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EvyTechnology Sunscreen Mousse For Kids | The Best Sunscreen for Kids

This heatwave in Britain right now is amazing and I'm loving all the holiday sunshine at home - Who needs to go abroad when the weather is this good? One thing I get really worried and paranoid about is protecting my skin against the sun and I try to avoid sunburnt skin as much as possible. I worry about sun damage and exposure even more so now that I have Archie and the last thing I want is him burning - It's so important to stay safe in the sun and I'm sure every parent will agree with me that its a top priority when it comes to fun in the sun. Archie's a few months past two now and right from the beginning he has hated me applying suncream to him. I've tried everything from creams to sprays, ones that roll on and ones that say they are easy to apply and are non sticky. Everything I've tried always ends in Archie running away from me, crying because I'm applying lotion onto him and more often or not half a bottle of sunscreen all over me. Not only is the sunscreen application a disaster for us, but Archie is always so sticky afterwards which always makes him look really uncomfortable in the hot sun. I always hoped that there was a solution to my sunscreen nightmares and luckily for me there was. A brand called Evy Technology got in touch with me and their revolutionary sunscreen has changed everything for us. So much so that these nightmares are a thing of the past, so I feel like it's my duty to tell every parent out there about how amazing the Evy Technology Sunscreen is, especially if my story is sounds all too familiar for you.

What makes Evy Technology Sunscreen so special?

I've never seen sunscreen come in a mousse form before, which I think is genius and my initial thoughts was that this would be so much easier to apply, especially on a tot who likes to run away. Evy are an award winning Swedish brand who have created a sunscreen that forms a protective barrier on the skin not only does it provide the best protection but the mousse sinks into the skin as soon as its applied, which enhances the skins natural defences against the sun. Until recently I wasn't aware that UVA rays actually go deeper into the skin, which is why Evy is so special, because I know Archie is getting the best protection that he needs from the sun due to the sunscreen being absorbed into that top layer. The mousse is easily worked across the skin with minimal effort and because it absorbs so quickly, it provides long lasting protection and wont rub off in the water or during any physical activity outside, which is just what you need for little ones - Archie is constantly in and out of the paddling pool. A little goes a really long way with the mousse and I love that it's free of any scent and has been formulated for the most sensitive of skin. Archie has really delicate skin and I've often found that the stickiness of other suncreams can bring him out in a heat rash and I don't get this at all with the Evy Mousse. Actually Archie's skin is so soft whenever we use this, even when applied to his face.

Archie loves the Evy Mousse!

The first time I brought out the Evy Mousse was a few weeks ago when was the heatwave began. As soon as I brought out the bottle, you guessed it Archie started to run away from me, but as soon as I pumped out a little bit of the mousse onto my hand and he saw the mousse expanding out he was interested. Right from the get go Archie thinks applying the Evy Technology Sunscreen is a big game and he even loves to help me apply it by taking it off my hand and rubbing it into his legs and arms (don't worry I always go over it again just to make sure he's not missed anything). It's really easy to see where the mousse has been applied and because the mousse expands you can cover little arms and legs really quickly. I love how non sticky and mess free this is and it's a great feeling knowing that Archie has at least 6 hours of sun protection, even when jumping in and out of the paddling pool all day. I've applied this pretty much everyday since the heatwave and the bottle still feels very full, so a little goes a long way. The best part is, I don't have a toddler who runs away from me every time the sunscreen comes out, it's now the opposite and he will cry when I have to take the bottle away from him.

Evy Technology have a large range of their mousse sunscreens, covering everything from factor 10 right though to 50. In their kids range they have both factor 30 and 50 to choose from and they can be used from children aged from 6 months onwards - So there's something suitable for the whole family. They also have an aftersun mousse so your skin is taken care of after a full days fun in the sun. You can pick up the Evy Technology for kids for £25.00 and all their other products at Space NK here. I know for a lot of you mums and dads out there, this will seem a little pricey for a sunscreen, but I promise you it's worth it, especially if you have daily sunscreen disasters. And as a parent I can relax a little knowing Archie is getting the best protection out there for his skin whilst playing in the sun. Archie has pretty much spend every day outside for the last few weeks, with no redness, irritation or burnt skin and I can only put this down to the Evy Technology Sunscreen - If you want any more information on the Evy Technology sunscreen, be sure to check out their website for everything you need to know. 

This little bottle of mousse has changed my summers forever, its by far the best thing I've used on Archie and I wont ever be going back to creams, lotions and sprays again. What do you guys think about a sunscreen mousse? Let me know in the comments.


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