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My New Favourite Everyday Bag | Zatchels Sugar Cube Bag - Iced Coffee

Zatchels Sugar Cube Bag - Iced Coffee

Tomorrow my little man turns one (where has the time gone?) and for the last year I've said pretty much goodbye to all my favourite handbags! Why? Well, any mum will know that its not just your life that changes when you have a baby, your accessories also have to change. I've been carrying anything and everything in Archies baby changing bag, which comes with me anytime we leave the house. So it always made sense to carry the few essentials that I need in there too. I now don't have the luxury of carrying a full bag of makeup around with me of a purse. My going out essentials include my keys, mobile, my bank card and a good lipstick; I literally go out with the bare minimum and to be honest its all I need.

Now that Archies one, I feel like I need to get back a bit more of my personal style; As well as taking out the changing bag that is always filled to the brim, I've now invested in a super stylish shoulder bag which is perfect for carrying the few essentials that I need to leave the house with. For me a little shoulder bag is perfect because it means I can still keep my hands free and look after Archie perfectly, without having to worry about my bag or popping it down anywhere. So say hello to my new favourite bag! 

Zatchels is brand that I've known about for a while, one of my really good friends always carries hers around and I always thought it was really cute. However her bag was more of a typical style satchel bag which is way to big for me and my mummy needs. I had no idea Zatchels made smaller bags until I was kindly contacted by the brand asking me if I would like to review one of their new Sugar Cube bags, which fits in perfectly with my lifestyle.

Zatchels Sugar Cube Bag - Iced Coffee
Zatchels Sugar Cube Bag - Iced Coffee

As soon as I saw these bags I feel in love; I adore the size, the shape and the overall style and just knew that this was the accessory that I needed in my life and to be honest, I think it was about time I started feeling a little more stylish when leaving the house, instead of looking just like a mum. Each one of the Zatchels sugar cube bags are made from leather and have been handmade, so its great to know that I have a bag that is not only well made, but is also really durable and will last me. There are so many gorgeous colours to choose from, including some metallic finishes; These are a bit too stylish for me, but would be great for those of you who are a bit more fashionable and daring with your outfit choices.

I decided to go for the Iced Coffee Sugar Cube bag for a few different reasons, the first being the shade is just stunning and will go with any of my outfits. I love neutrals, they just look stylish and classy and with this I know I don't have to worry about matching my bag to my outfits; it just works with my personal style. I also picked this shade because it would look fab with my Instagram theme and lets face it thats always a top priority lol. But seriously, this bag is so beautiful and I love everything about it, it fits in all my essentials and the sturdy clasp means I don't have to worry about how secure all my belongings are whilst in the bag. 

Zatchels Sugar Cube Bag - Iced Coffee

If your like me and can't afford to spend thousands on designer bags, but want something a little more special that what you see on the high street, make sure you check out Zatchel's bags, the Sugar Cube bags are my favourite, but they also have loads of other designs that will work for you and your needs, you can check their website out here.

Have you got your eye on any Zatchels bags?

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  1. This is such a pretty bag and love the color.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  2. I love this bag! The size is just perfect for me and the colour too! It would go perfectly with my iced coffee from starbucks!!


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