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Mermaids VS Unicorns | Girls With Attitude Mermaid & Unicorn Brush Collection

Girls With Attitude Mermaid and Unicorn Brushes

 Girls With Attitude Mermaid and Unicorn Brushes

Hi everyone, firstly I just want to apologise for not being around much over the last month or so. I didn't intentionally take a blogging break, but life has been pretty busy recently which meant that blogging took a little bit of a back seat; Before I even realised it, I lost my blogging mojo and have struggled to get those creative juices flowing again if you know what I mean. But I'm pleased to say I've been feeling pretty inspired recently and have bundles of new content coming your way. I thought I'd make my return back to blogging an exciting one and wow you all with some more beautiful makeup brushes from my faves, Girls With Attitude. I must sound like a broken record, but you guys know I'm completely wowed with all the other brushes that I've tried from GWA, incase you didn't know they have their fantasy and rainbow brushes which are insane (I'll leave the links for you at the end of this post because I know you'll want to check those out too). But today its all about mermaids and unicorns, I've always thought I was a mermaid in a former life so anything mermaid related has my heart racing a little bit. 

This year Girls With Attitude have brought out their mermaid and unicorn brush sets which are so stunning and are perfect for any fantasy lover like myself. Now whilst I'll always be a mermaid at heart, the Unicorn brushes are just beautiful and I honestly can't choose between them. The only difference between the sets in terms of applying your makeup is the actual brushes themselves as each set has brushes that do different things. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I can definitely justify having both sets in my collection as they're very different. For those of you who are still undecided about which set you need (just get both) I thought I'd let you all take a closer look and do a little break down of each brushes in each set.

Girls With Attitude Mermaid Brushes
Girls With Attitude Mermaid Brushes

Starting with the Mermaid brushes, honestly I can't even put into words just how pretty these brushes are. The handles with their metallic ombre handles are like mermaid tails, they have the perfect mix of colours that just have mermaid vibes all over them. The tips of the brushes even have pretty purple tips, which made me very reluctant to use these brushes for a while as I couldnt bear to dirty them up. Out of all the Girls With Attitude brushes I own, these by far have to be my favourite in terms of design, just looking at them makes me so happy lol. There are six brushes in the set and heres what you get:

Girls With Attitude Mermaid Brushes

Large Powder Brush; This brush is one of the best brushes that I've ever used for setting my powder, I'm obsessed with it. The brush is dense and super fluffy which makes it perfect for working that powder in to create a flawless looking finish. 

Rounded Contour Brush; When I want to go in with a heavy contour and apply my bronzer to a very specific area, this is my go to brush. I especially love using this brush to really chisel out my cheekbones. If you want to slay your contour, this is the brush that will do the trick. 

Stippling Brush; This is another one of my faves from this collection, it's useful for so many things and I actually wish I had two because it would save me so much time on cleaning mine! This is great for my foundation and its flat top makes it perfect for buffing and making my base makeup look really smooth and flawless. I also love this to pop on my cream highlight and use a stippling motion to just dap onto my cheekbones and the overall look is just popping. 

Precision Foundation Brush; I actually don't use this brush for my foundation, but instead use it to apply my concealer before I blend it out using my beauty blender. It's quite a small brush, so its perfect for my eye area.

Girls With Attitude Mermaid Brushes

Tapered Blending Brush; I love this brush for deepening up my crease colour and then using it to blend it out. It's tapered end means it a lot smaller than some of the other blending brushes that I own but makes it perfect for really layering and building up eyeshadows. It's become my trusty tool for creating the ultimate smokey eye.

Eye Shading Brush; This brush is perfect for packing eyeshadow onto the lids and its dense bristles means it picks up the perfect amount of product. It's also perfect for applying glitters, which is perfect for those mermaid days.

Moving onto the Unicorn Brushes, prepared to get excited for the second time in this post. These brushes are life, they just look so magical and I cant get enough of them. I love the mix of lilac and turquoise colours used, the handles kind of remind me of unicorn horns. The set comes with nine brushes in total and some of them have become my most loved and favourite brushes ever. 

Girls With Attitude Unicorn Brushes
Girls With Attitude Unicorn Brushes
Girls With Attitude Unicorn Brushes

Large Fan Brush; I love this brush so much like love, love, love it! Its one of my all times faves because my favourite makeup product has to be highlighter and this is the perfect brush to get the best glow ever. This large fluffy brush dusts on my highlighter like a dream. It's also perfect for all over and this will be great for summer months when I get to apply highlighter everywhere, especially when my shoulders are out. I can just see myself now glowing from head to toe. 

Tapered Sculpting Brush; I love using this brush to blend out my contour, the tapered end means I can easily work on smaller areas and blend like a dream. I also love how fluffy this brush is, it feels so soft and lovely to use.

Powder Brush; This is very similar to the Mermaid powder brush, so its great to have two to choose from. This works perfectly for applying my powder and I love using it all over to create a really flawless finish.

Girls With Attitude Unicorn Brushes
Girls With Attitude Unicorn Brushes

Small Fan Brush; I'm so happy to have a smaller fan brush to go along with the larger one. I love highlighter so much and this fan brush is perfect applying more highlight, because you can never have enough right? I love using this for my cheekbones and as the brush is really thin its great for running down the centre of my nose too.

Tapered Blending Eye Brush; This brush is the best for applying darker shadows to my outer crease as its quite dense and the tapered end means I can create a nice v shape towards my outer eye. It's also perfect for creating a cut crease.

Angled Eyeshadow Brush; This is another favourite brush of mine as its perfect for applying my highlighter under my brow bone. It's angle makes it perfect for applying the product right under the arch in my brow and well all know how I feel about getting that perfect glow.

Eye Shader Brush; This brush has become my staple for applying any shadow all over my lid. I love the size of it and it does the job perfectly, its small, compact and dense so I can pick up a lot of shadow on my brush in one go, which is perfect for super speedy makeup days.

Girls With Attitude Unicorn Brushes

Pencil Brush; I love applying shadows under my lower lash line, especially when I'm doing a full on makeup look and this brush is perfect for smudging out shadow here. This brush is super dense and has a tapered end, which makes it perfect for smoking out any eye look.

Angled Brow Brush; When I want my brows looking on fleek (which is everyday) this brush helps me out. Finding the perfect eyebrow brush is not easy, I've tried so many over the years and have never actually been loyal to one. However this one is perfect and has become one of those brushes that I now just can't live without. I always use a brow pomade to fill my brows in and this brush does the job perfectly. It's just the perfect size and shape for my brows. 

So you can see I just can't choose between which set. I honestly don't care that I'm more team mermaid than I am Unicorn, why choose when you can be both? I'm so impressed with both sets of these brushes. The mermaid set is perfect for everyday makeup and the unicorn set is defiantly one for you guys who love your highlighter as much as me. Plus both sets look equally amazing sat there on my vanity. If you want to take a closer look at these brushes make sure you head over to the Girls With Attitude website here.

As promised, here are the links to the other Girls With Attitude brushes I've reviewed; You can find the Fairytale collection reviewed here and the Rainbow collection here.

What do you think about these brushes? Team Mermaid or Team Unicorn?



  1. Both sets are gorgeous I can't choose! I would love to try these, I also really want to try their highlighting palette.

    Emmy | EmmysBeautyCave | Giveaway WIN Urban Decay, ColourPop & More

  2. Omg I love both!! I think I'd probably go Team Unicorn but Team Mermaid is a very VERY close second! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


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