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Loosing Weight With Nutribuddy | My Experience, Results and Before & After

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A few weeks ago I took up the challenge to try and loose some weight with my 2 week weight loss kit from Nutribuddy (you can find out all about the kit here). As a lot of you will know I've really struggled with my weight this year. I'm pretty sure nearly all of new mums will go though a stage of hating their bodies and not feeling confident after having a baby. Before I had Archie I was down the gym at least three times a week and I was always fitting in those extra ab workouts every evening; yes I had a little 6 pack and I loved every minute of it. Even if you haven't had a baby, as one woman speaking to another I bet there have been times where you've been fed up of the way you look and feel, especially when it comes to fitting in new jeans (or old ones). Whilst I was pregnant, especially towards the end I felt sluggish and so unattractive, but knowing that this was just a thing my body had to go through to make a baby made me feel a little ok about myself. However dealing with a post pregnancy body is the hardest. My wardrobe was filled with clothes that I couldn't even get past my arms and legs and I no longer had the excuse of being pregnant. I knew something had to change.

I've always been a firm believer that the best way to loose weight and feel great is to maintain a balanced diet and to exercise; I used to find these rules so easy to live by when I was just looking after me. But ever since becoming a mum, it seems like the two things have been impossible. For a good few months I managed to loose a bit of weight on my own, although I don't really know how? I put it down to my hormones slowly shifting back into place and the fact that I had a lot less time to eat whilst looking after a newborn. However a few months on and my body was in limbo and some of my excess weight was not shifting and I new I had to try something else. Luckily for me Nutribuddy found its way into my life just at the right time and I was so excited about trying a kit that sounded like it actually worked. I know this has turned into the longest introduction to a blog post, but the big question is have I lost any weight with Nutribuddy over the last two weeks? And the answer is YES I have. For the past two weeks I have been following a plan set out by Nutribuddy, drinking one of their Sculpting Whey shakes each day, taking their multivitamins and using their Hunger Fix tablets to help curb those urges to snack on sugary foods in between meal times. The Nutribuddy kit contains all of this, so getting started has never been easier. (Scroll right down to see my before and after photos.)

Nutribuddy, Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit, Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, Health and Fitness, Health Shakes, Weight Loss, Nutribuddy Before and After, Lifestyle

Nutribuddy Sculpting Whey; I decided to go for the vanilla flavoured shake as I'm a bit of a fussy drinker and don't like chocolate milkshake. As someone who has tried a lot of shakes over the past years, I have to say this is one of the nicest tasting shakes I've ever tried. I always mix mine with milk with three scoops of the sculpting whey. The mixture is so light and it doesnt have a horrible aftertaste at all, its so nice to drink. What I love most about it is that is really filling and its so low in calories. Throughout the two weeks I've used this as a replacement for my lunch and it keeps me going until dinner time which has been great. The powder also contains green tea, which not only helps to speed up metabolism, but it also means I was burning food faster. Shakes alone won't make you loose weight, but I really feel the Nutribuddy shakes played a big part in helping slim down a little over the two weeks.

Nutribuddy Hunger Fix; These are what I like to think of as Nutribuddy's secret weapon and this is because they made such a difference to my snacking. I'm always on the go, especially now Archie is on the move. Before, whenever I didn't have time to eat, I would find myself reaching for the biscuit tin and would munch on a few bits a lot of chocolate for an energy boost. Not anymore! These really helped and I think play a big part in taking away that temptation, it did for me anyway. Whats really good about these tablets is that Nutribuddy recommend you take them with a lot of water (at least two glasses) so its a really great way of drinking more water, which I've definitely been guilty of not doing in the past.

Nutribuddy Multivitamins; I was so happy when I found out the Nutribuddy weight loss kit included multivitamins. Taking vitamins is not going to make you loose pounds, but it does add to your overall health and wellbeing. I've always been quite lazy about taking vitamins, but taking them once a day for two weeks really reminded me how important it is to do so. With all the water I've been drinking, the healthy easting and taking these I've really noticed a difference in my skin, it looks radiant and I have more of a glow. For me feeling happy and confident in my skin is so important, so this was a really nice plus that I wasn't expecting.

Nutribuddy, Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit, Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, Health and Fitness, Health Shakes, Weight Loss, Nutribuddy Before and After, Lifestyle

Nutribuddy Recipe Book & Handbook; I love these little two books so much and they're literally the perfect little touch to the Nutribuddy weight loss kit. They have some amazing recipes in there that are so easy to follow and taste really yummy. Whilst I haven't stuck to trying a new recipe out every night, it has inspired me which is great. Since I started weaning Archie, I've been cooking everything from scratch and some of these recipes are baby friendly two, which is just what I need. We have a new family favourite which is the creamy chicken with asparagus, it tastes amazing. Even though I've completed my two weeks, I'll be keeping my two books close by to help me stay on the right track.

My Experience; Overall I've had a really good experience with the weight loss kit. There were somedays that I found it hard, but loosing weight is not meant to be easy.  Over the two weeks I have slimmed down and I'm actually really happy with how things turned out. In terms of my weightless journey, I still have a long way to go and when I look at myself I only see small changes. But I am fitting back into some of my old jeans which I never thought would happen again! I'm really guilty of not exercising, but right now I just don't have the time. I know thats a poor excuse, but looking after a baby, running a home and trying to blog full time means I just can't fit the excise in, but I have been walking a lot more which is a start. I feel like if I had exercised at least 30 minutes a few times a week, the results with Nutribuddy would have been huge. Its a little bit scary for me to do so, but I really wanted to include before and after pictures so you can see my progress (please be kind lol). Theres still a lot about my body that I'm not happy with, but I feel like Nutribuddy has helped me make a really good start. I actually don't own a set of scales in my house so I can't tell you how much weight I've actually lost, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Nutribuddy, Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit, Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, Health and Fitness, Health Shakes, Weight Loss, Nutribuddy Before and After, Lifestyle
Nutribuddy, Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit, Weight Loss, Healthy Eating, Health and Fitness, Health Shakes, Weight Loss, Nutribuddy Before and After, Lifestyle

The Nutribuddy weight loss kit is 100% worth it, especially if you're willing to put the time in to making some lifestyle changes. Over the two weeks I've made some big changes, especially when it comes to food and for me thats a big start. I feel so much better about myself and my body and I'm going to be continuing with my Nutribuddy shakes as I think they're the best thing ever. It's so nice to wear jeans again and not feel like my tummy is popping over the top (yassssss!). I just feel so much more confident going out and being able to wear some of the clothes I used to love is just one of the best feelings. With Christmas right around the corner, I couldn't think of a better time to start up with Nutribuddy.

Nutribuddy offer a 7 day, 14 day or 30 day weight loss kit, so theres something for everyone and everyones budget and I'd really recommend it to anyone who's trying to slim down and loose weight. You can find everything you need to know and the weight loss kit over on the Nutribuddy website here.

If you have any questions or want to know more please just ask in the comments. Will you be trying Nutribuddy?



  1. Wow! What a change! You look absolutely incredible :) I bet it is really difficult to deal with when you put on weight during pregnancy, especially as you were so active before, but you got your gorgeous little boy out of it and look as fabulous as ever! xx

    Jessie 🎀 allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. congrats lovely! you're looking amazing for such a new mummy! keep it up!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. well done to you, you look amazing! This sounds like it really is a great little investment!!! I like that it comes with a little recipe book too! xx


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