flamingal brushes and giving you a mini review of each brush in the 17 piece collection.

Firstly how beautiful are these brushes? I love everything about them! The metallic pink handles which thin out towards the end are stunning and the soft pink pastel bristles with their silver tips is enough to make any beauty lover a little bit weak at the knees. When I received the Falmingal brushes in the post, my mouth hit the floor, really there are no words to describe just how gorgeous these brushes are. Whats also really exciting about this collection is Girls With Attitude have brought us some very cool new brushes that aren't in their other collections, which got me very excited. 

Girls With Attitude Flamingal Makeup Brush Collection

Large Dome Powder Brush; I love these brushes for dusting on my powders and blending out any harsh lines from my contouring. This powder brush is so fluffy, really soft and is the best for finishing off my makeup for a really flawless looking finish.

Tapered Sculptor Blush Brush; This brush is perfect for dusting any of my favourite blush right onto the apples of my cheeks. It's tapered end means that I can be really precise and not leave the house looking like a clown. Again the bristles are really soft, so theres no worry of overdoing it with the blush and it picks up just the right amount of product. I also love using this brush on those minimal makeup days where I just want to go for an all over bronzed look and use this brush to lightly carve out the features on my skin with my bronzer. 

Angled Bronzer Brush; If you're a fan of contouring you will love this brush as much as I do. I think this may be my favourite brush in the Flamingal collection just because it makes contouring my cheekbones so easy! The angle on the brush makes it so easy to apply my bronzer on my cheekbones and its fluffy enough to also blend my bronzer out. 

Girls With Attitude Flamingal Makeup Brush Collection

Stubby Oval Brush; Usually I'm obsessed with using the Girls With Attitude flat top brushes for applying my foundations, so I was excited to see the stubby oval brush in the collection as I've never used anything like it before. I've been using it to apply my foundation over the last couple of weeks and I love the effect that it gives. It does take me slightly longer to blend out my foundation, but its well worth it as my skin looks so flawless whenever I use this brush. The oval shape makes it really easy to work the product around my nose and eye area.

Girls With Attitude Flamingal Makeup Brush Collection

Large Fan Brush; I love fan brushes and these larger ones are amazing of highlighting all over. Whenever I'm doing quick makeup in the mornings, I'll use this larger fan brush to quickly dust over my favourite highlighter onto my cheeks. But whenever I'm off out in the evening or have a special occasion coming up and I'm wearing something that shows off my shoulders of neck area, I use this brush to highlight those parts of the my body where the light hits. I know it sounds a little extreme, but trust me make sure you highlight your collarbone with this brush for the most radiant and glowing look.

Small Fan Brush; This brush is another favourite and I love using it when I have the time to get precise with my highlighter and when I want to make sure I'm glowing to perfection. This small fan brush is great for the face and I use it on my cheeks, down the centre of my nose, under my brow bone and on my forehead. Basically everywhere highlighter should go. 

Girls With Attitude Flamingal Makeup Brush Collection

Fluffy Blending Brush; One thing that I've noticed with previous GWA makeup brushes is that their blending brushes are a godsend and they blend out shadows like a dream and this one is no exception. I love using this for creating the perfect smokey eye.

Fluffy Tapered Blending Brush; Blending brushes are amazing, but tapered ones are even better because you can really go in with a darker shadow towards the outer corners with this brush and blend it out beautifully. The tapered end lets me get really precise with my smokey eye and build up shadows perfectly. 

Angled Eyeshadow Brush; I love using this brush to apply my shimmery highlighters under my brow bone and the angle of this bush makes application easy and precise. As you know I'm all about that glow, so this brush is an essential.

Girls With Attitude Flamingal Makeup Brush Collection

Concealer Brush; I love using this brush for getting precise with my concealer and its great for hiding any blemishes. It's a really handy brush to have in the collection and one that I reach for a lot.

Eye Shader Brush; Every good makeup brush collection needs a good eye shader brush and this one is perfect for applying a solid colour all over my lids or layering a shimmery shadow on top of existing shadow.

Domed Crease Brush; This brush is perfect for creating a cut crease or using a darker shadow to really intensify a smokey eye. This brush is such a nice addition to the brush collection and is perfect for anyone who loves creating different eye makeup looks.

Pencil Brush; This brush is amazing for adding a pop of colour on the lower lash line and its pencil like shape makes applying eyeshadow in this area easy. Its tapered end also allows me to smudge any shadow out, which again is perfect for a smokey eye. I actually love wearing a matte brown shade under my lower lash line instead of eyeliner as it looks a lot less harsh and creates a perfect everyday natural makeup look.

Flat Detailing Eye Brush; I love a strong brow and always use concealer to carve out my brows and to tidy them up and this brush is what I use to get that ultra polished look. I also love using this brush to tidy up any winged liner mistakes, and lets face it, it always happens to me more than I like to admit. 

Angled Brow Brush; Having a good brow day, everyday is so important and it really helps when you have the right tools. I love using a brow pomade on my brows, so an angled brow brush is a must. This brow brush sits at the perfect angle so I can fill my brows in with ease and the brush is not too thick, which is perfect if your brows are naturally thin. Has anyone else tried filling in brows with a brush thats too thick? I have and it's only ended in brow disasters. 

Flat Definer Brush; I may using this brush in totally the wrong way, but I love using this one to apply bronzer under my lower lip to make my lips look fuller. I have quite thin lips and need to create the illusion of fuller lips all the time and this flat definer brush helps create the perfect shadow under my lips and trust me it really works!

Nose Contour Brush; This is the one brush in the collection that I was so excited about as I've never seen a nose contour brush before. Sadly you will notice that its missing from my pictures because Archie got hold of it one morning and managed to snap the handle right off. Does anyone else have a baby who loves playing with makeup? Luckily my nose contour brush is still useable and it's such a good brush to have in your makeup bag. Usually I'm useless at contouring my nose, but this brush is designed to run down the bridge of your nose either side for the perfect contour. It works best with cream products and if nose contouring is something you struggle with, then you need this brush in your life.

As you can see the Flamingal collection is pretty amazing and it would be perfect for someone who is just starting to build on their makeup collection as you have all the brushes you need to create a full face of makeup. Or if your like me and have a makeup brush obsession, then these would be such a lovely addition to any makeup brush collection. The set costs £69.99 which works out around £4.00 per makeup brush, so its really great value for money; You can find the Flamingal Brush set over on the Girls With Attitude website here.

Whats you're favourite Girls With Attitude Makeup Brush Set? The Flamingal collection is my most love and favourite so far!



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  2. Ive been seeing this brand everywhere recently, for their lashes, palettes and brushes. This set looks absolutely stunning and I would deffo have it on display in pots on my vanity! They sound great, im also way overdue some new brushes so it might be the perfect excuse

    Courtney xo | Lashes and Luxe


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