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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Daily Moisturiser | Review

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, Elizabeth Arden, Beauty, Moisturiser, Eight Hour Cream

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, Elizabeth Arden, Beauty, Moisturiser, Eight Hour Cream

Forget good makeup days, I'm all about having good skin days. Being a new mum means that there are so many days in the week where I just don't apply any makeup whatsoever, probably because I can't be bothered. Before having Archie you would rarely see me without a full face on, but now I'd rather spend that hour of getting ready with my boy or doing important jobs around the house. Since being a mum I've learnt that being comfortable in my own skin is really important and I think having the right skincare products really help me to feel more confident when I'm not wearing any makeup. 

My number one skin saviour and a moisturiser that I now can't live without is my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. Honestly this moisturiser gives my skin life, I just think it's amazing what a difference a good moisturiser can make. Since having Archie my skin has been all over the place, hormones are a right pain; One minute my skin feels dry and the next its back to being an oily mess. I just find that the Eight Hour Cream works for me whatever my skin decides it wants to be. 

I always think spending money on high end skincare is a bit of a gamble because you never really know how well a product is going to work unless you've used it for a fair amount of time. I really hate paying out a lot for something that doesn't agree with my skin. The Eight Hour Cream is on the pricey side of things costing £30 for such a small tube, but I personally think its worth every penny. I did a lot of research before buying this and I tried a bit of my mums (yes I'm 28 and still raid my mums beauty cupboards). As soon as I tried it, I fell in love with it. From the minute I used it I could already tell it was a winner and noticed an instant lift to my skin.

The Eight Hour Cream instantly puts all the moisture back into my skin without leaving it greasy and it doesn't make my sometimes oily prone skin feel any oiler which is just a miracle really as I've never found a moisturiser that does this until now. The actual cream feels so luxurious, yet not heavy and I only need the smallest amount to work it into my skin; a little really goes a long way. What I really love about it, is that it makes me look as though I've had a couple of extra hours sleep every time I use this and I generally have more of a glow. I think it should be called healthy skin in a bottle rather Eight Hour Cream, its just fantastic. 

The scent of this cream is also a winner for me to, I can't quite pin point the exact smell, but for me it kind of has a citrusy scent to it which is lovely. It also contains SPF 15 which is great as I think its so important to protect my skin. The Eight Hour Cream works perfectly under makeup and it doesn't interfere with at all which is also another huge plus. I equally love using it in the morning and at night time. 

I would say if you're thinking about picking this up then you have to take the plunge and try it as it's amazing. Theres a reason why everyone raves about it and its because its that good. I'm so happy that I've finally found my holy grail moisturiser. I really want to try the other products in the Eight Hour range now, especially the Eight Hour Oil as I've heard its just as good.

What are your thoughts on the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Creams? What are your recommendations? 



  1. ive never tried this brand (i know how late am I) but this sounds really good and my day cream has just run out :p
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. May I ask what lighting you used here for the pics?


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