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Easy Simple Haircare Routine for Mums With Long Hair

Before having Archie I was very much a beauty kind of girl and as you know this little space of mine online was all everything beauty and that was the only kind of content I produced. Then my little bubble came along and everything changed because he became my whole world and focus. Now Archie is three and the whirlwind of having a baby and adjusting to life as a mum settles down, I feel like I'm finally finding my feet again. Whilst I'll always be a mum first, I've also remembered what it feels to be that beauty girl again and slowly but surely I've started taking better care of myself. Being a mum is hard work and it's so easy to pop on those mum leggings, leave the house without makeup and have your hair permanently in a mum bun. Well, mum's I'm here to tell you that it there will come a time where you will be able to put some focus back on yourself again and its all about starting with the little things. For me if my hair is looking rubbish, then it can instantly flatten my mood and make me feel sluggish, especially when I look in the mirror. So many have you have been so sweet over social media and constantly message me asking how I get my hair looking good - FYI I don't think its anything amazing, it certainly doesn't feel it, but having it down in a certain style always makes me feel so much better about myself. So I thought I would give you all the lowdown on my simple haircare routine, because it is SIMPLE and let you know what works for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will inspire you to get out of your mum comfort zone and do something so easy that will make you feel a hundred times better about yourself.

Lets Start With Products:

When it comes to haircare products, I promise you that I am no expert and in terms of my actual haircare routine when I'm in the shower, I keep it very simple - Because let's face it who has time for all these lotions and potions. I think the important rule to go by,  is choose the right products for your hair type. My hair is bleached and can be quite thin, so I often go for products that are nourishing, add moisture and when I have a special occasion ones that add volume.

My favourite shampoo and conditioner has to be the Aussie Miracle Moist range - I can't believe I've been blogging all this time and Aussie is still my favourite when it comes to haircare. Not only do their products smell incredible (holiday smells) It's like I can instantly feel them working their magic on my hair. I always reach for the miracle moist range just because it makes my hair feel so soft and smooth. I feel like if you can achieve good hair results in the shower then you've won half the battle when it comes to styling. Aussie have a range of products to choose from for each hair type, so I would recommend giving them a try if you're looking for something new.

I have recently added another shampoo into my routine as I bleached my hair a few months back and I now use  the  Charles Worthington Toning Ultra Violet Colourplex Shampoo. It's essentially a purple shampoo, but one that has been recommended to me by so many people. To be honest I haven't dipped my toes too much in the into the world of purple shampoos, but this one is pretty good. I use it once a week and it does a great job at taking any brassy tones out of my hair. Sometimes when the sun is shining and I've  used this shampoo, the lightest bits of my hair even look white, which I love. It's definitely one to use if you really want to shower your blonde hair with love.

On those days where my hair needs all the extra love and care - Usually when I've not washed it in around four days and my locks feel so dry from all the product build up, I'll reach for the Maui Moisture Shea Butter Hair Mask - This stuff is insane! It is an intense leave in conditioning mask that smells out of this world. Every time I use this, I feel like I've been on holiday, its got a real good summer smell to it which just whisks you away. When it comes to hair masks and treatments, I don't have the time to leave them on for hours because I'm always on the go and there is always something to do. Whenever I use this, I use it in the shower instead of using regular conditioner, leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off. I know I should probably leave it on a lot longer, but I think the results are just as good and I can definitely feel a change in my hair; It's incredibly soft and feels like its had the pamper of its life. I would say that if you're planning on doing any fancy hairstyles on hair wash day, it might be a good idea not to use this as my hair is just too soft to put into any sort of style.

And that's it for the haircare products used on my hair, it really is as simple as that and it's pretty faff free. Nothing that can't be done in a quick shower, even if your toddler does decide to join you with all their toys! One thing that has really helped improve the condition of my hair is going to the hairdressers frequently - It's something that I used to be terrible at doing, but I'm making that extra effort to book myself in from my last appointment, so that its done, taken care of and all I have to do is show up. Taking the time out to get your hair done regular will make such a huge difference on how you feel about your hair I promise - This is coming from the mumma who avoided the hairdressers for two years! Shocking I know.

Hair Styling:

As you will see from my Instagram photos (find me here) 90% of my photos I wear my hair down in loose curls - I'm a big fan of the beach waves look and it seems you guys are too! Whenever I've washed my hair, I'll dry and curl it afterwards. I get a lot of questions about what method I choose to curl my hair and I always reach for my Remington Pearl Wand (here) I've had mine for around seven years and it's still going strong to this day. Actually I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to find it online because mine is that old, but the fact that they still sell it shows just how good it is. Its cheep and cheerful and creates the best curls for that beach wave look.

The wand itself is quite skinny and you may think you'll end up with tight ringlets when you use this - Which you can, but because my hair is long and thin, I find that curls don't last if I use anything else. I purchased the GHD curling tongs when a few years ago and my hairs poker straight within a few hours, no matter how much hairspray that I use. I'm not strict in the way I go about curling my hair, I don't even section it off. I just grab bits as I go around my head and curl away. I find the beach look shouldn't look perfect, so I'm quite happy for some sections of my hair to look curlier than others.

Once I've curled my hair, which takes me around ten minutes - I run my fingers through it to roughen it up a little bit, spray hairspray and I'm good to go. The curls do drop after a little while, but that works perfectly for me as the wand curls them too tightly anyway. If you do have hair that holds a curl really well, then just don't leave the iron on as long to get that beach look. I usually get around three days of my hair looking curly whenever I do this.

To keep my hair game looking strong over the next few days, all I will do in the morning is brush my hair at the roots to take any frizz out of it and maybe any few straggly bits at the end. Add some (a lot of ) dry shampoo and I'm good to go. If I have time I may get my curling wand back out and add a few more curls in, but other than that my hair is done. I always think second and third day curls look way better and with the dry shampoo, you get lots of extra volume.

So there we have it, thats how I keep my hair looking like a mermaid pretty much all of the time. I promise you this look is just as quick and easy as trying to create the perfect mum bun and it looks so much prettier. It's just about changing up your routine and using the right products for you. I used to be one of these girls that washed my hair everyday, but actually my hair looks so much better and feels a lot healthier with only washing it twice a week.

I would love to know what easy simple beauty routines you have as a mum - And if you're reading this and are not on the mum club, I hope this routine helps you too because before I had Archie I was all about those extra ten minutes in bed and needed simple easy hairstyles!



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