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Whitening My Teeth With Smile Brilliant & Huge Smile Brilliant Giveaway!

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening
Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

No smile is complete without a set of pearly whites and with teeth whitening kits being so accessible and affordable these days theres no reason not to show of your smile and having the confidence to do so. I had my teeth professionally whitened a few years ago at the dentist, which was amazing but pretty pricey all the same. Over the years, stains do build up and although my teeth have never gone back to any shade of its former yellow glory, I noticed that my smile wasn't as bight as I would have liked it to have been. Now I'm a mummy, my money has to stretch a lot further these days and there is no way that I can afford to have the whitening process done at the dentist again, so I opted to try out Smile Brilliant and the results are so good that I just have to share with you guys. Like I said there are so many kits you can buy these days, but Smile Brilliant are up there with the top because unlike whitening strips and gels that slide around your teeth, Smile Brilliant offer custom made trays which make for an easy application and brilliant results. I first heard about Smile Brilliant I watched one of my favourite YouTubers, Danni Mansutti reviewing them and her smile is just gorgeous, so I was pretty sold before I even got to try them out. I also have a giveaway where you guys can win your own Smile Brilliant kit, so make sure you scroll down to the end of the post.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening
Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

The Process

You start off with ordering a kit from Smile Brilliant which includes six syringes of the teeth whitening gel and six syringes of the desensitising gel. You also get the pastes to make your teeth impressions. As you can see from my pictures you get three of each type of pastes. The blue one which is the base paste and the white, which is the catalyst paste. Creating your teeth impressions is super easy, all you have to do is mix the two pastes together to form a solid blue paste for 45 seconds, place the paste in one of the trays and then pop it on your teeth for a minute and a half to create an exact copy of your teeth. This process really is faultless, but Smile Brilliant kindly offer three sets of putty incase you do happen to make a mistake on your first attempt. Once your moulds are ready, all you have to do is send them back to Smile Brilliant, who will then create your trays and send them back to you. It's as simple as that.

When I got my trays back I was actually amazed at how well they slid onto my teeth, they were literally a perfect fit. I think the custom made trays are one of the things that set Smile Brilliant apart from everyone else. I know that getting custom made whitening trays from the dentist can cost a fortune and this is by far a much cheaper alternative.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening
Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

The actual whitening process is even easier than making the impressions, all I had to do was place the teeth whitening gel into my trays and place them on my teeth. I usually leave mine in for around an hour and the results are pretty instant. From my first application I could see such a noticeable change and was so happy with my smile. To get the best results, Smile Brilliant recommend whitening your teeth everyday over a week or two. It really does depend on the colour of your teeth to start of with and how white you want them to be afterwards. Because I had my teeth professionally whitened a few years ago, I found that it didn't take me very long to get my smile looking brighter and whiter, which is just amazing. I also found that I only needed to use the smallest amount of gel to actually whiten my teeth, so the six syringes that I have are going to last me for quite some time.

I know that a lot of people get worried about sensitivity when it comes to teeth whitening and I've heard some horror stories from friends that have bought cheap kits online. Smile Brilliant really recommended to me that I use their desensitising gel after the whitening process, which gently rehydrates your teeth and takes away any sensitivity. Honestly this to me sounded to good to be true, but it actually works. I can promise you that I've experienced no sensitivity at all when using this kit, which is just incredible. If you do suffer with sensitive teeth anyway and are wanting to whiten to your teeth, for this reason alone I'd recommend you try Smile Brilliant.

The Results 

I could ramble to you guys all day about how much I love the Smile Brilliant kit, but its results which are important, so here are my before and after pictures. As you can see theres such a huge difference in the before and after and I'm so happy with my smile. I know a lot of you beauty lovers will totally relate when I say, you really can notice colouring on your teeth deepening on what shade of lipstick you opt for. Some nudes, corals and lighter pinks can really draw out the yellow in your teeth and since using Smile Brilliant I've not had that lipstick drama. It feels great to be able to choose any lipstick shade in the morning and smile with confidence, I love it. 

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Results  Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Results

Where to Buy & Giveaway

For those of you who want to get your hands on a Smile Brilliant Kit, you can head over to their website here or for one lucky reader you can win one of these amazing kits, WOW I know right? The winner will receive a unique code to spend at Smile Brilliant which totals $139.95 store credit. With this you can treat yourself to a kit that contains the teeth whitening trays, 3 teeth whitening gels and 3 desensitising gels which is more than enough to get your smile looking perfect. All you have to do is click this link here and enter your details. The giveaway is open to anyone in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia, but anyone outside the US will have to pay a postage fee for sending your impressions back overseas. I did this and I think it only cost me around £4.00 with Royal Mail, so don't worry it won't break the bank and is totally worth it. For those of you who can't wait for the giveaway, you can grab yourselves 5% off at Smile Brilliant by using my code misssunshinesparkle 

Let me know if you've entered in the comments 


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