Wednesday, 28 February 2018

My Spring Makeup Bag Essential | Girls With Attitude Aphrodite Palette

One thing that I really look forward to this time of year has to be spring, it's just around the corner and I always think it's the time of year where we start doing a little more and can get out of the house - Although saying that most of the UK is currently snowed in, what is that all about?  One thing that I love to do this time of year is to change up my makeup bag; For me spring is all about less coverage and more natural looking makeup. I'm talking about soft pinks and shimmery rose gold highlights, matte lipsticks are put to one side and out comes the lip gloss and lipsticks with beautiful satin finishes. Over the last couple of weeks, I've been slowly switching things up in my makeup bag and one makeup item that has made its way in there is the Girls With Attitude Aphrodite palette*, which I think is the most perfect palette for spring. If you're looking to switch up your makeup and want something that won't break the bank then keep on reading as I have a full review for you on this beautiful palette.

As far as packaging goes, Girls With Attitude have gotten the Aphrodite palette spot on, I actually think this is my favourite one from them so far. I'm completely obsessed with the white faux leather packaging and the rose gold GWA detailing, it's so beautiful and its one of those palettes that I could keep looking at for ages - You guys know I'm such a sucker when it comes to packaging. Inside is a mirror, which is perfect for applying the shadows. The palette has eighteen shadows in total which a good mix of mattes, metallics and shimmery shadows.

I was trying to decide the other day which shadows in this palette are my favourite and it was so hard to narrow it down and pick a few. You know you have a good eyeshadow palette, when you can't pick a favourite shade! Around this time of year I do like a softer makeup look and I'm drawn to the lighter shimmery shades. One that really stands out for me is 'Enchanting' which is the most gorgeous rose gold toned metallic shadow which looks stunning on my eyes. Although this shadow is a  metallic, it's not too heavy and its what I tend to put all over the lids. I've also fallen in love with softer peaches, warm corals and sandy nudes that also come in this palette and these shades are just perfect for spring. Just to balance things out, theres also a few darker shades, which are prefect for a romantic smokey eye in the evening. I just love the range of shadows to choose from in this palette and I think they all compliment each other perfectly.

Just like all my other Girls With Attitude palettes, the pigmentation of these shadows are insane and I only need the lightest hand and smallest dab of my brush with whichever shade I choose. It's really important for me to have an eyeshadow that doesn't crease and applies smoothly and I get just that with these shadows - Some of the metallic shades can have a little bit of fall out which is to be expected, but its nothing a little concealer won't fix.

Without a doubt, this palette is not only beautiful, but amazing and I think it's a must have for spring. If you're thinking about adding this to your spring time makeup bag, then you can find this beauty over on the Girls With Attitude website here, and it's only £14.99 so it won't break the bank!

What do you think of this palette? Let me know what palette is making its way into your makeup bag this spring.


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  1. I love these shades and I still cant get over how affordable these are!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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