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Hair Tutorial || Boho Bun

The summer months are just the perfect time of year to allow us ladies to be a little more carefree with our hair and wear it a little messy. With the summer being festival season, I think big loose curls and messy boho buns are the perfect way to style your hair. I always find it a little funny how us ladies can sometimes spend ages tweaking and adding products to our hair just to make it look messy. However styling your hair a little messy doesn't have to be time consuming and today I want to share with you all a completely fuss free way to achieve a simple boho bun.  I am a huge fan of the messy bun but sometimes I want a bit more umph and volume to my buns and the hair donut is a fantastic hair tool that can be used to achieve quite a few looks. If you would like to recreate the look in the top picture then read on...

A hair dounut - 
(Choose a size on your hair length and how big you would like your bun)
Kirby Grips/Bobby Pins 
A hair bobble
A hairbrush 
Your favourite hairspray

Step One: For maximum volume and for easy styling I find that creating this hair style works so much better on second or third day hair. This way your hair isn't as soft and it makes wrapping it around the hair donut so much easier. I thought I'd pop a picture in of my sexy just got out of bed hair... I did whack in a load of dry shampoo just to freshen my hair up before hand and just give my roots a bit more volume.

Step Two: Take your hair brush and comb your hair into a ponytail, I find it much easier to comb the hair back neat and tight as it makes messying it up a lot easier before trying it up. To achieve more of a boho look I tend to go quite high with my ponytail so that the bun will sit quite nicely on the top of my head.

Step Three: Before tying my hair up with a hair bobble, I will always use my fingers to loosen up the hair at the front - This way my ponytail wont look too perfect once its held in place with the bobble. 

Step Four: You just want to place the hair donut around your ponytail, so that it's ready for the hair to be wrapped around it.

Step Five: For a more messy bun I like to backcomb the hair at the very top of the ponytail. This step is not essential, but I find that it creates a little more volume and gives your bun a more boho look to it for the finished result.

Step Six: Wrap your hair evenly around the donut - Keep twisting the hair around so that the donut it completely hidden and out of sight. For a a neat ballerina bun a hair bobble could be used here to secure the hair, but as this is a messy bun I use plenty of bobby pins/kirby grips to hold the bun in place. As I don't want to bun to look too perfect, I pull out little stands of hair as I grip and go along just to give it that boho look. I find that the more flyaway hairs you have, the more it looks as though your not even using a hair donut - When I wear my hair like this people often think that its all my own hair underneath that bun which is always a nice little plus.

Tip: Don't worry about being too perfect when placing your pins, it's a messy bun!

Step Seven: Once you are happy with the way your bun is looking, you will want to hairspray it to hold it all in place. When it comes to hairspray the Schwarzkoph Got2Be Happy Hour Hairspray is one of my favourites - It's a great hairspray for keeping your bun in place all day; It's not too heavy on your hair either, nor does it coat it so much that the hair feels crispy or hard. If your not wanting to wash your hair the next day, this hairspray is easily brushed out so restyling your hair is ever so easy. I also love its purple and blue ombre packaging - Amazing!

Step Eight: If your really wanting your bun to look cute, girly and summer ready then add some accessories - When it comes to hair styling I'm forever reaching for flowers as they just because I love them. For this tutorial I've added an elastic floral headband from River Island around the bun and secured it with some grips. I think this just completes the look and gives your hair festival boho look... and it is as simple as that!

I am forever reaching for this hairstyle ladies, not only does it look good, but it is so easy to do and takes me no more than five minutes to style - Perfect for those of you who are on the go in the early morning. I love how this type of hairstyle doesn't have to be neat or perfect which is what makes it so easy. Each time I style my hair this way, my bun always looks a little different and I'm forever adding different accessories to jazz it up a little. If you decided to give this ago please let me know, I would love to know how you get on. 

Are you a fan of big messy buns or the hair dounut? I would love to know your thoughts!

Lots of Love



  1. i love this! the headbands so pretty Xx

  2. Looks so lovely! And so easy I really need to get a doughnut so I can try this!

  3. I love this. I use doughnuts all of the time - the headband is absolutely gorgeous.

    CurlandPearls | Bloglovin’

  4. Love this! Great tutorial.

    Would love for you and your readers to take a look at my blog and enter the giveaway!


  5. Gorgeous, whenever I attempt a boho bun it always ends up 'too neat' and when I try a neat bun it comes out 'too messy'. Arrh! Think I'll give this a go for sure!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. A really cute hair look!
    I really need to get one of those donuts :3
    Please take care, have a nice day **

  7. I love this hair style!!Is my go too every extremelly hot Greek summer here!!Gorgeous pics hun!!Bisous!

  8. It looks lovely and I love the pretty band x

  9. Very pretty Danielle, I love the accessory you used too :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  10. No-doubt you are looking gorgeous and your bun hair style is really amazing and beautiful. Your tutorial is very helpful and effective for every girl who wants to make such amazing hair bun styles.


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