Saturday, 5 December 2015

Blogmas Day 5 - My New Favourite Christmas Candle

Candles, Winter Candles, Fireside Candle, Blogmas, Blogmas Day 5
Candles, Winter Candles, Fireside Candle, Blogmas, Blogmas Day 5

I have to say I'm not your typical blogging girl and don't have a huge obsession with candles. I'm not someone who has a candle that matches the scent for every season. If I do light candles they're usually tea lights and I only really light them on those pamper nights or evenings where I want to get super cosy.

Having said that, I do like a candle at Christmas time. If you read my Blogmas Day 2 post (here), I mentioned that different scents can really help lift up my mood and make me feel more festive. Therefore I like to go out on the hunt for the perfect Christmas candle. I'm someone who's not too fused if a candle is sweet or spicy, I like them both. The hard part for me is finding a good candle. As much as I love Yankee candle, I really begrudge paying out a lot of money for them. I just think they're a bit overpriced and a lot of the time I can never smell the scent once its lit, which is so frustrating. Does anyone else find this?

One place that is really good to find a good scented candle I've found though is TKMaxx or Home Sense, they have such a huge selection, you can literally find all sorts of scented candles if your willing to put your nose through some serious smelling that is!

I was in there the other day and I found my perfect Christmas candle. I have it lit right now and honestly my flat smells like I'm in a cosy chalet in the middle of the Alps or something, its amazing. The candle is named 'Fireside' and has been made by a brand by Thompson Ferrier, a New York compnay. I've never heard of the brand before, but I've never smelt a more festive candle in my life, it just has one of those smells that when I breath in I feel cosy.

Candles, Winter Candles, Fireside Candle, Blogmas, Blogmas Day 5

This candle has a mixture of scents including fresh citrus, raspberry, Lilly, Jasmine combined with sandalwood and the combination is just so amazing. It's actually one of these candles that not only smell good in the jar, but smell just as good lit. I keep it in the living room and can actually smell it burning throughout my whole flat which I just don't get with other candles that I buy.

The name 'Fireside' is perfectly fitting for this candle. I don't have a fireplace, but I can certainly imagine I have one when I light this candle. It just fills me with so much warmth and fuzziness. I actually can't believe I'm this excited about a candle!

I know TK Maxx and Home Sense are a bit hit and miss in terms of what stock they have in each store, but if your in one I would definitely check this one out, especially if your looking for something warm and cosy scented.

Do you like festive candles? Let me know what's your favourite?

Lots of Love


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  1. Happy Blogmas!
    I'm not a huge fan of candles, mainly because my kids like to knock them over so I rarely get to enjoy them. But if they left them alone and I would pick Yankee Candle's Christmas Cookie and Angels Wings.


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