Thursday, 26 January 2017

Archies 10 Month Update

I've been a little bit slack on Archies update posts, the last one I did was his 7 month one and in that three months so much has changed, he's a complete different baby! So I thought it was about time that I updated you all on his progress and what he's been getting up too. Actually I have to admit and hold my hands up that these posts are purely for my benefit as I love looking back and reading them and I know I will appreciate them in years to come. But I know you guys love seeing how he's coming along too, so its a win win. Be warned this is a pretty long post, so grab a drink and make yourselves comfy.

The first change that I have to talk to you about is that he's now fully on the move. At 10 months he's now an expert crawler and he spends most of his days whizzing around between our different rooms, exploring and getting his little mitts into all the places he shouldn't. Whenever he goes quiet I know he's up to no good lol. Archie started trying to crawl at pretty much 9 months on the dot. It was really funny as he started off with popping his bum right up in the air and balancing on his hands and knees. This then moved on to what me and James called his little commando crawl as he would literally drag himself across the floor just by pulling his arms forward. Bless him it looked so exhausting, but I can't knock him for his determination, whenever he wants to be somewhere he will do everything that he can to get there. After about two weeks of this, things just clicked for him and he's been on the move ever since. It's so lovely being able to see him move around, its like he has a little more independence now. Although his movement does make my job as a mum a million times harder, I have to have my eyes everywhere. As well as crawling, Archie is pulling himself up onto anything and everything that has a ledge. He's such a strong little baby and finds standing up with any support really easy; he was actually doing this before he mastered the crawl. I don't think it will be too long before he starts trying to walk.

Also at Archies 9 month mark, we hit the teething stage which hasn't been too much trouble, just a few too many sleepless nights. I think he's been a little bit late to the teething party as his second tooth only came though at Christmas and at the moment theres so sign of any more popping through. It was really sweet as Archie actually got his two front teeth for Christmas (who remembers that song!).

December also saw us have a few trips to A&E which was just awful. At the beginning of December he got so ill which was just the worst thing in the world. Its inevitable that babies and children will get sick at some point, but it was so horrible to see Archie not well. We still don't know what he picked up or what was wrong, but were told by doctors that he had picked up a viral infection. It was on a Thursday and his temperature just rocketed up to over 40 degrees. My poor baby could barley move and was so lifeless. As it was late in the evening and our doctors where shut, the nurse on phone told us to head straight to A&E where they gave him different medicines which helped to bring his temperature right down. A few days later he developed a red rash all over his body, which turns out was nothing to worry about and it turned into another trip down to the emergency services. He was ill for the best part of two weeks, so for those of you who where wondering why I disappeared on my blog for a while, this was the reason why.

Boxing Day we also spent the morning at A&E has Archie had a little accident and burnt his hand on the radiator. I honestly felt like the worst person in the world, but accidents do happen. Usually our radiators don't get very hot, but our boiler has been playing up and when the heating went on that morning the radiators where scalding. His little hand had to be bandaged up for a few days as his hands was so blistered. He's ok now though and as soon as was got back from the doctors he was moving and crawling around fine like nothing had happened. I didnt really want to mention this as it makes me feel like a bit of a failure as a mother, but I just want to let you know that its ok because accidents do happen and if you have a little on just be sure to keep checking your radiators as they can burn skin.

Sleeping has been a bit of an issue for us over the last few weeks months and I just cant wait for this phase to pass. A lot of the time Archie is refusing to sleep. No day time naps and when it came to bed time, I'm surprised I didn't have the neighbours knocking at the door, because his crying was so loud and non stop. I spoke to a lot of people and to my health care nurse and friends all said that it was best to let him cry it out and go and check on him every five minutes or so. This is the hardest thing to do in the world. Sometimes it works for us and others it doesn't. Even though fighting sleep with Archie is a forced cry, its a cry nonetheless and theres nothing worse that hearing my baby cry. I'm getting so many sleepless nights right now, so thats probably the reason why I've not been very active on my blog recently (insert sad face emoji here) lol.

The best bit about Archies development over the last three months is seeing his personality come in in leaps and bounds. He's already quite the character at such a young age and he's such a loving little boy. It's the best feeling seeing Archie interact with us, trying to copy us and responding to certain things. He loves playing hide and seek (which is me hiding behind a door or wall and him coming to find me). Whenever we play he always squeals and giggles with excitement. He's learning everyday, he's most recent little trick is being able to clap his hands and its the cutest thing ever. Also if I make an 'aww' sound he comes over, puts his head on my chest and gives me a hug, he also makes the same sound and it just makes my heart melt.

I can't believe Archie is approaching his first birthday, its just crazy and leaves me thinking where has the time gone? Everyday he's stepping out of that baby stage and he's getting ready for his toddler years. I was looking back at all his newborn pictures the other day and it made me tear up just seeing how much he's grown. He's no longer this little tiny baby who can't do anything. He's such a good boy, with a cute little cheeky smile and he's so loving, he makes me incredibly proud to be a mummy.

I'm not sure when the next update post will be, but I'm starting to plan his first birthday next month and I already have so many ideas (thank you Pinterest) so I think I might do a post on that, let me know if you would like to see it?

Hows your little on getting along? 



  1. That's such a lovely photo of you and Archie - he really is so beautiful! His big blue eyes!! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. interaction at this age is the cutest thing! wont be long until hes 1 and running around the house like crazy!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

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